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Biji 32 cari lawan

  • 32 - Mr. Mister
    "Fallin', fallin', fallin' This is your pilot speaking, we're losing altitude Just when emotion's peaking, awakening is rude I've seen that disbelieving look upon your face Now watch our bodies both as"
  • Cari Pasangan - Rabbani
    "Mari-marilah dengarlah ini kisah silam oh kawan sangatlah berguna moga hidup aman bahagia Di malam pertama jumpa mertua tersintak si jejaka di beritakan istrinya tidak sempurna rupa anggota zahirnya"
  • 32 Footsteps - They Might Be Giants
    "32 footsteps leading to the room where the paint doesn't want to dry 32 footsteps running down the road where the dirt reaches the sky 32 feathers in my brand-new Indian headdress 32 new moons shining"
  • 32 Flavors - Alana Davis
    "Squint your eyes and look closer I'm not between you and your ambition I am a poster girl with no poster I am 32 flavors and then some Squint your eyes and look closer I'm not between you and your ambition I"
  • 31/32 - Jerry Cantrell
    "You were voted most likely to have your name go up in lights Only took a few years to see that through Now you're most likely to end up dead alone in a hotel room 31/32 Roust the boy, smack the wife Might"
  • 32 Stories - Dogstar
    "I know I'm here with you tonight could I be holding you too tight? just say the word and I'll let go we want the best for you, you know 32 stories in the sky we saw a brilliant sunrise it kinda hit us"
  • 32 Things - Moe.
    "(#1) Everytime I wake up late (#2) Everytime it rains (#3) Everytime I'm thinking straight (#4) Everytime I pain (#5) Everytime I'm sittin' in the morning (#6) Everytime I read (#7) Everytime"
  • Section 32 - The Polyphonic Spree
    "We may have skipped a championship Of a cross becoming a gun We called them out, we said "Let's shout: 'Someday the world will be one!'" If we try.... Somehow we will keep it alive The brains were fixed"
  • 32 Lines - Sophie B. Hawkins
    "I want your hand Across my belly I want your breasts Upon my back I want your pain To rip right through me I am your death You are my wrath I'll take your hand Beyond the threshold I'll take your gifts As"
  • Page 32 - Ensign
    "I refuse to sit back and watch the days go by Content with doing nothing, hands held by my side Now's the time to rise up and truly make a change We can make a difference can you say the same Look back"
  • Secao 32 - Vander Lee
    "Nem todo fim tem comeoNem tudo que bom tem seu preoNem tudo que tenho mereoNem tudo que brota do choNem todo rei tem seu tronoNem todo co tem seu donoNem tudo que dorme tem sonoNem toda regra, exceoNem"
  • 32 Stories - Valete
    "I Know I'm Here With You TonightCould I Be Holding You Too Tight?Just Say the Word and I'll Let GoWe Want the Best For You, You Know32 Stories in the SkyWe Saw a Brilliant SunriseIt Kinda Hit Us By SurpriseAnd"
  • 32 Flavors - Ani DiFranco
    "squint your eyes and look closer I'm not between you and your ambition I am a poster girl with no poster I am thirty-two flavors and then some and I'm beyond your peripheral vision so you might want to"
  • 32 Smartfony - JETLAGZ (Kosi, Łajzol)
    "here we go now! * premiera 22 listopad 2019 roku."
  • Solo Cari Ricordi - Pooh
    "(Facchinetti-Battaglia-Negrini) Tu, buona madre fino a ieri, donna che non d pensieri, tu, fra i miei libri e i tuoi vestiti, con quegli occhi un po' assonnati, tu, prima che venga stasera, che venga la"
  • Dame Cari?o - Elvis Crespo
    "2x- Dame Cario 2x-Oh si yo lloro como un nio Pequea, ja, ja Es la cosa 2x- Dame Cario 2x- Oh si yo lloro como un nio Lloro, ya no me das ternura ya no me das cario Ese que quiero sentir Ya no me das cario,"
  • Cari?o M - Selena
    "Cario mo, solo vivo por tu amor Cario mo, solo vivo para ti Cario mo, solo vivo para verte Y siempre quererte como nunca te han querido Cario mo, solo vivo por tus besos Y por tus ojitos, lindos ojitos Yo"
  • Ay Cari?o - La Mafia
    "Ay cario yo quisiera que supieras Que en este mundo dios te trajo para me En los momentos que me duermo yo te sueno pero te sueo que te tengo junto a mi Ay cario yo quisiera que soaras en los momentos"
  • Cari?o Loco - Agua Bella
    "Agua Bella Que no dara yo por que te quedes Que no dara yo por retenerte Que no dara yo por que me quieras Que no dara yo por ser tu duea Y lucho incansablemente por olvidarte Pero mientras lo intento,"
  • Chiquilla Cari?osa - Albert Zamora Y Talento
    "Chiquilla cariosa me traes atarantado no se lo que me pasa cuando te tengo a mi lado chiquilla cariosa me traes atarantado no se lo que me pasa cuando te tengo a mi lado me tenbla todo el pecho me"

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