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Blue I Wanna Know

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Blue I Wanna Know

  • I Wanna Know - Blue
    "Yeah, Blue Get to the floor (that's right) Step to the floor (you heard) Get to the floor (get to the floor) Get to the floor Just Dance First grab a lady, know what I'm saying Trust me Shaped like"
  • I Wanna Know - The Queers
    "Something's pounding in my head I need a girl like you to help me do my math at night and raise up my I.Q. Symptoms seem to say one thing That I'm ok with you Emotions not my strongest suit My concentration's"
  • Wanna Know - Frankie J
    "Girl I've been waiting For so long for you... Girl I think I'm ready to get To the bottom of the truth... I'd seen you peepin at me way before Way before me and my lady Had to call it off... oh... I"
  • Wanna Know - Obie Trice
    "Since they wanna know Since they wanna know I said since they wanna know Here's the formula on O, now lets go {All I want is what's mine I don't care who I hurt} Since they wanna know {All I want is what's"
  • I Wanna Know - Skew Siskin
    "I need some action, yes I'm looking for satisfaction I want a new sensation, you know I'm looking for a new creation I'm going round and round and round and round So, I'm going insane I WANNA KNOW I REALLY"
  • I Wanna Know - Monsieur Et Madame
    "(Van Laeken /Van Laeken-Bibot) Marka Editions I wanna know why You never let me know I wanna know why You never let me go Oh yes I really wanna know You wanna know why I never let you know You wanna"
  • I Wanna Know - NOTD, Bea Miller
    "is she the one is she the one is she the one the one you’ve been dreaming for? is she the one cause I wanna know, I wanna know I wanna know, I wanna know is she all you wanted cause I wanna know, I"
  • I Wanna Know - Agnostic Front
    "In a world of made up heroes broken promises and zeros I can't seem to see much worse than this I wanna know, wanna know what's going on? Wanna know what's going on today In a world not fact but fiction Fairytales"
  • I Wanna Know - Kandi
    "If you got kids back home I wanna know If you don't I wanna know If you're straight or you ain't I wanna know If you're broke I wanna know I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know I wanna know, I"
  • I Wanna Know - Avant
    "La da da da...Ohh Ohhhh! I want you baby. Tell me... I wanna know if you want me baby (baby) Tell me, babe Tell me (girl)... Do you feel the need for love (Come closer babe) Everynight I just dream,"
  • I Wanna Know - Hidell
    "Wake up to another day Mad at what i see I'm a complicated man But no one understand me Don't you know what to do or think In this lone reality I'm just trying to make believe Stories and apologies Well"
  • I wanna know - Lou Reed
    "Under the intense scrutiny of Ligeia's eyesI have felt the full knowledgeAnd force of their expressionAnd yet been unable to possess itAnd have felt it leave meAs so many other things have leftThe letter"
  • I Wanna Know - Joe
    "Yeah, oh yeah Alright, oh, oh, oh It's amazing how you knock me off my feet, hmm Everytime you come around me I get weak, oh yeah Nobody ever made me feel this way, oh You kiss my lips and then you take"
  • I Wanna Know - Gabrielle
    "Holding back what you feel inside It just ain't good, no, it just ain't right Communication is the key, if I tell you will you tell me Tell me how you feel, got to know what's on your mind Tell me how"
  • I Wanna Know - AI
    "What's goin' on I wanna know * What's goin' on, ima nani ga dekiru? I wanna know, ima nani ga mieru? What's goin' on, ima nani wo kanjiru? I, I, I, I, What's goin' on, ima nani wo ai suru? I wanna know,"
  • I wanna know - Natalia Kukulska
    "1. You're making be better you're making me stronger I feel so important a queen to your king 2. you're taking me higher you're making me wiser and it doesn't matter what tomorrow will bring pre chorus"
  • I Wanna Know - Kasia Moś
    "What's the road The way of destination I am a girl Full of dreams and questions Cause I wanna know The run of destination I wanna know The road of satisfaction I fall asleep I think it's better perception Dream"
  • I Wanna Know - Dead Flowers
    "People talking shadows walking underneath the city glow I really really want I really really want Lover called me waiting for me she's crazy cause she cannot smoke I really really want I really really"
  • I Wanna Know - Ambrosia
    "(Puerta - Pack) Sometimes I feel That we've been herded like sheep We've been led out like lambs to the slaughter And empty souls Have kept the downtrodden down And took the best and left us the fodder Still"
  • Blue - Tommy Lee
    "this gravity is pulling me hold on this time of change seems so strange don't let me go... catch me i'm fallin.. fallin through if i'm not with you all i wanna do is feel blue all i wanna do is"

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