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Blind Channel Dark Side

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Blind Channel Dark Side

  • Dark Side (Finlandia, Eurowizja 2021) - Blind Channel
    "Put your middle fingers up Take a shot Throw i tup and don’t stop I am , i am living that life on the dark side Every psycho in the scene Hands up and follwo me saying Empire of the freaks All drinks"
  • Blind Side - Melissa Ferrick
    "empty heart full of contradiction empty arms waiting for your direction but who am I to expect your surrender who am I to think that I can make you fall in love with me patiently wondering if i'll ever"
  • Blind side - Susan Ashton
    "I said I'd never let that hungry wolf come And blow this house down But I left myself unguarded I said I'd never let the tempter of my heart Come back around But now look at what I've started I've unlocked"
  • On the Dark Side - Corey Taylor
    "The dark side's coming now, nothing is real She'll never know just how I feel From out of the shadows, she walks like a dream Make me feel crazy, make me feel so mean Ain't nothin' gonna save you from"
  • On The Dark Side - John Cafferty
    "The dark side's callin' now, nothin' is real She'll never know just how I feel From out of the shadows she walks like a dream Makes me feel crazy, makes me feel so mean Ain't nothin' gonna save you"
  • On The Dark Side - John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band
    "The dark side's callin' now, nothin' is real She'll never know just how I feel From out of the shadows she walks like a dream Makes me feel crazy, makes me feel so mean Ain't nothin' gonna save"
  • On The Dark Side - Beaver Brown Band
    "Beaver Brown Band Eddie And The Cruisers Part 1 On The Dark Side Written and originally performed by John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band A #7 Top 40 hit from 1984 Song was used in the movie Eddie and"
  • From The Dark Side - Gravediggaz
    "Intro: Yeahhh This is a story That there are deep, situations, everybody go through in life (It's something that we go through) You know, it's that inside part of you that you don't tell nobody about YaknowhatI'msayin? From"
  • Dark side of my heart - David Hasselhoff
    "All my life I?ve been searchingFor something to fill my heartFor the flame of emotionOr maybe just the sparkI was lost on an islandIn the deep blue seaBut you came, out of nowhere,To rescue meWhen it seemed"
  • Dark side - Mutya Buena
    "Baby boy I got a dark side I've done some real bad things If you ever saw my dark side You wouldn't look at me the same again And on some of them dark nights I just get out of control Baby boy I"
  • Dark Side - Kelly Clarkson
    "There's a place that I know It's not pretty there and few have ever gone If I show it to you now Will it make you run away Or will you stay Even if it hurts Even if I try to push you out Will you return? And"
  • Dark Side - Dr. Death
    "The way to hell is our soul It's the entrance to the dark side Of our brain. There, where the demons are larking. Do they wanne get our souls? Or are they trying to lead us through The darkness? Fight"
  • Dark Side - Undertaker
    "(Thunder) The spirit, of The Undertaker, Lives, within the soul of all mankind. The "Eternal flame": Life, that cannot be extinguished! The Origin, which cannot be explained! The answer lies, in the everlasting"
  • Channel Warcloud - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Nightmares That Surface from Shallow Sleep Song: Channel Warcloud (Intro: Holocaust) This beat taste like cinnamon hamburger meat I remember back in the days burying a fish"
  • Blind - Kevin Max
    "There's no one stirring on my street tonight There's no one leaning on my windowpane No one to ascertain, or just apologize to There's no one to kill my anxiousness again And if you can, please take these"
  • Blind - Spydr
    "You crept into my mind. Did you think I wouldn't see? Perhaps you think I'm blind... You took all you could find. Did you think I wouldn't care? Do you think I'm blind? No. Do you think I'm blind? There's"
  • Blind - Gary Numan
    "I Put my fear back in its box And I Put the box where love is blind And I walk in the dark Where pain waits smiling And I know that I can't leave I look at what I've become I'm a pure and perfect"
  • Blind - Breed 77
    "Blind, blinded by the light Nothing can I see All the whisper got me to the place I want to be If you take my hand Insecurity all the things that bind us to the enemy What has become of the beautiful I've"
  • Blind - Callenish Circle
    "Blindfolded... you're leaving me behindTo keep me from the daylightWhere I would find your intentionsPertaining to the nightSurrounded by unbreakable wallsLeft behind chained in an empty roomCrawling in"
  • Blind - Silverchair
    "I need to get out,There's something wrong round here,I have no doubt,We're all really down from fear,Everything's dark,And I cannot find,What I've been looking for,So I have to say I'm blind,But he cannot"

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