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Blood For Blood Mother Dear

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Blood For Blood Mother Dear

  • Mother Dear - Blood For Blood
    "Here I am I am a monster but I was made Here I stand I am a beast that was born of pain Bred to hate in this world gone insane But now I'm here to stay and I live to spit in your face. 'Cause I am from"
  • Blood For Blood - Blood For Blood
    ""All Fucked Up" Well as of late I think I've tripped and gone astray Maybe I'm no good Somewhere along the line I've lost my way in life Maybe I'm no good Waiting for a better way, waiting for the better"
  • Blood For Blood - Blood
    "Devoted to a false god, see the marked people Give them your life - they take their profit of you Your soul for sale Believe in the bible - book of lies BLOOD FOR BLOOD Pray to your father - he won't help"
  • Blood For Blood - Killarmy
    "chorus: Blood for Blood without rewards a bullet hears my true love sign in life's young dreams to all Blood for blood Blood for Blood without rewards (Dom PaChino) Deep in the hot sands of Savannah,"
  • Blood - Red Sea
    "There's a revolution dawning And love is on our side If we answer to the calling The light will guide our way in the night Through so many changes we stand for what is real In spite if the persecution We"
  • Blood - My Chemical Romance
    "Well they encourage all complete cooperation, Send you roses when they think you need to smile. I can't control myself because I don't know how, And they love me for it honestly, I'll be here for a while. So"
  • Blood - Anthrax
    "What do you do when something dies A life together has ended, your living a lie When did this act become reality? Hello conscience, do I laugh or do I cry Nothing's ever perfect This is just a test Imagine,"
  • Blood - Gods Tower
    "Always blood is flowing on And coming through the walls and Always blood in dreams Excitig thoughts the blood is real Always we are hungry Looking for tranquillity and Always we can wind it Start enriching"
  • Blood - Kacy Crowley
    "He was too deep for his own good He was the kind of person that nobody understood I said I'd love you more than you love me but I meant something entirely ugly One year it rained on Christmas He said"
  • Blood - GBH
    "Every road leads to somewhere,the way to hell is paved with good intentions.Looking at the blackness,there's an evil eye beaming down on me.My brain implodes with torture,as my baby sleeps silently by"
  • Blood - Papa Roach
    "I will forgive but I won't forget And I hope you know you've lost my respect You better watch out If you don't know whats going on around you You better think twice Before you fly off the handle and lose"
  • Blood - Abandoned Pools
    "i see the happy family tree it sways so easily we're smiling all the time this world just isn't mine we watch it burn and we never learn this can't be what your waiting for staring into the sun we eat"
  • Blood - Queen Adreena
    "Thank-you for the lies, the lies you sold us.Thank-you for this vision of violence.Thank-you for this song you gave me to sing.Thank-you for the capping dayof a culture that lay dying.Yes it's us dying.Maybe"
  • Blood - Sonata Arctica
    "At first you kindle life You place it in a man This man, he has a heart That's filled with fire The man will have a wife The wife creates the home They multiply and so Their hearts are filled with fear The"
  • Blood - Queensryche
    "(Tate/Wilton) Thank-you for the lies, the lies you sold us. Thank-you for this vision of violence. Thank-you for this song you gave me to sing. Thank-you for the capping day of a culture that lay dying. Yes"
  • Blood - Koffin Kats
    "Close the Demon City gate And ring the sorrow bell Sit with me at bedside As thy brothers under spell I fear that he shall never wake And the wind will speak his name Silence within the desert night Remember"
  • Blood - Arab Strap
    "I wish it was someone elses blood on the jonnie. It's in my mouth and under my nails. I wish I'd woken up in someone elses bed. Wish I was the wind in someone elses sails. I've no-one in particular in"
  • Blood - Babes In Toyland
    "I never thought that you'd Explode through my eyes I never ever was amused Dear liver down on your knees I never wanted to be alone Good God I'd love to.. I had to I never thought that you'd Implode through"
  • Blood - El-P
    "(Don't look now, you're becoming...your parents.) I plug the ladies in Mom kept the babies in Do right Do right Do right Do right Do right {*3X*} I plug the ladies in Mom kept the babies in Do right"
  • Blood Red Roses - Lloyd
    "Blood Red Roses Our boots and clothes are all in pawn Go down, you blood red roses, Go down. And its flamin' drafty 'round Cape Horn, Go down, you blood red roses, Go down. cho: Oh, you pinks and posies, Go"

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