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Blur Young And Lovely

  • Young & Lovely - Blur
    "Friday's child is planning to go out for the first time Says Don't worry mum I won't be out that late Done me playing those passive games right now They're out of date You're awfully sweet Haven't got"
  • Young And Lovely - Blur
    "Fridays child is planning to go out for the first time Says "Dont worry mum I wont be out that late" Done me playing those passive games right now theyre out of date Youre awfully sweet Havent got the"
  • blur - Johnny Orlando
    "In a blur In a, in a, in a blur In a, in a, in a blur In a, in a, in a blur I usually lay low 'cause I'm kinda anxious Whenever I go out, I just regret it It's easy to stay home, been here for a month"
  • Blur - Britney Spears
    "Turn the lights out This shit is way too fucking bright Wanna poke my eyes out If you wanna mess with my eyesight Just let me get my head right Where the hell am I? Who are you? What'd we do last night? Hey"
  • Blur - Zebrahead
    "Did you ever get the feeling that you were all alone And no one ever knew you and you never had a home And the lights and the colors do their best to distract you Fuck you. I don't even know why"
  • Blur - Local H
    "You know this year was a blur I think I know you, but I'm not sure If I don't know, I don't care I only took you home on a dare It's only livin' now It's all I'm givin' We're only livin' now The quarter"
  • Blur - Imagine Dragons
    "I'm always looking for Something I can't afford Something to work for I don't know if it's healthy Oh God, help me I wanna be satisfied with what I have I'm always chasing higher placement This bump is"
  • Blur - Anchor & Braille
    "Take me down to where you think I belong. You can't rescue me, you ain't that strong. You don't know no better, I'm not gonna tell you any better. Can you turn this pale water to wine? If you can do that,"
  • Song 2 (Blur cover) - Lemon
    "Woo-hoo Woo-hoo Woo-hoo Woo-hoo I got my head checked By a jumbo jet It wasn't easy But nothing is No (Woo-hoo) When I feel heavy-metal (Woo-hoo) And I'm pins and I'm needles (Woo-hoo) Well, I lie and"
  • Nice And Lovely - Shaggy
    "(feat. Rayvon) She's nice And extremly lovely I want somebody to come tickle mi fancy Shaggy and Rayvon again man A shooby dooby doo, oooh, oooh Shooby dooby doo, nice and lovely Shooby dooby doo,"
  • Massive Blur - Melissa Ferrick
    "why does it keep coming up? you ask i want it to go away it keeps coming between us and i am tired of turning away but i'm so angry, so angry i am so damned scared don't leave me here just hold me talk"
  • Massive Blur - Ferrick Melissa
    "Why does it keep coming up - You ask I want it to go away It keeps coming between us N' I am tired of turning away But I'm so angry - So angry I am so damn scared Don't leave me now Just hold me Talk about"
  • Lovely day - Twista
    "& Anthony HamiltonWhen I wake up in the mornin' love, And the sunlight hurts my eyes, Then somethin' with out warnin' love, Bears heavy on my mind Let's get them dollars, Let's get this money I keep"
  • Lovely Ladies - Les Miserables
    "(The docks. Sailors, whores and their customers, pimps, etc. Fantine wanders in.) Sailors I smell women Smell 'em in the air Think I'll drop my anchor In that harbor over there Lovely ladies Smell 'em"
  • Lovely Daze - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    "It's ten a.m. and I just woke up Walked to the window and opened the shades up Sun so bright that I can hardly see but I'm a black man so I pass on a tan dip to the bathroom take me a shower but first"
  • Lovely - Alice Peacock
    "I've never known someone quite like you You take my breath away You knock me out with the little things you do And all the words you say Because you're lovely Lovely you see That's all there is to it So"
  • Lovely - Britney Spears
    "youre the sweet dreams that soothe me when i cant fall asleep youre the field in the middle of the city im rushing by in the speed of light youre the strong resolution when i found all the piece your"
  • Lovely - Shawn McDonald
    "Let me tell you a story Of a little boy who had lost his way In search for something to make it a better day, But all he seemed to find Was a world of hurt and pain And a place that didn't seem to care"
  • Lovely - BoyWithUke
    "We kissed under the stars so far away We could see Mars I felt like maybe it was now I had a purpose You held me close Said it was cold I said I know I told you I was nervous And you will always be So"
  • Lovely - Boyz II Men
    "Lying here with my arms above my head Hungry for your love, waiting to be fed Your body speaks to mine and I understood every word Told me that you needed me, at least that's what I heard I'm trying"

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