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Black blood

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Black blood

  • Black blood - Untoten
    "Close your gently Eyes and drift awayfrom your Unpain - awayClose your gently Eyes and seewhat our blood can be for you and meClose your gently eyes and feelmy Sexuality and lick my bloodso strong so strongI"
  • Black Blood - Vert
    "forever I am alone in my sin won't you admit you're there with me till never I'll fly through a sand storm won't you chain yourself to satan's nightmares to set me free I searched for death 'till I found"
  • Black Market Blood - Placebo
    "Wasted face that swallowed time With Armageddon crawling She's insane, this friend of mine And she's always bawling Hear her calling Hear her calling you Hear her calling Hear her calling you There's"
  • Blood Pounding Black - My Darkest Hate
    "blood is pounding black fear is coming back you suffer my destiny give blood back to me bleed, my friend like all the others did I will... smell blood your skin is red I love the dead I am the last long"
  • Black Poison Blood - Kill Hannah
    "It looked like the perfect day In photos we were smiling But something was wrong in you Inside you were suffering Lungs were barely moving I wanted to comfort you So i said, "ahhh.. Oh you'll fix all"
  • Black Blood Canyon - Acid Drinkers
    "... And the night got swollen Bloated like a man drowned In the river That night I turned on no light There was nothing to look at The big and black one arrived And he bit my very heart I was not surprised"
  • Black Winter Blood Bath - Lord Belial
    "(lyrics by Sin, music by Vassago and Dark) Once again... these fields I walked for eternity bloodred snow covered my enemies eyes of ice staring blind on me. Once again... the voice calls for me to come"
  • Night Comes, Blood Black - At The Gates
    "Clouds, black of deep nights Dim my sight, block my eyes From the truth, from the flesh Black in torment steeped A force worse than Hell unleashed Let us pray for the final twilight Crawling up from"
  • Gods of Black Blood - Tsjuder
    "We stride triumphant, Hellspawned Demon Lords Trampling the fallen, Violated agonized wailing Worldgrinders, necrotic sovereigns We reign in chaos and destruction Satanic orgies in the heavens"
  • Blood Clots And Black Holes - Thrice
    "Here's your new drug Shoot it in the left eye Feel it on the right side No it's not love Though it sets up shop behind your ribcage Building blood clots and black holes Like using an axe to pull A sliver"
  • Blood For Blood - Killarmy
    "chorus: Blood for Blood without rewards a bullet hears my true love sign in life's young dreams to all Blood for blood Blood for Blood without rewards (Dom PaChino) Deep in the hot sands of Savannah,"
  • Blood Red Blood - Voxtrot
    "Lonely boy, where do we go I'm stuck believing in the other side Stuck on my own Run fast, you're dreaming No place to hide Safety in things I'm dumb for thinking 'Cuz a piece of plastic Is nothing more"
  • Black - Ours
    "So many lives I've confessed So many lives made a mess Pushed it all into something Pushed it all You turned and everything went black You turned and everything went black Wouldn't have tried to compete Wouldn't"
  • Black - Okkervil River
    "Im coming into your town. Night is falling to the ground, but I can still see where you loved yourself before he tore it all down. April 12th, with nobody else around; you were outside the house (wheres"
  • Black Mirror - Black Abyss
    "Black Mirror As I arrived at the lost hall of stone My torch lights weakly up the hall I am alone pulled by something strange I see a black mirror its calling my name Dreams of endless black I know that"
  • Black Moon - Black Sabbath
    "Oh the devil is rising with the moon He cries and my blood runs cold. Oh no never was the darkness so black, No light and nowhere to go. My spirit is crying for a love So tired of being alone. I remember"
  • Black Rose - Black 47
    "mr frankie diamond was my best friend we were partners in a business down on c & 7th nothin' ever got this good brother down he was a real live wire in an electric town frankie started hangin' with"
  • Black '47 - Black 47
    "Everything is still Not a chicken not a body Just an awful sickenin' silence roarin' in my ears And the fog of death deepens and lies upon the land An ould wan rolls over on her back The grass stains"
  • Blood In Blood Out - Eminem
    "Blood in Blood Out Dis for all dem niggaz out dere jackin This how we gon' put it down Dem gangsta niggaz from J.C. center court 12th 3rd Avenue, my block Nigga, murder murder mayne I come nake faceded,"
  • Blood on blood war - Cappadonna
    "Yo, break that dutch down.. You and your man, y'all fucked up for real Now we got to show y'all niggas the deal I sling raps, like cracks on the street Attack, riot, rise above Smash y'all, trash y'all,"

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