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Big child uzaleznienie

  • Rabid Child - They Might Be Giants
    "Lord, please don't take me away. Rabid child stays at home, talks on a CB Truckers pass calling out their handles to the kid Chess Piece Face and The Big Duluth call her every day "Hammer down" and "rabbit"
  • Mystic Child - Lou Reed
    "It was only the time of the newly born dead with wispy cobwebs in your head the polar moon looked out instead goin' wild Liquor shifting through the brain the manic depressive goes insane goin' wild goin'"
  • Nobody's Child - Hank Snow
    "I was slowly passing an orphan's home one day And stop there for a moment just to watch the children play Alone a boy was standing and when I asked him why He turned with eyes that couldn't see and he"
  • Itinerant child - Ian Dury
    "I took out all the seats and away I went its a right old banger and the chassis bent its got a great big peace sign across the back and most of the windos have been painted black the windshields cracked,"
  • Itinerant Child - Ian Dury And The Blockheads
    "I took out all the seats and away I went it's a right old banger and the chassis' bent it's got a great big peace sign across the back and most of the windos have been painted black the windshield's cracked,"
  • A Child - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Chants Et Contes De Nol A Child Un enfant a vous dcroche un rve a le porte ses lvres Et a part en chantant A child It unhooks you a dream It brings it to your lips And it leaves singing Un"
  • Rebel Child - Gretchen Wilson
    "Rebel Child Rebel Child, won't you heed my warnin One of these days the rain'll come pourin' Some of thouse sunshine blue sky mornin's Might just turn to grey I understand why you do the thing you do There"
  • Thursday's Child - Raffish
    "Johnny was a girl Everybody Knew, Didn't give a damn just passing trough Had a kind of dream back when she was 12 Knew that she belong somewhere else Wasn't into drugs, wasn't into much Guess she"
  • Dirty Child - Rosey
    "looking for home, looking for a corner where I can write alone, words for my mother and how I came through, kicking and screaming smack that little ass doctor, make sure baby feels it daddy wonders if"
  • Problem Child - Dom Pachino
    "(sample repeated throughout the song) "And you can tell what the problem, that boy is going to hell" (Intro: Dom PaChino) Yeah, Tera Iz Him The shit is real, Problem Child Yo, yo.. (Dom PaChino) My first"
  • Love Child - Happy Mondays
    "You bore me, you bore me You teach me, you taught me, You see me, you want me, You buy me, then torch me, You enter and walk me The thing that came out of my mouth sweet mouth When I leave this safe old"
  • Problem Child - Jadakiss
    "(Jada)Load Up (Hook) Why can't you be man enough (ahahaha) to tell me where your coming from (oh oh) (yea where you at nigga?) (load up nigga) (whooo ahahaha) (Verse 1 = Jada) Yo, can't really figure"
  • Paradise Child - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "CHORUS (Jimmy Cozier) When love, takes me over Its paradise When love, takes me over It's always nice VERSE Touch pon di ends And a incense, herbs and oils Scrapbook newspaper Clippings and files A"
  • Big Big Disgrace - Glideascope
    "Wat dem a call dis, is a big big disgrace Bad child Bad child Education is a must, yo inna god me ball u put yu trust Yo, becar, becar, youth dem gwarn bad And dem fe gwarn well better Yo dissa yoot"
  • Big River Big Man - Claude King
    "Way down on Mississippi big river came a mighty big man He built a town on that river and owned everything in that glen He fell in love and married a girl she was young and mean and wild He tried to tame"
  • Big Gun - Twisted Sister
    "(D. Snider) Oh, Saturday night special, little suit me right And it ain't the kinda blade you can use in a fight Made 'em along, well, it's all that I need You can shove it your standards, 'cause I have"
  • Big Sky - Probot
    "My world has died All gusts and leaves Your wondrous life And love have ceased And all you've touched Is dead and gone And night for night We're all alone Big sky throning over the tree You've left"
  • Big Deal - Everything But The Girl
    "You don't know what's wrong, you only know it isn't right. You don't remember for how long, but you wake in tears at night. Big deal. Big deal. You spend four nights a week now looking for your inner"
  • Big Munny - Swizz Beatz
    "Awh man big munny comin Wooh I've been I be walkin to the... to the clubs, through the neighbourhoods (okay) They all be on the same page, you know what they be sayin... Here come big munny, here come"
  • Big Country - Dave Dudley
    "From a hill I look down at the lights of a town that lured me and trapped me a while But I broke away now I'm on my way so happy carefree like a child Headed for my big country Well I need lots of room"

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