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Bob One Insomnia Twj ruch LP

  • Insomnia - Tyler Hilton
    "I miss the girl, and the cigarettes And the more I try, the more that I forget To think of you is a flash to find To think of you I find my light to pass the time You want me to be that better one Time"
  • Insomnia - Lunachicks
    "Pick, pick, pick, it's makin me sick I wish the sleep fairy would come do the trick Oh yeah, oh yeah Chew, chew, chew on my lip I'm gettin an ache in my left hip Uh huh, uh uhu Stare, stare, stare"
  • Insomnia - Megadeth
    "I'm running in quicksand something's haunting me the guilty past I've buried my mind won't let me sleep I'll do anything for peace - I keep waking up a solemn oath I make cross my heart please let me"
  • Insomnia - Jester's Funeral
    "music by Stefan Schmidt & Bastian Emig, lyrics by Stefan Schmidt My sense to be: Sticking to a surface below my feet. And when the day is done again I am a whitness of setting suns. And then I hear"
  • Insomnia - Daya
    "cause I can’t sleep without you no I don’t want to dream about you wish I had my arms wrapped around you insomnia I’ve been down for 2 days calling or PM ain’t workin’ losing track of time baby insomnia my"
  • Insomnia - Kamelot
    "When the darkness brings the cold To draw me under I am caught between The chapters of a dream Something is reaching out and My entire world is crumbling And it whispers that I am The chosen one… Can you"
  • Insomnia - Milk Inc
    "I only smoke weed when i need toand i need to get some restYes where's the sess, i confessi burned a whole in the matressyes yes it was me i plead guiltyand at the count of three i pull back the duvetMake"
  • Insomnia - Faithless
    "I only smoke weed when I need to, And I need to get some rest, yo, where's the cess. I confess, I burnt a hole in the mattress, Yes, yes, it was me, I plead guilty, And on the count of three I pull back"
  • Insomnia - Milk Inc.
    "I only smoke weed when i need to and i need to get some rest Yes where's the sess, i confess i burned a whole in the matress yes yes it was me i plead guilty and at the count of three i pull back the duvet Make"
  • Insomnia - Gutter Demons
    "It's just a dream coming over and over again The truth is twisted by a restless sleep Watching in slow motion entering the headless boogeyman As the nightmares are passing by, I rest me awake Late at night"
  • Insomnia - Dr. Sin
    "He came from the streets He's struggling to forget But now he just can't sleep Rolling in his bed He's searching for the truth Feel lost without a clue Wasted in his room He's always been refused His"
  • Insomnia - Jill Scott
    "It is 4 a.m. I'm waiting in our bed alone, Dreaming of your embrace Wishing you would come back home But you don't call, And you don't come, And you don't say, That you miss me And you don't stop To say"
  • Insomnia - Marillion
    "Curl up tight into a ball Curl my body against the soil Staring up here At the cathedral wall I will sleep tonight Be a baby. forget it all Be a baby watch the quiet stones Massive friend cathedral wall I"
  • Insomnia - Aether
    "In world of dreams we wander Mere shadows in the night Bereft of any guidance Our journey's undefined In fear of true deception We slowly drift away From stillness of the river To shadow of the flame As"
  • Insomnia - Kacper HTA, Fonos
    "Na deszczu myśli mokną Więc jak myśleć mam przytomnie Choć łazi za mną krok w krok To chcę odejść bezpowrotnie Tak gonie szczęście rok w rok Nie dostrzegam go koło mnie Myślami uciekam gdzieś w kosmos Robię"
  • Insomnia - Moonlight
    "Jak co noc twój mózg nie daje ci spać Ty chcesz on nie a czas wciąż biegnie jak W twych żyłach krew wciąż starsza co dnia I pytasz mnie co zrobić z tym masz Pogódź się z czasem Bo biegnie I biegnij z"
  • Insomnia - Ewen
    "jeśli tak to życie to chwil to pytaj o kasę i bujaj się S-ką blizny zagoją sie … me oczy to męka kiedy palimy heheszka podkręcam jak backham mam oczy jak bestia dziś nie widze ich nie widzę w sobie"
  • Bob - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Well, my friend Bobs in jail today His girlfriend is too For stealing change for gasoline Nothing to do but rue Destroy the bruise (???) Cause there will never be another one just like you, no Bob I met"
  • Bob - The Bear Quartet
    "I fell in love with Bob Dylan's ghost while his body was touring from coast to coast I wonder if he's thinking; what am I doing here and does he keep a don't between his I and care and does he keep a"
  • W Ruch - Pokahontaz
    "REFREN Wuff! Wuff! Brak mi słów co my wyprawiamy znów Czapki z głów gdy wprawiamy wszystko w ruch! Wuff! Wuff! Wytęż słuch poczuj groove gdy tych dwóch znów wprawia wszystko w ruch! FOKUS matka ćpie,"

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