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Black t

  • T-birds - Blondie
    "Circle high circle low Jammers fly T-birds You show you show, whiplash go You show you show, T-birds (Look at my) Mighty bird (Here I go) (They almost fly) T-bird my mighty bird (I must go) On the dot"
  • Eres T - Cultura Profetica
    "Eres t La que con tus dulces labios Y con tu tierna mirada Envenenaste mi ser, mi ser, mi ser Y eres t La que ha robado mi calma Y es que has dejado en mi cama Rastros de tu piel, tu piel, tu piel La"
  • Florida Boy (ft. T-Pain, Kodak Black) - Rick Ross
    "it;s all this here for a young Florida boy gold rims, good hope make a wonderful summer heard I was a genius the number do it for the young fathers still singing the lease and all the hustlers who got"
  • Black Java - The Black League
    "I don't wanna wake up in the morning And find myself in a world of shit... Don't wanna wake up in the morning It's a different day but the same ol' shit... Now you might think that it's a fuckin' joke"
  • T.T. - Bizzy Bone
    "We gon' call this song "Trickery and Treachery" and man that's how these motherfuckers do Man we gon' gear up these muh'fuckin soldiers man Man up, fuck it do what you do Tell 'em that it's the trickery,"
  • Black Box - Jessica Jean
    "I´m a suck it up Like I never knew it I´m a black it out Like you never blew it Gotta draw the line When you drop me like a piece of trash I'm Poppin´ your secrets like a new designer drug Cold sweats"
  • Black Out - Boot Camp Clik
    "I ain't blackin' out yet, man. yo f**k with dat. Just spark...just spark all the rest of them l's, son so we can all just black Out! I get the best of the best t-h-c, c-o-u-n-t Whether from jamaica"
  • Fifteenth And T - Swingin' Utters
    "drinkin beers in the pouring rain Dupont circle summer again jackin' wheels just for fun i was only 13 watch your step but it's always the same your always down and he's always goin' away learned a lot"
  • Drama A/T - Canibus
    "(feat. Luminati) Executive Order 11002 The reason you know me but I don't know you You really wanna know what drama is let me show you But keep in mind this is just one point of view Drama is livin'"
  • Black Lily - Gazpacho
    "Can you hear me, I know you're all alone Swim to me, this island on the endings That grow the rocks were lost tides again Hear the bells, in deep hallow dungeons In deep green seas The pressure is from"
  • Team black - Project 86
    "I don-t even like the taste of bloodBut it was all they had for sale todayAnd this is hunger that just won-t go awayI was taught to drink my fill of youYou were taught to take take take from meThe more"
  • Black Market - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "(voice) The year is 1994. Black Market Records, 2001 Records, and Doomsday Productions combine forces to create your favorite click.Make way for the hounds of the underground. Feel the fury. hahahahahahaha i"
  • Balanco black - Ivete Sangalo
    "Aquele beijo que voce mandouAnda dizendo que nao vai voltarMinha cidade Deus abenoouSalvador, Bahia festa, carnavalO vento traz melodia que dizO meu balano te deixou mais felizEu to com saudadeMe d um"
  • Black Trump - Cocoa Brovaz
    ""Guess who's the Black Trump" (Raekwon) (Steele) (Raekwon) I had to get some real professionals for the job, son (Numerous cats) Word up (That's right) Official niggas word up (This is what you call ?)"
  • Black Dots - Bad Brains
    "In the quest for the test to fulfill an achievement Everybody's only in it for themselves When the fact of the matter Is they just don't care To extend a helping hand to anyone else So tell me why, did"
  • T.N.T. - AC/DC
    "AC-DC High Voltage T.N.T. TNT (Aus) (1975) High Voltage (1976) LIVE (1992) SINGLE: Let's Get It Up/TNT(live)-Back In Black(live) (1981) (Young, Young & Scott) See me ride out of the sunset On your colour"
  • Cat Black - T. Rex
    "Cat Black, you know she's back Been six weeks since she blew her stack Now she's fine, she's all mine I'm gonna stop her blowin' her mind again Cat Black she's my honey All she wants to do is spend"
  • Black Tiger - Y&T
    "Cat eyes, she draws you in Hypnotized, shes under your skin Beauty to see, but not to touch In the play of passion She plays to rough Black tiger, ready to strike Searchin for a victim In the heat of"
  • Black Toy - Flangers
    "N.T Welcome By N.T. Welcome by And there it's welcome by And it sees me cry do you see girl ? Soon there is emptyness in everything you seem to know I'm in outerspace Soon there is emptyness in everything"
  • Black Sunshine - La Sexorcisto
    "Gripping the wheel, his knuckles went white with desire! The wheels of his Mustang exploding on the highway like a slug from a .45. True death: 400 horsepower of maximum performance piercing the night... THIS"

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