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Bocoran hk besok mlm 4 d munculin

  • Silesiano (ft. D. Majewska, HK Rufijok) - Skorup x Młody
    "(Silesiano Tańczy, Tańczy , Tańczy wróg się patrzy warczy, warczy, warczy mam tylko ten styl ale wiem że to wystarczy przesyłowy kurort industrialne żarty Silesiano Tańczy, Tańczy , Tańczy wróg się"
  • Hk - El Peyote Asesino
    "Caminaba por la calle sin mirar por donde iba de tenindome siempre al llegar a las esquinas en eso andaba cuando fui atacado por unos har krishna que estaban resalados Me cagaron a patadas me vistieron"
  • D - Wilhelm Toll
    "Schocker Seppl what a son of a gun turn diis Meitschi mit d Gitarre an chratz uf dm Ding, yodel and sing Schocker, Rocker Seppl have fun! Stiig ufs Mlcherschteli, Man Glleg'schtank isch better than Citysmoke,"
  • D - Jerzy Por
    "1. Długo mnie nie było w domu, niby nie ma żadnych zmian, Lecz naprawdę nie ma komu, komu moje morze dam. Nie ma komu, nie ma komu, komu dać to morze mam. 2. Długo mnie nie było w domu, długo mnie"
  • D - Gwiazdy show
    "| Chyba jest ze mną źle, Tusk wybory wygrał te, Zbliża sie godzina ta , Tusk wyjmuje z mózgu, Psa, Ale niech przywali w coś, bo już mam platformy dość || Mówią, że Tusk to tchórz, A Kaczyński gruby tłuszcz,"
  • D-Law - D-A-D
    "Look at that guy in those tight leather-pants He can't sing and you can see he can't dance And soulfinger's spinning; throwing his hair He's got nothing to say; He's just happy 2 B there Look at his friend"
  • D&D soundclash - Afu-Ra
    "[ Steele ] Feel this, feel this Brooklyn's in the house Brooklyn's in the house [ VERSE 1: Steele of Cocoa Brovas ] S-T, Supreme Teacher, read you like a preacher Seat you down, make you pay close attention"
  • Wiggle 4 Me - Dougie D
    "Who, look I like that there Baby got booty like apple, make me bite that there Drop it to the flo', pick it back up Loving the way that you stroke, while them jeans is hugging your butt Wiggle to the left,"
  • D-I-E 4 Y-O-U - Family Force 5
    "I'd take a bullet for you Bleed all my blood out for you Be taken hostage, under the knife's edge Pay all the ransom for you Do the hard time for you On the front lines for you Bring on the pain, the"
  • 4 Da Green (2001) - Al-D
    "{{Album| |fLetter = 0-9 |Artist = Al-D |Album = 4 da Green |Released = 2001 |Genre = |Cover = |Length = |star=Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''["
  • Headin 4 the Jack - Master P
    "Woke up at dawn got a page at five ten Head still spinnin' off that Gatorade and gin Stumbled to the bathroom, picked up my mobile phone Hit power plus the digits now I'm waitin' for roam Um shook my dick"
  • 4:20 - Mr. Shadow
    "Get High, Get High Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that weed Get High, Get High Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that weed (Mr. Shadow) I feelin Irry come and try me You can look all around but you can't find me With my shadow"
  • 4:20 - Method Man
    "(feat. Carlton Fisk, RZA, Streetlife) Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it (roll it up niggaz) Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it (4:20, y'all, it's time, it's time) Roll that shit, light"
  • 4 Souls - La The Darkman
    "Intro: This is how we goin' do We goin' do this right Word, word is bond Know what I'm sayin' This is la wid the track Know what I'm sayin You know how we do Word up, yo Let dark pass no stunting >from"
  • 4 Films - Het Goede Doel
    "Ademloos kijk ik naar haar Ze staat op de rand en het huis staat in brand (dertien hoog, aaaah) De held in 't wit, ik mag 'm niet Hij is onderweg maar de auto heeft pech (lekke band, ja ja ja ja) refrain: Een"
  • Recipe 4 A Murder - Willie D
    "Verse 1: (Willie D) Motherfuckers are dying And getting buried in the cemetary Cause they ass couldn't pass the preliminaries That's when you mind your own Stay in line and keep the fuck out of mine Cause"
  • Jak d - Biesiadne
    "zwr.1 Jak długo w sercu naszym choć kropla polskiej krwi, Jak długo w ręku naszym ognista szabla lśni, ref. Stać będzie kraj nasz cały, stać będzie piastów gród, Zwycięży Orzeł"
  • 4.W.D. (Low Ratio) - Jethro Tull
    "Met a man just the other day --- said his name was Jim. Boy, won't you take a look! Got a car for you --- it's a real steal Cleaned it right down --- new brakes, clutch and here's the hook Yes, it's"
  • Ghetto D - Master P
    "(*water bubbling*) (*voice in background repeating "make crack like this"*) Imagine substitutin crack for music I mean dope tapes, this is how we would make it (There it is right there) For all you"
  • D-Game - 504 Boyz
    "(feat. Master P, Terror, Krazy) Nigga this motherfuckin 504 shit deep The South done hooked up with the East baby The Colonel Master P, Terror, and I am Krazy I'm thugged out Feel it Wuz up playah"

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