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Blood tears

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Blood tears

  • Blood & Tears - Danzig
    "Blood and tears Blood and tears Since youve been gone I hear you've been crying Blood and tears All alone In your misery So alone Could you have been deceived Since I've been gone I hear you been crying You"
  • Blood & Tears - Sentenced
    "What is it that we're struggling for? I don't quite see it anymore. Life kicks us in the teeth yet something makes us crawl back for more. Blood and tears upon the altar of our lives we shed. Blood and"
  • Blood Tears - Blind Guardian
    "Welcome to my realm We are both condemned to live It's a dark fate (I can hear your calls I can hear your calls) the eternal life I see it still burns Each night I cry in pain Alive Though the end appears"
  • Blood And Tears - Danzig
    "Blood and tears Blood and tears Since you've been gone I hear you've been crying Blood and tears All alone In your misery So alone Could you have Been deceived Since I've been gone I hear you been crying You"
  • Blood Sweat & Tears - Ava Max
    "Long nights with you When the worst gets said But it ends in bed and bad attitude I overreact but you throw it back and Sometimes it's so hard to understand We both wanna stop it but we can't Yeah, I'mma"
  • Blood Red Tears - Olive
    "Verse 1 Lighten up, Give it up I see a chance to make it up There's a price for every day You've just thrown away I am all I ever was Didn't change the way I was Get a grip, Button it Cool down, Hypocrite Chorus Couldn't"
  • Tears of blood - Destruction
    "A stream of blood is runnin', runnin' down the east,In the slaughterhouse of salvia they're celebrating a big feastCollecting dead bodies became their only sick challengeThe borders of atrocity are running"
  • Tears Of Blood - Dreamaker
    "Down! Is down into the depths Where you need my help Where dreams and thoughts Darkness and fate embrace my soul Like the wind and the rain I never meet anyone who really love me I go alone... walking"
  • Blood Sweat Tears - Eight Legs
    "blood, sweat, tears, the buccaneers are always on the run tried so hard to get away, but they don't know what from maybe there's something in the darkness, thats what hides their fears something in the"
  • Tears Of Blood - Biohazard
    "Your cards were dealt when You drove through the night As a man in dark clothes came into your sight The barrel tapped the glass You reached the window lock Get the fuck out the car And leave it in the"
  • Tears of blood - P.O.D.
    "This generation,Ruled the nation,To praise Yahweh Dear Father, I write this letter to you,Your people are lost and they don't know what to do.They've grown cold to your love, and blind to your peace.Hatred"
  • Tears - Ashes You Leave
    "Tears Like the mountains and the forests Endless rivers of red rose Your heaven is satanic poetry Your heaven is when I bleed Through the bleeding heaven Through the clouds of dying children Tears"
  • Tears - KRS-One
    ""At midday today, some Americans attended memorial services for victims of Tuesday's acts of terrorism. Thousands gathered at Chicago's Daily Plaza. Hundreds more looked on from the windows of"
  • Tears - Dreamtale
    "Look to the mirror What do you see? Beneath the shadows Hiding your face I can see hatred Consuming fear There is no reason No cause to live Beneath and buried deep down There still is hope Come with me"
  • Blood sweat and tears - M.O.P.
    "Yo Yo c'mon son Yo they killin em ou tthere son They dyin out there son, word up Yo they killin us son, I'm tellin you Y'all niggas c'mon that's my word Y'all better c'mon Yo wake up son They dyin son"
  • Blood tears little girl - Alice In Chains
    "Little girl, where did you go?Playing in the fields when the sun goesBefore the moon had changed at nightYou had fallen out of sightLittle girl, why did you go away?I was missing you, I knew when I strayedDidn't"
  • Blood - To-Mera
    "Far away and oh so near I lost my way as I found my place In this damned Playground of the universe On the tracks of blood drops from my kin's veins Once again Idegen szavak Ujra itt And as I turn back I"
  • Black Tears - Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
    "When I'm in this state of mind I'm wishing I am blind Sometimes life is more than pain to me I feel the power of my grief Death would be such a relief All the secrets that I hide Would die with me Depression"
  • Tears For Tears - Kurhaus
    "your world of hate makes suffering you're at war and never giving in no light in this concrete society i change sides, from now on live on trees senseless acts of vandalism digging holes in highways i"
  • The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears - Machine Head
    "Oh yes i walk the path, that righteous Many men have walked before And this pain"s held A broken shell Straight shackled onto the floor So welcome to the world That i lived in Puking up bile and hate My"

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