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Blue eyes foren teers

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Blue eyes foren teers

  • Blue Eyes - Elton John
    "Blue eyes Baby's got blue eyes Like a deep blue sea On a blue blue day Blue eyes Baby's got blue eyes When the morning comes I'll be far away And I say Blue eyes Holding back the tears Holding back the"
  • Blue eyes - Mika
    "Ohh, your heart is broken To your surprise You're sick of crying For blue eyes So tired of living Misunderstood Think hard woman I think you should Come, sorrow is so peculiar It comes in a day, then it'll"
  • Blue Eyes - Admiral Freebee
    "Goodbye blue eyes Blue eyes goodbye For so long I have tried It was strange How no goodbyes were spoken And it was strange How suddenly the spell was broken So goodbye blue eyes Blue eyes goodbye You"
  • Blue Eyes - The Buzzcocks
    "My aches are all aching Opportunities taken I'll be alright in a minute It's funny though innit The way that it happens Sick and tired of this love thing Like I'm tired of everything I'll be alright in"
  • Blue eyes - Buzzcocks
    "My aches are all aching Opportunities taken I'll be alright in a minute It's funny though innit The way that it happens Sick and tired of this love thing Like I'm tired of everything I'll be alright in"
  • Blue Eyes - Steve Miller Band
    "(Les Dudek, Rocket Ritchotte, and Steve Miller) I'm half a sinner, and I'm half a saint It's hard to tell by the company I keep That I'm tryin' to live in a state of grace It's risky business, it's the"
  • Blue Eyes - Gary Numan
    "Well you're pretty quick to say you love me But I've met your kind before So I took you twice on our first night That doesn't mean I'm going to trust you too far Love your blue eyes When you cry Love"
  • Blue Eyes - King Diamond
    "I open my eyes...I can barely see I got a feeling inside No one's here but me, no one's here but me...Ohhh I'm stone cold...I must be lying on a floor My hands are tied to the wall.. An Iron chain, I"
  • Blue Eyes - Cary Brothers
    "Wish enough, wise man'll tell you a lie Window broke, torn up screens Who'd have thought that you'd dream Of a single tragic scene I just wanna sing a song with you I just want to take it off of you Cause"
  • Blue Eyes - Timmy Curran
    "What a great surprise Its been some time How have you been Can you come on in Let me take your coat To cover up the note I finished yesterday Telling you the way I am without you Cause Id be lost forever"
  • Blue Eyes - Katy B
    "I couldn’t be less like you I like all you like too I like freedom, you like safety While I call it free, you call it crazy You like to say how you feel I pretend my problems aren’t real But you, you"
  • Blue Eyes Blue - Eric Clapton
    "(Diane Warren) I thought that you'd be loving me. I thought you were the one who'd stay forever. But now forever's come and gone And I'm still here alone. 'Cause you were only playing, You were only"
  • Blue Eyes - Wedding Present
    "I don't think I've ever mentioned this before But I couldn't possibly love you any more Oh it's been ages Let's not do that again! I think you said that when you wrote to me I'm not as certain as I ought"
  • Blue Eyes - Within Temptation
    "Blue eyes just smile to the world Full of dreams and with fascination Too soon she saw that her hands were chained and pulled without any freedom It's always the same, they fear no way out I cannot break"
  • Blue Eyes - Driving East
    "Did your heart stop beating, when you heard the news, of her lies and infidelities in our back room Our house is something sacred that I burned to the ground You could see my sins for miles and miles around You"
  • Pretty Blue Eyes - The Guess Who
    "(TEDDY RANDAZZO, BOBBY WEINSTEIN) Though I was in love before Then you moved in next door Pretty blue eyes Pretty blue eyes All the guys in the neighbourhood Keep saying that you sure look good With"
  • Smokey Blue Eyes - David Houston
    "(Smokey blue eyes) I was sittin' alone in a bar yesterday Just passin' the time when I heard a sweet voice say How's about one far the road you and I Then I turned and saw an angel with smokey blue eyes We"
  • Grey blue eyes - Dave Matthews Band
    "I feel for the light Your glory was lost that night And no mind can't get me right And now I'm praying that you'll find me out Stone, stone has pulled me down But my faith has got me bound to your grey"
  • Picture Blue Eyes - CC Catch
    "CC Catch Miscellaneous Picture Blue Eyes Love hurts, I'm hypnotized Baby, love hurts Strange are the ways of lies I'm more than a woman I pretend Trust me baby to the end Love is what it means to be so"
  • Pale Blue Eyes - David Gray
    "Sometimes you make me happy Sometimes you make me sad Sometimes you make me happy Mostly you just make me mad Baby you just make me mad Linger on Your pale blue eyes Linger on Your pale blue eyes Thought"

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