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Blackmill - Friend (Full Version)

  • Even Less (Full Version) - Porcupine Tree
    "A body is washed up on a Norfolk beach He was a friend that I could not reach He thought I was cold but I understand But for the grace of God goes another man And I may just waste away from doing nothing But"
  • Trapped In The Closet (Full Version) - R. Kelly
    "(CHAPTER 1) Seven o'clock in the morning And the rays from the sun wakes me I'm stretchin' and yawnin' In a bed that don't belong to me And a voice yells, Good morning, darlin, from the bathroom Then"
  • A Song For You (Full Band Version) - Elliott Yamin
    "I've been so many places in my life and time I've sung a lot of songs and I've made some bad rhyme I've acted out my life on stages With ten thousand people watching But we're alone now and I'm singing"
  • Edge Of Seventeen (Full Length Live Version) - Stevie Nicks
    "Just like the white winged dove... sings a song ... Sounds like she's singing... whoo...whoo...whoo Just like the white winged dove... sings a song... Sounds like she's singing... ooo...baby...ooo...said"
  • Stranded(Full Version) - Jennifer Paige
    "You know it only breaks my heart To see you standing in the dark Alone waiting there for me to come back I'm too afraid to show If it's coming over you Like it's coming over me I'm crashing like a tidal"
  • Breakthrough (Full Version) - P1Harmony
    "Wuh Wuh Wuh Wuh In the same room, in bed Just looking at the clock Has become my new job Mindless puppets outside They may seem different But they are all thinking the same way The suffocating creases"
  • Friend - H2O
    "If I say something that you don't like Just think about it cause I may be right If I say something just hear me out Cause I just might know what I'm talking about If I say something whatever I say Cause"
  • Friend - Pigment
    "Some of your words can really hurt me inside that`s why i`m wonder why i respect you still I ask myself what`s goin` on: u standin` above me and teach me how to walk still hearin` your laugter you fool"
  • Come Undone (Full Version) - Robbie Williams
    "So unimpressed, but so in awe Such a saint, but such a whore So self-aware, so full of shit So indecisive, so adament I'm contemplating, thinkin' about thinkin' It's overrated, just get another drink"
  • Foundations (Full Explicit Version) - Kate Nash
    "Thursday night, everythings fine, Except you've got that look in your eye, when I'm telling a story and you find it boring, your thinking of something to say. You'll go along with it then drop it And humiliate"
  • Omnibus (Full-length version) - The Move
    "There she is I'm sure I seen her Pushing in the queue to get to the front Join the ladies in my dream I know the perfect part you play Ring my bell and sail away Chorus Come and take a ride on my omnibus We"
  • Santa Barbara (Full Version) - Meg & Dia
    "Pray for them I often loose track So I took a drag of my first cigarrette and I found my head Roll down the dumps of twenty seventh street I drew a sketch with lipstick and sidewalk of Newports edge Legoblock"
  • Full Version: Uncle Fucker - South Park
    "Lemme have some candy Cartman Oh, lets see Uh, nope looks like I dont have any jewish candy yeah like you need all that chocalate fat boy Bo Bo Buh Buh Shh, The Movies Starting (Horray!) Say Terrance What"
  • Avignon (Full Band Version) - Pinback
    "I spent a life time knocking round the same old patch of concrete, I waste all my time breaking rocks and painting amiles on my feet. I seize the end ooo for we drift toward the blue shore send the birds"
  • Messenger (Full Band Version) - Pinback
    "I am the messenger for the city I live in I run legal documents and war plans I'm with a girl who's stationed far from here but These letters that I carry go past there oo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo oo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo oo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo"
  • Full Speed Ahead (Battleship Version) - Pain
    "Take care, beware, fire off a warning flare! Radio dispatch, romantic mismatch, Coast Guard, Right Guard, Come and help a retard Battle the swelling waves from the Atlantic's icy age, 'Cause there's"
  • Best Sunday Dress (Full Version) - Hole
    "Put on my best sunday dress and i walk straight into this mess of mine Put on my best sunday dress and i walk straight into this mess.... Watching you burn....ahh ahh Watching you burn....ahh ahh"
  • This Is Now-Full Version - Jordin Sparks
    "There was a time, I packed my dreams away Livin in a shell, hiding from myself There was a time, when i was so afraid I thought I'd reached the end, baby that was then I am made of more then my yesterdays This"
  • The Jack (Full Live Version) - AC/DC
    "Here's a song of the record High Voltage This one is a song about the clap Now we call it 'She's got the Jack' We'd like to give this one to you Psssst Gonorrhea, oh no, I just had my first dose Of gonorrhea She"
  • Stolen (Original Full Length Version) - Jay Sean
    "Churaliya he (Stolen) (x10) You were my eyes when i couldn't see, you were my air when i couldn't breathe, but you always knew what you meant to me, (yeaah.ah,ah) You were my strength when i was down, and"

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