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Blue birds naruto

  • Birds - Kari Bremnes
    "See the seagulls sitting by the waterfront, Like sculptures made of stone, Watching summer good times fly away And leave the seagulls all alone. Birds are like words: Suddenly away. Birds are like words: Some"
  • Birds - Shade
    "I'm turning of the look From colours of reality Penetrable, pleasant warmth This one moment, while Fly away from here Touch a sun bean Breath of wind I see unblemished sky blue And below mosaic of hue Morning's"
  • Naruto ondo - Naruto
    "Naruto, rasengan kage bunshin Sakura sha-n naro Sasuke wa chidori sharingan Ino shinten Shikamaru kagemane Chouji nikudan sensha de gorogoro Kiba, Akamaru gatsuuga Hinata, Shino Neji byakugan Tenten"
  • Tiny Birds - Yo La Tengo
    "I will go if you say you'll go do you want to go I won't talk at all but I'll go for a ride I will go if you just let go do you want to go Is it all because of the time I took your advice I will go"
  • Wind (Naruto) - Akeboshi
    "Cultivate your hunger before you idealize. Motivate your anger to make them all realize. Climbing the mountain, Never coming down. Break into the contents, Never falling down. My knee is still shaking,"
  • Harumonia (Naruto) - Rythem
    "Senti che silenzio resta qui vicino a me voglio ascoltare il tuo cuore battere devo partire ma soltanto per un po' giuro che torner. When the times start changing hearts are sometimes on the run searching"
  • Blue Bird - Naruto
    "Habataitara modorenai to itte Mezashita no wa Aoi aoi ano sora Kanashi mi wa mada oberarezu Setsunasa wa ima tsukami hajimeta Anata e idaku kono kanjou mo Ima kotoba ni kawatteku Michi naru sekai"
  • The Littlest Birds - The Be Good Tanyas
    "Well I feel like an old hobo, I'm sad lonesome and blue I was fair as the summer day Now the summer days are through You pass through places And places pass through you But you carry 'em with you On the"
  • The Darkest Birds - Nine Horses
    "Here come the darkest birds To burst the bubble End of a perfect day Head full of trouble Here come the darkest birds All tar and feathers Why did none of them dream of trying To make things better? Those"
  • All the birds - M2M
    "VERSE 1 All the little birds are now coming back, Cuckoo and siskin, thrush and starling are singing every day. The lark is cheering high up in the sky, ringing in the spring over again. Frost and snow,"
  • Boats And Birds - Gregory And The Hawk
    "If you'll be my star I'll be your sky You can hide underneath me and come out at night When I turn jet black And you show off your light I live to let you shine I live to let you shine But you"
  • Boats And Birds - The Scene Aesthetic
    "If you'll be my star, I'll be your sky You can hide underneath me and come out at night When I turn jet black and you show off your light I live to let you shine I live to let you shine You can sky rocket"
    "•Ej dobra, na to życie patrzę z lotu ptaka Naruto bo problemy prawie już od dzieciaka Zawsze jeden z drugim coś tam za plecami, o mnie gadał Tacy kumple, ale żaden z nich się kurwa nie nadawał Zaangażowany"
  • Blue - Aurora
    "the sun glows like an inflamed eye and blinds our cosmos with illuminated beams blue... but who cares? in faint we slumber we don't percieve what is happening outside these cold walls above the (passive)"
  • Blue - Urban Rock
    "F**k time, Ive broken my own heart 60 seconds talking never tore no-one apart Im sorry i only spoke few words But seeing you again made me fly high with the birds And i know that we may not see eachother"
  • Seishun Kyosokyoku (Naruto) - Sambomaster
    "Voglio un amore che sappia di te con quel gusto un po' amaro di un vino da re' un ricordo che sciolga i ricordi che ho per cui valga la pena di arrendersi un po' un amore grande che comincia piano e respira"
  • Lady Of The Birds - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Blue Sky Black Death presents The Holocaust Song: Lady of the Birds Typed by: Cno Evil (Holocaust) Into a single basin, make her buy ice And out morning the dazzling sun His"
  • Beautiful Birds (feat. Birdy) - Passenger
    "You remember when we were two beautiful birds, We’d light up the sky, when we’d fly, You were orange and red, like the sun when it sets up I was green as an apple’s eye. You said you loved all the songs"
  • Birds - Adrian Belew
    "Birds, birds everywhere I see I wanna live like they do I wanna be in their trees, So heavenly Bird, birds everywhere I go I wanna know what they know I wanna live in harmony, So simply Dear god, I know"
  • Birds - Imagine Dragons
    "Two hearts, one valve Pumpin' the blood, we were the flood We were the body and Two lives, one life Stickin' it out, lettin' you down Makin' it right Seasons, they will change Life will make you grow Dreams"

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