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Bob one karaoke

  • Karaoke - T-Pain
    "(feat. DJ Khaled) Dear Akon... forgive me for what I'm about to say... Dear Barry Wize I know you told me not to worry about it man but I can't let it ride... Dear God... let's make it happen (ha ha"
  • Bob - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Well, my friend Bobs in jail today His girlfriend is too For stealing change for gasoline Nothing to do but rue Destroy the bruise (???) Cause there will never be another one just like you, no Bob I met"
  • Bob - The Bear Quartet
    "I fell in love with Bob Dylan's ghost while his body was touring from coast to coast I wonder if he's thinking; what am I doing here and does he keep a don't between his I and care and does he keep a"
  • Karaoke King - Nerf Herder
    "He might sing for all the ladies In the front row The luckiest one will catch the scarf that he throws In the mood for Huey Luis Or maybe a show tune He'll dedicate 'The Rainbow Connection' for you Oh"
  • Captain Karaoke - Tiggy
    "Captain Karaoke sings a song for you baby Melodies come easy when the microphone is on Captain Karaoke singing doo aah iyeah iohh Come on and sing it with him all night long He walks the streets as a"
  • Karaoke superstars - Superchic(k)
    "Turn up the car radio We can be karaoke superstars Doesn't matter what they think When we're driving in my car If we don't think about it Red rover, red rover, please let me come over Who made you queen"
  • Karaoke Superstars - Superchick
    "Spoken: That's right, thats right You hear that? Aww yeah, That's just the fresh sounds of Superchick going through your stereo: Turn up the car radio We can be karaoke superstars Karaoke superstars Red"
  • Karaoke Star - Robbie Williams
    "Did you do that girl that was in that soap ..... Did ya Will you save the whale, will you be Bob Hope.... Will ya I'll tell you about my Pepsi deal if you like A celebrity village bike with a mike I get"
  • Karaoke Queen - Cantatonia
    "Ooh shalalalalalala Ooh shalalalalalala Tedium is overcome From obscurity Through melody And when I'm blind It helps me see through your key No one can touch No need to rush Presented by My alibi And"
  • Karaoke Queen - Catatonia
    "Ooh sha la la la Ooh sha la la la Tedium is overcome From obscurity, through melody And when I'm blind it helps me See through your key No one can touch, no need to rush Presented by my alibi When I'm"
  • Fightstarter Karaoke - Dropkick Murphys
    "Riot tonight everybody let's go! Gonna start a fight but with who? I don't fucking know Riot tonight everybody let's go! Gonna start a fight but with who? I don't fucking know It doesn't take a big"
  • Bob One, Cheeba, Jarex-Złoty kran - Bob One
    "Cheeba Bob One Jarex na miejscu tu są... łoou łooou ło łoooo... jeii jeee je je łoou łooou ło łoooo Cheeba Bob One Jarex na miejscu już są! ref: Politycy mówią mi, że mają jakiś plan, Lecz ja powiem Tobie"
  • Delicious (Karaoke Version) - Shampoo
    "Delicious.... Delicious You're So Old And We're So Young, We're Gonna Have Some Fun, 'Cause We Want To! We Don't Wanna 'Cause No Fuss, You Wanna Be With Us, We Don't Want To! Bridge C'mon, C'mon,"
  • Karaoke dance party - Shrek
    "Hi everybody! and welcome to the Shrek and then swamp karokedance party!! i'm gona take things down a little bit with one ofmypersonal favouritesDon't go changing, to try and please me, you've never let"
  • Bob George - Prince
    "Let me see ya dance New coat, huh? That's nice Did u buy it? Yeah, right U seeing that rich motherfucker again U know who I'm talking about That slicked back paddy with all the gold in his mouth Don't"
  • Bob Dylan - Fall Out Boy
    "when they say you and waht army? i guess they’re talking about you and me baby, nobody would love you nobody would love you like, like I do I quess that’s half true come down /3x from your holy mountain I"
  • Bob Rules - Keller Williams
    "(The price is wrong, bitch) Twelve o'clock check out we've got an entire hour Where is the remote, no time for the manual power I put that name tag over the heart On the shirt, that says 'Bob Rules' I"
  • Black Bob - Kid Rock
    "They used to call me names Said I was just a wanna be But now they all pay to see What they were gettin for free How about them days and now You don't know what to say Ain't it funny how the sun can shine And"
  • Bob White - Benny Goodman
    "DARN THAT DREAM Benny Goodman - words by Eddie Delange, music by Jimmy Van Heusen Darn that dream I dream each night You say you love me and you hold me tight But when I awake, you're out of sight Oh,"
  • Bob Dylan's Dream - Bob Dylan
    "While riding on a train goin' west I feel asleep for take my a rest I dreamed a dream that make me sad Concerning myself and the first few friends I had. With half-damp eyes I stared to the room Where"

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