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Black no world

  • World Is Black - Good Charlotte
    "Turn on channel seven at a quarter to eight You see the same damn thing, it's just a different day and No one really knows why this is happening, but it's happening And everywhere you go it's just a"
  • Black - Dio
    "Identify the real world Investigate the real world Intensify inspection There for all to see Here's what lies do All things turn to Black, black Yeah, no Now desensitize your heartbeat Regulate the heartbeat Sterilize"
  • Black - Juice
    "*Black* numerous times at start and behind the beat To tell the truth man. Shit, we all grew up in the ghetto Young black males, huh. Those black girls, hide and go get it It was real in the hood. Niggaz"
  • Black - Tokio Hotel
    "The world has broken down Every stones been turned around We feel no fear at all Not at all We dont know whats to come Our beginning had already begun And now we have to run Come on The last look back"
  • Black - Aftershock
    "Shallow footsteps echo across the floor. All that once was, I can see no more. With the eyes of a child, you offer us the world. With the wounds of the overlooked, I trust in you no more. Bitter(sweet),"
  • Black And Blue World - James Reyne
    "Never want to fight the lonely fight Never want to talk all night Never want to feel the heat of battle Warning warning Chorus ~ Shipmates on icy blue waters Come be my bride on the sea She gives me no"
  • The World Is Black - Good Charlotte
    "Turn on channel seven at a quarter to eight You see the same damn thing It's just a different day And no one really knows why this is happening But it's happening And everywhere you go it's just a different"
  • Paint The World Black - Sabbat
    "Dazed on the edge of his world He looks on staring at his past life unfolding Sail away on the waves of despair Drowned within the tears that once cared His kingdom has fallen down As his thoughts take"
  • Coal Black Horses (world) - 16 Horsepower
    "just as sure as that suns gonna shine when he comes at his table i will dine just as sure as that dog's gonna whine in my heart no longer will i pine just as sure as by evil you are torn the sky will open"
  • Black Beat - Black Beat
    "Uh gothongi jinachyo uh jinaborin jigum uh jwajorhan shigandul yeah cuz that's how we do it Ijekaji himdurohedon shigan moduda tonaga take it black to the beat ijenun senggaghajima urirul magul suga"
  • Black Garden - No One Is Innocent
    "Seven years of pain Seven years of pain Can you feel the cold taking over the fear Anger is stronger victory closer Forget me cause I'm in a shelter They want us to react they call up us to kill You've"
  • World Of Silver And Black - Crystal Eyes
    "I think I'm standing in a garden at night The distant stars provide the only light Strange flowers grow all around me, theyr heavy fragance intoxicates me Reality is slowly growing dimmer and I begin"
  • Black black heart - Usher
    "Something ugly this way comesThrough my fingers sliding insideAll these blessings all these burnsI'm godless underneath your coverSaerch for pleasure search for painIn this world now I am undyingI unfurl"
  • Another World - Black Star
    "We fantastic, flippin on tracks like gymnastics Small brats get they ass kicked, me and Mos smash it Top gun like what comes after the, fist rockin' knife Check the keys that get played on the roads of"
  • World Wide - Boot Camp Clik
    "(Verse 1-Steele) I used to stay in my backroom, listenin' to rap tunes Dad in the living room, spinnin' back the old-school I guess you could call it soul food Music that'll mold you, somethin' you can"
  • Photographs In Black And White - No-Man
    "the city in a hundred ways, it wouldn't let you stay. remember all the thankless days and the lousy take home pay? the photographs in black and white that show you playing close to type - your eyes against"
  • Black & White In A Grey World - Leslie Phillips
    "No distinction, no emotion for right or wrong They tell me any choice will do No color contrast in their dull morality The shades of good and bad are through Situational lies, situational hate Situational"
  • Paint it Black - The Black Dahlia Murder
    "I see a red door and I want it painted black No colors anymore I want them to turn black I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes I have to turn my head until my darkness goes I see a line"
  • Black & white in a grey world - 2 Alive
    "No distinction, no emotion for right or wrongThey tell me any choice will doNo color contrast in their dull moralityThe shades of good and bad are throughSituational lies, situational hateSituational adulteryThey"
  • Everything Went Black - The Black Dahlia Murder
    "Crawling the walls through every crack and crevice teems blackness washing over the windowpanes painting the buildings in between creeping down the alley ways consuming every street soundless swarm of"

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