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Blur Inertia

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Blur Inertia

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Blur Inertia
  • Blur Inertia
    "Fear of being left behind Can take you over Suddenly you will choke Maybe it's just a joke I'm not sure of you I can't hear you now There's to much that's going around You seem a worried fool So I don't"
  • The Exies Inertia
    "Gotta head full of one way rides That you wouldn't believe I giant leap from your heart to my arms Before its time to leave well Well, all these old things That I'll never be That I'll never miss Give"
  • Bruce Dickinson Inertia
    "These are the pictures these are the feelings from the frontline living in silence feeling the deafness like heavy smoke smiling with strangers counting days like a spring coiled up inside welcome to your"
  • Vacant Stare Inertia
    "If I was falling for another If I was falling for you now And if I descend without desire I'd say the words that break my fall And if I was falling somehow And not caught before the ground Cause"
  • The Ocean Inertia
    "I enwrap myself in black sheets to match the sky And you would do the same if you just opened your eyes But lets stay like this for a while Let's just keep silent and immobile Enjoy the pleasure of dying"
  • Britney Spears Blur
    "Turn the lights out This shit is way too fucking bright Wanna poke my eyes out If you wanna mess with my eyesight Just let me get my head right Where the hell am I? Who are you? What'd we do last night? Hey"
  • Zebrahead Blur
    "Did you ever get the feeling that you were all alone And no one ever knew you and you never had a home And the lights and the colors do their best to distract you Fuck you. I don't even know why"
  • Local H Blur
    "You know this year was a blur I think I know you, but I'm not sure If I don't know, I don't care I only took you home on a dare It's only livin' now It's all I'm givin' We're only livin' now The quarter"
  • Anchor & Braille Blur
    "Take me down to where you think I belong. You can't rescue me, you ain't that strong. You don't know no better, I'm not gonna tell you any better. Can you turn this pale water to wine? If you can do that,"
  • Massive Attack Inertia Creeps
    "[3d] Recollect me darling raise me to your lips Two undernourished egos four rotating hips Hold on to me tightly I'm a sliding scale Can't endure then you can't inhale Clearly Out of body experience interferes And"
  • Aborted The Inertia
    "Watch It Scream! Eyelids Scrutinize In This Portrait Of Idolatry And Rot Her Body So Fragile Now In Post-Mortal Hands I Am Retouching The Essence Of Feminine Refinement All Soothing Scalpel Guidetd Me"
  • Cherry Poppin' Daddies Inertia Rhapsody
    "Better that we keep our mysteries intact So no disessection, there's no charm in that Frayed old flame, we're not the same But you're ringin' through my chains In a way beyond explainin' Obsession and"
  • Overcast Diluting inertia
    "Some historians and anthropologists think people who claimed to be possesed may have been drugged However, the drugging was accidental The theory suggests they may have eaten moldy rye grain wich contained"
  • Tom Verlaine Mr. Blur
    "(Verlaine) i see you impersonate a fire on the walkout it's a wonderful performance really it is How you remind me... it's the pattern on your blouse it's really so funny it gets me so aroused very very"
  • Melissa Ferrick Massive Blur
    "why does it keep coming up? you ask i want it to go away it keeps coming between us and i am tired of turning away but i'm so angry, so angry i am so damned scared don't leave me here just hold me talk"
  • Ferrick Melissa Massive Blur
    "Why does it keep coming up - You ask I want it to go away It keeps coming between us N' I am tired of turning away But I'm so angry - So angry I am so damn scared Don't leave me now Just hold me Talk about"
  • Wonder Stuff Inertia (3:56)
    "Ohh, where does river end? Aah, where does journey find friend? Ohh, where does river end? It just keeps on moving. No, it's not a boy's name, No, it's not a girl's name, Inertia, I'd call my child all"
  • Burton Cummings Friend Of Inertia
    "I got the rest of my life to be cool Aaahhh....the rest of my life to be cool I got the end of my life to be old Aaahhh....the end of my life to be old So I am takin' a flier on havin' you change me, Keepin'"
  • White Zombie Blur The Technicolor
    "Falling down I am a psychoholic Erratic and sure I cannot fail Replay slow smooth and automatic Go easy riding danger Yeah - two guns west I ride an instamatic Polaroid rat crucifixion nail Antenna down"
  • Rob Zombie Blur The Technicolor
    "Falling down I am a psychoholic Erratic and sure I cannot fail Replay slow smooth and automatic Go easy riding danger Yeah - two guns west I ride an instamatic Polaroid rat crucifixion nail Antenna down"

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