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Black Country Communion Recording in Studio

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Black Country Communion Recording in Studio

  • Last Communion - Dillinger Four
    "Weighed all the evidence and passed it on Turned around and left it sight unseen There was no chance, the chains held way too strong To free the restrictions of your own beliefs Watch the old ones Fixed"
  • Communion - Caedmon's Call
    "Let us break the bread of life... Verse 1: To give us life, to prove His love for us, God sacrificed, His only Son for our salvation. Yes we believe that we have been set free, Now as we kneel before"
  • Communion - Swing Out Sisters
    "Communion Broken dreams a seething silence No one hears Silent screams And poisoned lies no one shares When life's a crime Our time has come For some do shun Communion Tears and laughter share your fears To"
  • Communion - Sanctuary
    "I will not worship your deity There is no place in your religion for me Slaves to the vision of a dying world I malign One with the universe, one star will shine Who will be chosen, not one will know The"
  • Communion - Blondie
    "I've touched some objects of faith More precious than pieces of eight Seen sacred places and ritual ways But for communion let's go to my place I learned to pray on my knees Been taken in hand if you please"
  • Communion - Septic Flesh
    "Alien faces Watching me Wearing wings They come to drink The ancient chalice Raised so high In a toast to those who fly Fallen angels burn the night Touch me with your hungry eyes Send your"
  • Communion - Stephen Speaks
    "communion (luke 22:15-30) (t. mccloud) i've this sinking feeling i'm before Your throne and these songs i have been singing well they're empty in my throat as this plate comes by i realize i'm close"
  • Communion - Third Day
    "This is the body This is the blood Broken and poured out For all of us In this communion We share in His love This is the body This is the blood I will remember everything, Lord That You've done"
  • Communion - Samson
    "Muscles getting weaker Outlook getting bleaker Sun is setting in your eye Winter's blown your hair grey For many seasons now As you speak your willpower is drained Now we can start the long way home Now"
  • Communion - One-21
    "No I don't wanna say goodbye But I can't walk with you whole you go off to die No, no I don't want to be alone But I can't keep playing like nothing's wrong (Chorus) But I lied to you to protect myself To"
  • Communion - Dog Fashion Disco
    "Yesterday everything was fine I read another dead chapter in the book of life And now my soul's saved Hallelujah The dance because he's already dead And now"
  • Communion - Aesma Daeva
    "Lux aeterna luceat eis, Domine: Cum Sanctis tuis in aeternum, Qui pius es, requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine: et lux perpetua luceat eis. Cum Sanctis tuis in aeternum, Qui pius es, qui pius es, Dies illa,"
  • Communion - Killing Joke
    "I see patterns in the wind and in the sandI see the stars, i read the clouds, i understandThen the madness overwhelmed (i lost control)It was cut out for each stain upon my soulAll who died (and everything"
  • Communion - Otep
    "I sold my soulSo long agoNever alonepalace of madnessAnd sadnessshe saidTo the gates overheadAnd I will find meIn force my fingers inI will sinFrom thisI will helpYou to I will helpYouRape againKill the"
  • The Audio Recording - Zulu
    "THE AUDIO RECORDING Bad man Zulu de audio recording make de track bounce through Your Denali or your Audi Are we talking about the same man who used to work the game plan and then Hustle it inna de weekends? Wan"
  • Studio Gangster - Pooh-Man
    ""I've seen you on the street" "Where you from?" "From Oakland" "Nah, you're not from Oakland, I know Oakland" Let's take a ride with the boy from the Eastside Where nothing's a crime no roots to a bye-bye Tired"
  • Studio Time - Three 6 Mafia
    "(DJ PAUL) Say hello to Three 6 Mafia Cuz this nigga through the mask we be watchin ya. Now we biggy biggy bang a rookie Chip you like a cookie before you know it u be sayin' ??? (Gangsta Boo) You got"
  • In The Studio - Too Short
    "(Quint Black) Sixteen hoes, sixteen cars Sixteen stars, rappin over sixteen bars You ain't never seen big rocks before Sabotage the show make 'em change the flow Cash don't make it, put it on hold Stand"
  • Midnight Sun - Black Country Communion
    "Cascade, earthquake My quest is callin' me I'm made, I break Sting like a honey bee Velvet, princely Too late to disagree Gauntlet, you flee God speed your symphony Knife edge, restless Inside do test"
  • The Scarlet communion - Anorexia Nervosa
    "His excess of light is searching for your darknessHe is the tyrantThere's one only law for him ...to be pureHe comes from aboveHe died a thousand times and put his hand in mineHe hails victory and lossI"

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