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Blue Picture Gallery

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Blue Picture Gallery

  • Picture Gallery - Blue
    "No,no se tu lo vuoi far No,no se tu vuoi campar. Dimmi adesso tu cosa pensi di me,e la gente direbbe male su di te.Ma ora tu,crederai in me,oh yeah,alle bande per te. Rit. Picture Gallery Ever aftering Non"
  • Gallery - Hour
    "I feel the eyes All stare at me Nowhere to hide They see into my mind Know they're alive Look not glazed Like he who died In the picture frame My photo too will be a ghost in time Ugly thoughts Betray"
  • Art gallery - Galleon
    "In my art gallery some strange things happen By the way it's the opening day Welcome in let your mind fly away Have some wine we ask you to stay There are paintings that kisses With their frames the chandelier"
  • The Gallery - Joni Mitchell
    "When I first saw your gallery I liked the ones of ladies Then you began to hang up me You studied to portray me In ice and greens And old blue jeans And naked in the roses Then you got into funny scenes That"
  • Echo Gallery - Amanda Palmer
    "They pose symmetrical Scattered through the Echo Hall Works of art in pensive phase With the worldy critics gaze And there's a special one Another convert to the throng And maybe in her wildest dreams"
  • Echo gallery - Dresden Dolls
    "They pose symmetricalScattered through the Echo HallWorks of art in pensive phaseWith the worldy critics gazeAnd there's a special oneAnother convert to the throngAnd maybe in her wildest dreams she is"
  • Picture Blue Eyes - CC Catch
    "CC Catch Miscellaneous Picture Blue Eyes Love hurts, I'm hypnotized Baby, love hurts Strange are the ways of lies I'm more than a woman I pretend Trust me baby to the end Love is what it means to be so"
  • Picture Blue Eyes - C.C. Catch
    "Love hurts, I'm hypnotized Baby, love hurts Strange are the ways of lies I'm more than a woman I pretend Trust me baby to the end Love is what it means to be so young Picture blue eyes I need your"
  • Gallery - Big Boss
    "Sometimes I feel like live in the gallery of empty pictures, among them I'm motherless child. The guide is their master he's wild, dress in the veil of the street wants make me one of his victims So, come"
  • Gallery - Mario Vazquez
    "God broke the mold, When he made this one I know She's breathtaking but so much more She walks in the room, your lungs closed Making you never want to breathe again Her boyfriend has got so much dough So"
  • Gallery - Eloy
    "counting out numbered time, in my chamber shall I shout throw a line my life saver many doors a cracked floor and foundation mirrored walls, imaged calls, slow stagnation a skyline outmeasured a lifeline"
  • Gallery - Mario Vazquez
    "God broke the mold,When he made this one I knowShe's breathtaking but so much moreShe walks in the room, your lungs closeMaking you never want to breathe againHer boyfriend has got so much doughSo much"
  • Big Picture - Lisa Brokop
    "1st Verse I'm a collector of masterpieces Totally into original things And I've got priceless art hangin' on my walls And I love the noise that creative brings Ain't got a vault or security It's"
  • Picture Perfect - Blake Babies
    "She's the window to my soul to let in the sun Like two pieces of a whole could truly become one She's my favorite shade of blue The verdant glow of spring Every color, every hue Could be my everything Can"
  • Picture Perfect - Digger
    "Every time I call you I don't feel the same, and every letter you write me I fell like I'm the one to blame (one to blame for what I didn't do). Got a picture in my mind. It's not perfect all the time."
  • Picture this - J Church
    "The sound is coming through the trees, And we stand paralyzed, The corporate godhead demands a sacrifice, And it's a present day danger, We're a human plantation, More like a human rainforest, Ghetto deforestation"
  • Picture this - Beenie Man
    "Chorus:Picture this, breast specialist Ave yo two nipple dem inna me hand and them a turn and twissYou a swing pan me thing like wiss(gal you know)Picture this gynecologist a examine and a give a proper"
  • Someone's Picture - Autumnblaze
    "A misty chamber for a broken self Whose world lies shattered on the floor He has no friends just a grey-blue chair His mind is focused on the wall "desperation and gloominess nerves are numb...fragments"
  • Picture Of Bonnie - Flatt And Scruggs
    "Bonnie look at the girdly I'll take a picture of you Bonnie hold up the gun in your hand so deadly shiny and blue Mhm mhm mhm mhm a picture of Bonnie Bonnie smile at the camera for hist'ry we are a part"
  • Blue - Zucchero
    "(Zucchero - Bono) No petrol in the car No pennies in the jar How did we get this far, baby. No moon in the sky No roof to keep us dry Looks like rain tonight. I got a sinking feeling Coming over me I"

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