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Blackend the priests

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Blackend the priests

  • Priests - Leonard Cohen
    "And who will write love songs for you when I am lord at last and your body is some little highway shrine that all my priests have passed, that all my priests have passed? My priests they will put flowers"
  • Priests And Paramedics - Pedro The Lion
    "Paramedics brave and strong Up before the break of dawn Putting poker faces on Broken bodies all day long The neighbors heard a fight Someone had a knife It must have been the wife Husband's lost a lot"
  • Priests of syrinx - Rush
    "The massive grey walls of the Temples rise from the heart of every Federation city. I have always been awed by them, to think that every single facet of every life is regulated and directed from within!"
  • Priests Of Sodom - Cannibal Corpse
    "The blackened city calls out Enter the temple of sin You must enter the temple of sin Contorted sinners beckon Join our twisted rites You must join our twisted rites The priests eyes gleam Blood on their"
  • Blackened are the priests - Venom
    "Requiem Eternum,Lord of Ancients,Son of God.Requiem Eternal,Buried in this Holy Ground.They pray on heaven and on fire,deliver them from evil,Death.Their keys that keep their secret safe, are lost in war"
  • The Chanting Of The Priests - Venom
    "Watch out - There's a cry from Atlantis Takes the wind by surprise Voices so demanding Thunder swarms the skies To the north of horizon Over mountains at east There's a call to the lost ones From the elders"
  • Priests Of The Golden Bull - Buffy Sainte-Marie
    "Who brought the bomb wrapped up in business cards And stained with steak? Who hires a maid to wash his money? Who keeps politicians on the take? Who puts outspoken third-worlders in jail Just to shut"
  • Priests In Boys, Cardinals In Denial - Backstabbers, Inc.
    "There's a zombification process going on, and it involves the man with the white collar telling you that when he's raping it's not really rape. It's just a very bad mistake and the man above will forgive"
  • Energia - BLACKEND
    "Gdy rano wstaję czuję radości żar choć robię to samo co każdego dnia patrzę w lustro widzę jak uśmiecham się oczy wypełnione szczęściem to jest życia sens życia sens, życia sens jeee Nie zatrzymuję się,"
  • The Fire God - Piledriver
    "Cursed by the priests, torn, twisted and beat sentenced to die, by the sorceress, her evil eye God of the Furnace, I call thy name Please deliver me from the serpent the serpent of pain (CHORUS) THE FIRE"
  • The Fire God - Virgin Steele
    "[ MUSIC BY DAVID DEFEIS and EDWARD PURSINO ] [ LYRICS BY DAVID DEFEIS ] Cursed by the Priests, torn, twisted and beat Sentenced to die, by the Sorceress-her Evil Eye God of the Furnace, I call thy Name Please"
  • The Dead Only Quickly - The 6ths
    "Priests and fools say we are but animate clay, but rude vessels housing immortal souls. But the dead only quickly decay. They don't go around being born and reborn and rising and falling like souffl. The"
  • The Little People - Across The Border
    "Some people fear of the morning, some people fear of the night Some people here fear the pale moonlight and some wait for the night Some wait for the night... Once they lived near by the old wood, deep"
  • Machine In The Ghost - The Faint
    "There's no ghost in this machine I make my own mistakes We seem like skeletons with bone head beliefs History's been crucified Humans supernaturalized We hope we're not alone Exploded stars and space"
  • The Dead Man's Dream - The Church
    "Once I had a name, forgotten now I breathed the air in a century of wonder I can hear it now in the darkness of the earth Gorgeous machines, the sound they made like thunder Great gardens drip honey-jewels"
  • Walk The Walk - Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand
    "Noah said let's build an ark and the people they just laughed Wait and see you better believe you're gonna need yourself a raft Then it started rainin' and the people were complainin' Sink or swim I can't"
  • The More I Believe - The Proclaimers
    "The life that I've been living From the day I first drew breath Has been my way of forgetting I'm on the journey to my death You make my soul rise up You make my eyes to see When I place my faith in you And"
  • The Meetings - King Diamond
    "The night is black 7 figures walk the streets of Louviers Picard is one, another two are priests And then the nuns going to The meetings held in secrecy Evil company full of secrecy, again and again The"
  • The Conjuring - Megadeth
    "Welcome to out sanguinary sect of worship. Feel at home in our black conventicle, As we anathematise All of those who oppose us. Don't summon the devil, Don't call the priests, If you need the strength The"
  • The Battleground - Goddess Of Desire

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