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Black Hearted Brother - UFO

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Black Hearted Brother - UFO

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Black Hearted Brother - UFO
  • Black Hearted Brother UFO
    "Rosemary, mother Fray says That she loves today … When I dance … Believe that you come form nowhere … Can you here me now? Are you miss something? … Do those people… Come on my eyes The … skys Left"
  • PJ Harvey Black Hearted Love
    "I think I saw you in the shadows I move in closer beneath your windows Who would suspect me of this rapture? And who but my black hearted love And who but my black hearted love When you call out my name"
  • Kelly Groucutt Black Hearted Woman
    "She's a black hearted woman I know the devil is her man She's a black hearted woman And she'll take you for all she can Stay away from me woman You cause me so much pain I make my mind up to leave you But"
  • Ken Hensley Black-hearted lady
    "Reading between the lines I find You don't mean what you say You cheated and you lied And how you made me hurt inside You turned my days Into darkest nights And rearranged my dreams You're just not what"
  • Nazareth Black Hearted Woman
    "Black hearted woman Can't you see your poor man is down I can't take this baby All the lonely nights I've been crying Tired of all your separate ways I can't take your evil lyin' Black hearted woman Trouble"
  • Allman Brothers Band, The Black Hearted Woman
    "Allman Brothers Band, The Beginnings Black Hearted Woman By gregg allman Copyright 1969 unichappell music inc. and elijah blue music (bmi) Black hearted woman, can't you see your poor man dyin'. Can't"
  • Allman Brothers Band Black Hearted Woman
    "Allman Brothers Band Beginnings Black Hearted Woman by Gregg Allman Copyright 1969 Unichappell Music Inc. and Elijah Blue Music (BMI) Black hearted woman, can't you see your poor man dyin'. Can't count"
  • Ten Black hearted woman
    "She doesnt need love potions, number five, number nineShes what my sole desire for revenge designBorn of such painInconsolable blameLies scattered like the pieces of a dreamBlood from my veins brings my"
  • The Allman Brothers Band Black Hearted Woman
    "by Gregg Allman Copyright 1969 Unichappell Music Inc. and Elijah Blue Music (BMI) Black hearted woman, can't you see your poor man dyin'? Can't count on both hands, baby, all the lonely nights I've been"
  • Oak Black Hearted Woman
    "Oh, No. Black Hearted Woman, Cheap Trouble and Pain Is All You Play. Black Hearted Woman, Cheap Trouble and Pain Is All You Play. Some Time Thinking I'll Be Much Better, If I Was Stiff Down in My Grave. No,"
  • Lenny Kravitz Brother
    "Brother, got to sing your song Brother, is taking us so long For the elderly brother has raised us by his love And to be equal is the freedom of his love When will we realized that the skin is just a glove To"
  • Racoon Brother
    "It's 4 o'clock, the rain has stopped He's in too deep, he ran out of luck Nowhere he can go And his old friends, they left the spot Because of the little time he's got Not that they ever warned him though If"
  • Gil Scott-Heron Brother
    "We deal in too many externals, brother. Always afros, handshakes, and dashikis. Never can a man build a working structure for black capitalism. Always does a man read Mao or Fanon. I think I know you"
  • Pearl Jam Brother
    "You should be happy with what you got... You should be hard to be a brother... You should be happy with what we give you... Hand over my face. I am related to my enemy. My house on fire, And my big brother"
  • New Model Army Brother
    "It's been a long dry season in tinderbox town And the ghetto cars go cruising up and down and round and round With tinted windows and the screech of tires Poverty likes to ride in the best disguise The"
  • Kelis Mr UFO Man
    "(feat. John Ostby) Dear God it's me transmittin' from This tiny place I live in Harlem Oh heaven we have a problem Cuz we lost all correspondence And there's no more prophets They've all been replaced"
  • Sneaky Sound System Ufo
    "I just don't wanna be lonely Cause the lights, were shining ever so bright In my hand there's a pulse of my beating heart Biting my tongue there's a plastic man on the telephone Can you see the bright"
  • L.Stadt UFO
    "Shakin like a leaf on the desert heat, his daddy's got a bog that's hard to beat Bought me a ticket got a front row seat. I'm checkin out the show with a glassy eye. Looking at the sun dancing through"
  • Quetschenpaua Ufo
    "Neulich landete ein Ufo in Berlin in Kreuzberg auf dem Heinrichplatz Im Ufo waren viele bunte Wesen drin, die sprangen raus mit einem Satz Hallo wir komm'n vom Stern Autonomia und wir ham gehrt, hier ist"
  • Szpaku UFO
    "Leci Dżem, piję wódkę cały dzień dziś to te piosenki znów lecą nieśmiertelni wypijmy za błędy, niech się pali susz młodzi i piękni, a serca chłodzi lód wyalienowany bardzo schodkiem omijamy bagno nie"

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