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  • Bloodlet New Age 1992
    "Untouched by passion I hear it scream under my foot slow evolution to an unfeeling block of ice made so by both force and by choice trapped in this miserable existence give me pain ritual scarification"
  • Bloodlet The Way Of The Knife
    "Must have been the gun must have been the pills could have been the lies but he was sure he would set it straight this time Way of the knife razor sharp broken neck regret entheogenic pleasure my little"
  • Bloodlet The Way Of The Leeches
    "We are all meant to stand in a line eyes forward arms to the side and when your turn comes bow out gracefully I know what you've come for and your game you'd better believe that I came to play Double"
  • Bloodlet The Way Of The Will
    "Have you found something worth fighting for a little piece of truth we've been dying for on a cold night alone he's lost his way I think it is time we end this day eyes raised high above the people made"
  • Bloodlet Three Humid Nights In The Cypress Trees
    "Father time goes wandering around with alzheimers head while she lay in bed strung out and bleeding which came first love or hate want or need you can tell a lot about a man by the way he bleeds still"
  • Bloodlet Vision Quest
    "I came to see the end but it already began a lifetime of consequence unleashed in a moment I rolled up on the end with my dick in my hand where had the time gone and who are my friends I came to see the"
  • Bloodlet Worms
    "Everyday I reach down into the dirt hoping to find me a little nugget of gold but all I got is some worms everyday I pull green slime down to my heart grab it with both hands and hold until my lungs burn I"
  • Bloodlet Stew For The Murder Minded
    "Bad Boy 1: Give me a hand with this shit! Bad Boy 2: Alright, let's do it. He's dead, aint he? Bad Boy 1: Anybody see you? Bad Boy 2: Eh... I don't know. Bad Boy 1: Come on. Hurry up! Bad"
  • Bloodlet Whitney
    "We that drift across the mind, with the grace of nightmare sickness. Live past three thoughts to the judgement. Sweet lady. I could have hurt. Deliver me, far, far, far away, from here. Let it go this"
  • Bloodlet 95
    "Darkness breaks the landscape pain rains down virgin flesh raped steal my anguish for your amusement pounding crushing pounding you know not what you do straining staining lifeforce draining shovel falls"
  • Bloodlet Annulment
    "Swallowed by depression pains expression cracks my face grasping at ghosts and shadows in my skull slipped through the hands of grace reality hammers my tears incite my vengeance this suffering has only"
  • Bloodlet Brainchild
    "Dissolve into one persecution of compassion cold Sabbath a dying man in a dying room alone with a demon the souls of your indiscretions hold your rage he is the key that sets them free cold in his hell"
  • Bloodlet Cpai-76
    "Monument frozen stoned nodding grace has fallen entheogen elixir enhanced soul bliss peeling the black tar from the walls attempt to compress your gods I have flown on the wings of a dove sucked the life"
  • Bloodlet Eucharist
    "Oh the spirits cries sweet music set to the beat of a tormented heart complements the pain the soul dies Jesus wept the pain is what I live for it make me know I'm alive sharing in the misery of a thousand"
  • Bloodlet Undying
    "Hammer drives home the third and final nail this twisted disfigurement adjoined spiritually to the cross I call home one thousand eyes do not lament when you fuse upon me for I choose this existence watch"
  • Bloodlet Untouchables
    "Surrounded by the sorrow of infinite lost souls I hear the silent screams of lives that once were but are no more envelope in this threshold of pain all life knows haunted by images of joy I once knew"
  • Bloodlet Vicious Cycle
    "Hidden from reality escape is minimal thinking without knowing close the fist of life no changes for life product of an environment unchanged all time is over property of the industry no mind of your own"
  • Bloodlet Holy Rollin' Homicide
    "Consistently inconsistent lost my faith long ago sold my soul for church wine and the open road Holy rollin' (x 4) homicide The 7 serpentine sacraments suggest insanity you enter your plea yet we find"
  • Bloodlet I Have Such A Hard Time Making New Friends
    "I had been feeling sick lately 3 days maybe 4 and he was looking at me funny like he had seen me before I threw my best right hand cross across his left hand cheek and a tragedy is written in the bathroom"
  • Bloodlet Learn To Fly: Ascent
    "Can't stop staring at the mirror your confused gaze keeps perfect time You never let them hold you down you jump up and take the crown then proceed to hold it down you win, hands down Just six miles the"

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