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Blood Sweat

  • Blood Sweat & Tears - Ava Max
    "Long nights with you When the worst gets said But it ends in bed and bad attitude I overreact but you throw it back and Sometimes it's so hard to understand We both wanna stop it but we can't Yeah, I'mma"
  • Blood And Sweat - Flatfoot 56
    "You said two years ago, God bless this hollow ground and now that the time has come you don't want him around the faith that you seem to show, now has dried and gone good times won't last so long. Blood"
  • Blood, Sweat & Glory - 5th Ward Boyz
    "A backstreet killer a 5th ward assassin So raise the fuck up muthafucka when I'm blastin My buckshot: buck*buck*buck buck 'em down till they blood shed And it ain't stoppin till the muthafuckas lay dead Too"
  • Blood Sweat Tears - Eight Legs
    "blood, sweat, tears, the buccaneers are always on the run tried so hard to get away, but they don't know what from maybe there's something in the darkness, thats what hides their fears something in the"
  • Blood sweat and tears - M.O.P.
    "Yo Yo c'mon son Yo they killin em ou tthere son They dyin out there son, word up Yo they killin us son, I'm tellin you Y'all niggas c'mon that's my word Y'all better c'mon Yo wake up son They dyin son"
  • The Blood And The Sweat - Sick Of It All
    "Struggling through the hardships everyday I do what I can to fade away {the bullet has passed it's got our state} it helps our pride {all the merry, it hasn't last, for disillusions} Scratch in the dirt, trying"
  • The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears - Machine Head
    "Oh yes i walk the path, that righteous Many men have walked before And this pain"s held A broken shell Straight shackled onto the floor So welcome to the world That i lived in Puking up bile and hate My"
  • The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears (Live) - Machine Head
    "Yes I've walked the path that's righteous Many men have walked before Yeah this pain cell, the broken shell Scraped, shackled onto the floor So welcome to the world that I lived in Puking out violence"
  • We sweat flood - Danko Jones
    "I'm into never stoppingI'm making no senseBut I can never sit still I keep on ridingWhen you're fast asleep I'm working all nightI never sleep either I'll take a break when I dieEvery drop is preciousMakes"
  • See Me Sweat - One Bad Pig
    "I just cant hold back I feel an urgency Im sweating out my love Hoping you will see Im screaming out the truth With my every breath This is more thatn show This is life and death Chorus: Gotta make it"
  • Working Up A Sweat - Alice Cooper
    "Aw, when you touch there, honey Makes my blood perspire You got my body flaming Like a California fire Pulsing, pounding, pushing No longer in control Heatwave in my brain Smolder in my soul You got me"
  • Swing Blue, Sweat Black - La Quan
    "Swing it Swing it Swing it Swing it.. Swing blue and sweat black a massive strain is on my brain 400 years of pain are flowing through my veins The fight is for glory, the cause is mandatory Stress,"
  • Working up a sweat - Gabriel Mann
    "Aw, When You Touch There, HoneyMakes My Blood PerspireYou Got My Body FlamingLike a California FirePulsing, Pounding, PushingNo Longer in ControlHeatwave in My BrainSmolder in My SoulYou Got Me Workin'"
  • Sweat - Sway
    "SWEAT Yeaeyeah (...) Yesterday I was at peace with myself Today is another story I feel like they're watching me every second And that is why I worry And I just can't stand the stifling fact that"
  • Sweat - Snoop Dogg
    "Big Snoop Dogg Can you be my doctor? Can you fix me up? Can you wipe me down? So I can lick you up give it up give it up Til' you say my name Like a Jersey Jersey shuttin' down the game Be my head coach So"
  • Sweat - Zayn Malik
    "Staying up for you Day and night for you We’ve been losing track of time Reaching higher heights Only one thing on my mind Only one thing on my mind Let me touch you where you like it Let me do it for"
  • Sweat - Espen Lind
    "Yesterday I was at peace with myself today is another story I feel like they`re watching me every second and that is why I worry I just can`t stand the stifling fact that they`re looking for me now They"
  • Sweat - Hadise
    "Why you look my up and down for You better move on the dance floor Baby when you movin that slow Im gonna have to let you go Ooh ooooooooh Baby just dance for me Ooh ooooooooh Shake the body and prance"
  • Sweat - Acroma
    "You're so engraved your face in my mind flowing You're so enslaved erased a witness to nothing You're such a cage to me you keep me weak and vain But I need your salty skin and your sweat On me Intoxicating"
  • Sweat - Inner Circle
    "I've been watching you A la la la la long A la la la la long long li long long long Come on A la la la la long A la la la la long long li long long long Hey Standing across the room, I saw you smile I"

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