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Black Too Many Times

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Black Too Many Times

  • Too Many Times - Black
    "I want you, I want you, for everything you do, you do to take a piece. I need you, I need you, 'cause everything you do is right on cue to take a piece. You're my find but I'll take my time until your"
  • One Too Many Times - Midnight Oil
    "She was the golden summer wine And now she black and blue resigned He took advantage like the spider, helpless One too many times You had to go ahead and sing You had to steal that diamond ring Upon the"
  • Too Many Times - Kai Tracid
    "Too many times you have been high Too many times you ran away, no need to cry Too many times your body lies awake Too many times these pills you take Too many times you've woken up depressed Too many"
  • Too Many Times - Jimmy Dean
    "Too many times you've broken my heart too many times you said we must part Each time you left me heart broken and then Each time you'd say let's be sweethearts again But too many times you sent me away"
  • Too Many Times - Sister2Sister
    "muscat/muscat/muscat/dale/deltito melting me with that look in your eyes got that feeling, it's blowing my mind I'm trying hard not to fall too fast the thing we've got, is it gonna last? too many"
  • Too Many Times - Michael W. Smith
    "Who do I hope to finally be? is it not your life in me? yet the how's too hard to see too many times Will I ever finally be the true, intented me? And the old in me be freed and left behind? (Chorus) Too"
  • Too Many Times - Embrace
    "How many times people How many times people Too many times Now that your god forsakes it How are you gonna make it into the light I know you wanna shake me But as you try to break me You bring me to life If"
  • Too many times - Dawson's Creek
    "Well too many times Ive seen it before That look in your eye I head for the door Well thats alright But I dont mind Well thats alright But I dont mind Cant do that Well maybe tonight Well do it again Well"
  • Too Many People - The Hollies
    "There's a story that I read about in books About the bad times that people had That's how he planned it You can't do naught about it Too many people The black plague came along and wiped out quite a few The"
  • One Too Many Times - Dreadlock Pussy
    "You must wonder why I kissed her I dont quite know myself And you have every right to leave me here hanging by myself Why you didnt kick me to within an inch of my life I wonder why you forgive me even"
  • Way Too Many Times - Dan Adriano
    "Isn't often that I stand up to a challenge But today I feel I'm fighting for my soul They give me a quite plate But how much will I leave to waste? Doesn't matter if I wake up and I can't breathe This"
  • One too many times - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Now I've been sitting back watching like a hawk on the huntSee people talk a big game but it's only a frontThey think they doing big things but they living month to monthCan't even buy the milk for the"
  • Too Many - Sloan
    "Let's get something straight No one decides another person's fate I tried to look inside the head of all the changes planned And now I can't believe my eyes I never cozied up to hate I try to pedal in"
  • Too Many - Jaguar Wright
    "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil You ain't seen evil Tell me what you saw, was it like anything that I've seen Let us not forget sista that your past ain't squeaky clean And I know you wanna run"
  • How Many Times - K-Ci & JoJo
    "How many times you're gonna let him use you You'd think that you would know by now How could you let him trest you so bad How many times will you let him break your heart I heard he lied to you I"
  • How Many Times - Richard Thompson
    "(Richard Thompson) You broke my heart so many times I can't count the pieces Everytime you push me down It seems my strength increases How many times do you have to cry While people stand there gawking How"
  • How many times - Ayo
    "How many times i coulnt sleep Cause i saw you dien in my dreams How many times you lied to me Raised my hopes and i belived So many times you went away Even thou you promest me to stay You always said"
  • How Many Times - Toto
    "How many years Keep on slipping away And it seems that your life doesn't matter You never had a chance How many ways is a love torn apart And you look to your heart For some answers Don't let it slip"
  • 2 Many Times - Bodyjar
    "What group are you supposed to be in? you need a direction, a fashion, a change. Try and show everyone you're different. You give me your reasons, then still stay the same. You've been in this scene for"
  • Too Many Footprints - Roy Drusky
    "I've tried to tell myself it's not important you fell in love so many times before But I won't be back to be another number there are too many footprints on your floor Too many footprints on your floor"

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