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Big dog tiny teen

  • Teen-Age Prostitute - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Steve Vai (guitar) Ray White (rhythm guitar, vocals) Tommy Mars (keyboards) Bobby Martin (keyboards, saxophone, vocals) Ed Mann (percussion) Chad Wackerman (drums) Roy"
  • Big Dog - Lil Boosie
    "If u aint got shit on your vehicle and a pocket full of money wit a big ol' pistol u aint no big dog nigga..If yo girl aint got her hair fixed and all she do is gossip,the problem she aint got no big dog"
  • Big Dog - Akon
    "Feeling like a big dog Woof! Hey! Feeling like a big dog Woof! Hey! Feeling like a big dog Ever since I got bitten by my dog, things changed Everything is different and my life is not the same I must've"
  • Big Dog - Guillemots
    "When you love someone And you trust someone None of the world can tell you that they're lying Then you lose someone And the bee gets stung And the only real thing you wanna see it do is die Hear the"
  • Big dog - Monsoon
    "Theres a wild dog in my bed Fiery eyes red tongue and bad breath Im gonna twist Im gonna twist off its head Till the black bile comes out of it That big dog wagging its tail Bearing its teeth and barking"
  • Big Dog - Seven Nations
    "Maybe we're the ones to blame and maybe we're the ones who are insane well he stole a line from god when he said set this house on fire get me out of here because man i'm growing tired of seeing all these"
  • Big Dog - Rolf Harris
    "This great big wolf hound's standing staring at me, Licking his chops and weighing me up for tea. I'm a guy who don't scare easily. That's the truth, cor, look at that tooth, And he's just standing, slobbering"
  • Big Dog - Lyle Lovett
    "Ain't no big dog, Coming to bite you Ain't no bad man, Coming to find you Just rest easy, We'll be home soon And you'll be sleeping, In your own room Don't you worry little one Don't you worry little one Everything"
  • Big And Tiny Live - Peter Murphy
    "Stepping on the road He made his way To the stellar far land of his desire Singing strange and hazy by the day Like all the pretty things he once admired Singing pretty like a bird Singing pretty"
  • Tiny Montgomery - Bob Dylan
    "Well, you can tell everybody Down in ol' Frisco Tell 'em Tiny Montgomery says hello. Now, every boy and girl's Gonna get their bang 'Cause Tiny Montgomery's Gonna shake that thing Tell everybody"
  • Big Dog Daddy - Toby Keith
    "Hey Daddy!! Oh yeah Well I am a big dog daddy you know my face and the joint starts rockin when I walk in the place The band starts stompin those rhythm guitars. And the dance floor is jumpin through the"
  • Dog - Gene Simmons
    "(Bag, Gene Simmons) (Verse) That's right You know I kinda love ya (yeah) All the way to the bitter end Because you're breaking my balls You're making me crawl On all fours again (Aw) (Chorus) Yeah I"
  • Big Love Of A Tiny Fool - Peter Murphy
    "Stepping on the road he made his way To the stellar far land of his desire Singing strange and crazy by the day Like all the pretty things he once admired Singing pretty like a bird Singing pretty like"
  • Tiny Love Spaces - Jewel
    "I don't care if you leave your name after the beep. Don't care if those are promises you intend to keep. Cause lovers are just shadows that disappear with the light And my happiness don't depend"
  • Tiny love spaces - Quindon Tarver
    "I Don't Care If You Leave Your Name After the Beep.Don't Care If Those Are Promises You Intend to Keep.Cause Lovers Are Just Shadows That Disappear With the LightAnd My Happiness Don't Depend On If You"
  • Dog Eat Dog - Exciter
    "You have the right to remain silent But who the hell wants to Anything you say will be used Only to degrade you Dog eat dog, dog eat dog, dog eat dog Stripped of all your dignity Who the fuck cares Misleading"
  • Dog Eat Dog - Joni Mitchell
    "DOG EAT DOG It's dog eat dog-I'm just waking up The dove is in the dungeon And the white-washed hawks pedal hate and call it love Dog Eat Dog Holy hope in the hands of Snakebite evangelists and racketeers And"
  • Dog Eat Dog - Holy Moses
    "Hear their crys in the light of the sun Dying children have nowhere to run Living here for many a year Ask for help, we don't hear Blood runs red on a perfect face Dog eat dog, alone in this race Only"
  • Dog Eat Dog - Weird Al Yankovich
    "Found a job in a great big office And I really love this place I got my very own Scotch tape dispenser And I got a private parking space...ha! And I got a coffee mug with my name right on it In big bold"
  • Big Picture - Lisa Brokop
    "1st Verse I'm a collector of masterpieces Totally into original things And I've got priceless art hangin' on my walls And I love the noise that creative brings Ain't got a vault or security It's"

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