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Big brother pokahontaz

  • Big Brother - RBD
    "Hello Big Brother, Hello Big Brother, Hello Big Brother, Hello Big Brother, Te presiento hasta en mis sueos, y en tu juego me voy consumiendo, eres un gran misterio que a diario tengo que descifrar. Hello"
  • Big Brother - Bernard Lavilliers
    "Bateaux panamens, marchands d^armes franaisTueurs amricains, matriel japonaisCapitaux catholiques, call-girls asiatiquesBig Brother is watching you !Des vrilles dans les dents, les paupires brlesVoyageur"
  • Big Brother - Kabah
    "Ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah No es lo mismo quiero estar a solas Es mucho mejor que aguantar una bola de personas locas alguien en pelotas Comen, sienten, viven, duermen diferente Con un bao dime"
  • Big brother - Sakis Rouvas
    "Hello helloAnyone watching big brother 5 on channel 4tune in any timeand watch big brother 5it is the bestwho do you want to win?I want Marco OR Nadia OR ShellWho do you wanna win?who wants victor OUT?EVERYONE!Emma"
  • Big Brother - Kanye West
    "Stadium Status... Uh... My big brother was BIG's brother, Used to Be Dame and BIG's brother, Who was hip hop brother, who was No I.D Friend, No I.D my mentor, now let the story begin. It's the hard"
  • Big Brother - David Bowie
    "Don't talk of dust and roses Or should we powder our noses? Don't live for last year's capers Give me steel, give me steel, give me pulsars unreal He'll build a glass asylum With just a hint of mayhem He'll"
  • Big Brother - Frenzal Rhomb
    "I can't vote even though it's not my fault I'd like to see what they believe And if I try I just stop and wonder why Those decisions make me sigh Big Brother isn't watching Big Brother's ignoring"
  • Big Brother - Oxymoron
    "he's the ghost behind the scenes a nightmare born by modern times different faces, various places you're never really sure if he's around he's so insidious watch your steps wings familiar though surreal he's"
  • Big Brother - Dear Ephesus
    "The sky is falling. Meet the UFO's. There's bombs and then there's wars. The people are faceless. They're leaving this town. The skay is falling. They're scared of the monsters. These beasts have two heads. You"
  • Big Brother - Velcra
    "Oh yeah my big brother, lets take good care of each other I know your motivation is working for a good cause Along the way you're saving us all from a lot of problems Still your words sound like ethnic"
  • Big Brother - Hazel O'Connor
    "They'll tear out your heart, throw it neatly in a cart 'Cause that's what they do, with scum like me and you And you feel as if you died. Whilst you're standing on the line And you wonder all the time"
  • Big Brother - Subhumans
    "Here we are in a new age Wishing we were dead There's a TV in my front room And it's screwing up my head There's a scanner in the toilet To watch you take a bath And there's a picture of Hiroshima To make"
  • Big Brother - Girls Aloud
    "Uh-oh, Uh-oh, Uh-oh, Uh-oh Uh-oh, Uh-oh, Uh-oh, Uh-oh I think about you baby every night Oh, it feels so good It's got to be alright And darling I don't even know your name Oh, it's good, it's good I"
  • Big Brother - Reset
    "Searching for the truth Where should I look around The T.V. channels can't Stop going round and round Pathetic shows There all controlled Big Brothers changed the sounds We all know the Right wing pays"
  • Big Brother - Mushroomhead
    "Open Up Your Mind And Let Some Thought Inside Open Up Your Mind As They All Survey 4 Out Of 5 And They All Survey 4 Out Of 5 And They All Survey Open Up Your Mind And Let Some Thought Inside Open Up"
  • Big Brother - Pulse Ultra
    "Try to break away from you But you won't let me go You impose your point of view And you won't let me know You create my solitude In independance My fate awaits this somber mood So justify conformity I"
  • Big Brother - Mad Caddies
    "we are one in a million we are one and the same like buildings of our generation, they're in our name they'll censor it with a whistle now while back in 1952 the mercy of our mother there is nothing"
  • Big Brother - Attak
    "Take tomorrow as another day You can't escape there is no way Run for cover from their lies There is no hope when our country dies Can't you see the power they've got What's for you there ain't a lot Nobody"
  • Brother, Brother - Big Daddy Kane
    "Mmmhmm.. right, right What we have here.. is a collaboration of the Big Daddy Kane.. and the Little Daddy Shane We're gonna send this out to.. all the brothers, and sisters, around the universe It's a"
  • Brother - Ms dynamite
    "When we were young, Life was so unjust, At times I felt it was just us, Mama working hard to put food on the table. All on her own she sacrafised, Even when my sisters and brothers died, Some how"

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