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Billy Idol Love Labours On

  • Love Labours On - Billy Idol
    "Back thru time, I know You're calling me For a saviour--I know It's my destiny So I'm gonna rise Face the morning sun Feel it calling me, Wanting me Believes in me Love labours on Love labours on Back"
  • You're My (Billy) Idol - Mona Ray
    "And its all Ive got to tell you what Im thinking about Like a word or soft or sweet complexion could eradicate all doubt And send it all away She says, Lets go, and lets do this one more time If only"
  • Love Idol - Hollywood Porn Stars
    "You know I'm back on the streets, You know I'm black, I'm the beat boy You know I'm always too late, When I got to celebrate You've got to move on my sweet girl You bring me down on my knees girl I also"
  • Billy - Bon Jovi
    "Since you're been gone now honey life ain't nothing but sad luck days I begged on my knees now, sugar You acted like you never knew my name My friends saw you at the station I guess you must have missed"
  • Billy - Kid Capri
    "We interrupt this program to bring you a special report We are looking for a man named Billy who has just been accused for use of fake credit cards; use of UPS trucks; and trying to sell crack to an undercover"
  • Billy - The RZA
    "(Intro: RZA) Eh-yo, man, fuckin'.. Mothafuckin' Billy, man Yeah, man That mothafucka, man, just called me and shit From fuckin', a, some county jail, man Down South or some shit He's mothafuckin' crazy I"
  • Billy - RZA
    "(Intro: RZA) Eh-yo, man, fuckin'.. Mothafuckin' Billy, man Yeah, man That mothafucka, man, just called me and shit From fuckin', a, some county jail, man Down South or some shit He's mothafuckin' crazy I"
  • Billy - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Celine Dion Gold / For You Billy Donnez-moi le monde un jour Et tout ce qu'il faut pour crire une chanson Donnez-moi des choses dire ceux qui vont souffrir Pendant que nous dansons Give"
  • Billy - Nik Kershaw
    "Fifteen minutes, that's all you get One quarter hour, to get it all together That's nine hundred seconds to make your bed Fifteen minutes to show the world You think you're something, that's what it's"
  • Video Idol - Meredith Brooks
    "I hear a knock on my door I hear the telephone ring But I can't break away I'm just ignoring all those things My eyes are glued to my TV You're up there making love to me I fell in love with you I'm watching"
  • Teenage Idol - Blackfoot
    "A lonely boy in the city Standing tall up to his blue jean jacket and eyes of pity He's got a dream, now he told his Papa "Don't you worry Daddy I'll be back to show you what a life I've made" With a"
  • Matinee Idol - Rufus Wainwright
    "This is the day The day of the death The death of the matinee idol Still so beautiful as the angels As the angels came down from high So sweet and so soft So charmingly daft So young was the matinee idol Lips"
  • The Idol - Marc Almond
    "Hail Hail the Idol Hail Hail the Idol Idol be bad Idol be wild Martyr your heart Father a love child We need all your kinks And your dark attitude We live on your sins And your volatile moods We love you,"
  • Australian Idol - Kate Miller-Heidke
    "I was having a bad week I crashed the car and the cat carked it Weighed myself outside Woolies and I'd put on 4 kilos Arranged to meet an old friend for coffee I poured my heart out told her all about"
  • Superstar (Billy Klippert) - Canadian Idol
    "Long ago, and oh so far away I fell in love with you, before the second show And your guitar, and you sound so sweet and clear But your not really here, its just the radio Dont you remember you told me"
  • Idol - Elton John
    "He was a light star Tripping on a high wire Bulldog stubborn, born uneven A classless creature, a man for all seasons But don't bet them They can't take him To the very bottom Because they made him and"
  • Idol - Piersi
    "Lubisz tańczyć i śpiewać, a scena to twoj światO ktorym marzysz no i śnisz,Przez tłumy podziwiany, błyszczeć bardziej chcesz od gwiazd,A życie mieć takie jak filmBolek (co?)Zostań idolem, przed tobą otworem"
  • You're My Idol - Donnie Klang
    "My female desire So glad that you came Your presence has touched me My whole world has changed I'm walking on water You strengthen my faith It feels like I feel ya Your knee's drop Afraid to pray,"
  • Billy The Kid - Billy Joel
    "From the time known as Wheeling West Virginia Rode a boy with a 6 gun in his hand And his daring life of crime Made him a legend in his time East and West of the Rio Grande Well he started with a bank"
  • Billy Christian - Jean Shepard
    "Are you listening Billy Christian if you are then come on home Everything is like you left it I spent all my time alone Guitar pickin' never thrills me like it did when you were here Come on home if you're"

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