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Bloodlet Holy Rollin Homicide

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Bloodlet Holy Rollin Homicide

  • Holy Rollin' Homicide - Bloodlet
    "Consistently inconsistent lost my faith long ago sold my soul for church wine and the open road Holy rollin' (x 4) homicide The 7 serpentine sacraments suggest insanity you enter your plea yet we find"
  • Holy Rollin' - Saint
    "Life is a venture, a conquest so to say And so I endeavor, to live it day to day In the midst of pressure starts to break my back Then I call for Jesus, Holy Spirit's full attach You got me holy rollin'"
  • Homicide - 999
    "I believe in homicide, I'll rest my case, Don't cast a sigh. You'd better believe it, That's the truth of it, Take it or leave it, Resign to it. Homicide, Homicide, Homicide... You try to tell me it's"
  • Homicide - Error
    "I believe in homicide I rest my case Don't cast a sigh You'd better believe it 'Cus that's the truth of it Take it or leave it Resign to it Homicide! (x4) You tried to tell me it's his fault because"
  • Homicide - Kid Frost
    "(Frost): This is a dramatization. The names have been changed to protect the innocent ones not involved in the stories I'm about to tell. So listen up and listen up well. Here are the true accounts and"
  • Homicide - 50 Cent
    "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh I change places, to prevent catchin' the cases Races, in the faces, hall at you laces This is a hit, let's see if homicide trace this The only thing hotter than my flow is the block"
  • Homicide - Exhorder
    "I love pain, I live to fight Homicide is what I like Full of anger, and filled with hate Violent scene makes me feel great Kill for pleasure, kill for fun Show no mercy on the helpless one Run 'em through,"
  • Homicide - LL Cool J
    "This for my man yo... word up "I got a 187 on the corner of Farmers boulevard in Linden." "Uh, drug related?" "The usual." I don't mean this in a disrespectful way But Columbine happens in the ghetto"
  • Homicide - Snake River Conspiracy
    "Watch you smile through crooked teeth Make your stand on broken feet You can't hit what you cant see What was once again will be CHORUS Get my ride on Get my motherfuckin' homicide on You can't"
  • Steady Rollin' - Two Gallants
    "You might have seen me 'neath the pool hall lights. Well baby I go back each night. If you got a throat I got a knife. Steady rollin', I keep goin'. Well I come from the old time baby, too late for you"
  • Homicide - Lloyd Banks
    "What kind of nigga run his yap with no gat (you) Shake his man hand and stab him in the back (you) Then catch a little case and turn it into a rap (you) Comfortable with the beefin as long as its on wax What"
  • Homicide - Focal Point
    "children sacrificed millions die every day money hungry killers wasting life away something must be done action must be taken I bleed in sympathy for the aborted and forsaken KILLER this is the source"
  • Mo Money Mo Murder (Homicide) - Az
    "(feat. Nas) We bigger than the Jews.. bigger than the Irish.. you can run the whole fuckin country! YOU could be the next John D. Rockerfeller "Nobody noticed us, nobody gave a shit.. but the bigger"
  • How Do I Plead To Homicide? - Esham
    "6 in the mornin police at my door I caught a murder rap cus i bust a cap in a door Dead body on the floor from the night before Left a body stinkin on the bathroom floor Out the back door cops seen who"
  • Rollin' - Kid Ink
    "I'm picture me rollin, takin you home All eyes on me, drink, takin a toast Said everybody with me at the side of the road It's me against the world but I'm never alone In the streets, I be never at home Homie,"
  • Rollin' - Wishbone Ash
    "Seen so many places and faces in my life, I been on the road for so long I will be tonight. I really love this life of traveling And seeing the sights. So I'm rollin', I'm rollin', rollin', rollin', Yeah,"
  • Rollin' - Young MC
    "Verse 1 : It's the bomb, 3-2-1 detanate & boom give me some room you better wait for the kid to blow-up and take off like a rocket got something up my sleeve and something else in my pocket yeah,"
  • Rollin' - J.J. Cale
    "Never drink in the afternoon Never drink alone Sure do like a drink or two When I get home Every evening what I do Sit here in this chair Pour myself some whiskey Watch my troubles vanish into the air Rollin',"
  • Rollin' - South Park
    "You got g's maan please I'm overseas I got the beats to keep you blowin on trees Keep them hoes on they knees I'm as cold as mr. freeze Makin music in this game Like flippin coke into ki's Everyday is"
  • Rollin' - South Park Mexican
    "You got g's maan please I'm overseas I got the beats to keep you blowin on trees Keep them hoes on they knees I'm as cold as Mr. Freeze Makin music in this game Like flippin coke into ki's Everyday is"

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