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Bocoran no jitu togel hongkong malam ini tgl 22 mei 2020


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Bocoran no jitu togel hongkong malam ini tgl 22 mei 2020

  • Pandangi Langit Malam Ini - Jikustik
    "Putri, jangan menangis Hapus air mata Di wajah cantikmu Putri, kepergianku Tak akan lama Tahan rindumu Putri, seandainya saja Kubisa, menghentikan waktu Kuhentikan waktu Reff Bila kau rindukan"
  • 22 - TINI, Greeicy
    "ya son mas de las doce y sigo ahogando tu recuerdo entre mas tomo mas me acuerdo de los dos de tu piel tus beesos y tu voz aunque tu seas el malo yo rcuerdo lo Bueno hoy quiero vivir mis veintidos y yo"
  • 22 - Zimowa
    "Sleeplessness is fair Luscious body so full of drives Sweetness in the mouth Half an hour till the next bite Blithely I rely on you Please move in So I could see The night of the world Something tangible"
  • Ghairah Malam 15 - Search & Awie
    "Search & M. Nasir/Keon Ghairah malam lima belas Tak sabar buka sarong Senapang picuku dah mula rencong Hei...hei...hei... Tunggu kau songsong Hei...hei...hei... Delapan kali terpesong Kali ini biarlah"
  • Hongkong - Mireille Mathieu
    "Ich sah im Kino einen Film von Hongkong und hab getrumt von dieser Stadt Ich ging mit einem fremden Mann durch Hongkong, der mich verzaubert hat Hongkong, du bist wunderbar, wo mein Herz eine Nacht lang"
    "dziś odwiedzę Hongkong jedzie pociąg z forsą zawsze z pełną torbą Suki maja co chcą palec w pussy pow pow przyjechała corsom razem z twoja siostra razem z twoja siostra dziś odwiedzę Hongkong jedzie"
  • Mei Gitar - Georg Danzer
    "du und i mia san unzertrennlich, seit i mi erinnern kan du und i mia haum flut und ebbe miteinand' im boot durchfahr'n du und i mia haum jeden ton im leben g'schbhd waun's a ned immer afoch g'wes'n is"
  • Ja Mei - Relax
    "Ruck no a Stckerl a ganz kloins Stckerl nher her zu mir. Gib mer dei Hand zeig allen du g'hrst zu mir. Gib mer a Busserl a ganz kloins Busserl damit i net so frier. Des is verrckt was i da in mir spr. I"
  • Wan Mei - Jolin Tsai
    "时尚重生用完美定义女人 耀眼的灵魂在谁的躯体里封存 光彩缤纷惊艳了所有眼神 懂爱的人才能够得到一个吻 释放我的爱我要你过来 ladies and gentlemen,welcome! 谁是倾城的女神 让男人用爱情崇拜 现在未来 完美是种本能 我用来揭开无限的精采 现在未来 幸运发生太傻的人才等 此时此分我要你 为我狂奔 幻境成真谁是拥有我的人 懂爱的人才能够打开我心门 释放我的爱我要你过来 ladies"
  • Catch 22 - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "Well You're damned if you do You're damned if you don't Catch 22 You're so Very close, Yet so far You gave your best shot Still no cigar Working your fingers down to the bone Running with sinners,"
  • FCK 2020 - Scooter
    "i don't give a penny fuck 2020 posse united we stand first we save the rave then we save the world! We got the power! A nightmare came true The worst year ever No everyone succed Teh every one is insane Insane,"
  • Court 22 - Against All Authority
    "I was raised in a trailer (Court 22) Always told that I was a failure (Fuck you) Never thought that I would get outta there (Court 22) My father kicked me out when I shaved my hair (Fuck you) Never fit"
  • Catch 22 - Terri Clark
    "(Bob Regan/Terri Clark/Chris Waters) A farmer on a tractor Plowing in the field Doing all he can to increase the yield But the more he raises The more the price goes down Over at the factory Working on"
  • 2020 (#zostańwdomu) - B.R.O
    "to był huczny sylwester ja tańczyłem za ręke z nią wbiliśmy na imprezkę gdzie niejeden pewnie kreskę wziął potem my byliśmy na mieście trochę wypiliśmy na mieście krzyczeliśmy: TO BĘDZIE NASZ ROK! ale"
  • Gate 22 - Pascale Picard
    "I wont try to argue now Anyway I feel theres nothing I could say To ease your mind Maybe theres nothing exciting outside But round here Im just wasting my time Spinning round on nothing new When I close"
  • Catch 22 - Erasure
    "If I seem nervous will you show me what to do? And does the world deserve us? Application rushing through A long time coming Yes, it's been a long time coming My loving you is a place where I surrender"
  • Summer 2020 - Jhene Aiko
    "And it feel like sometimes i cry Cuz i feel so good to be alive And there’s not a doubt inside my mind That you’re still here Right here by my side I can’t wrap my head around what’s happening I can’t"
  • 22 Two's - Jay-Z
    "Yo whassup everybody this is Mariah Davis, Mad Wednesday's we here tonight to have a good time ("Yo! Start the show! Start the show!") Wait a minute; I see my man over there Jay-Z Jay-Z, Dam Deass let"
  • 11/22 - Hot Chip
    "Strangle your hold Don't let me go Until I want what you want Pray for the strength (To) keep it in place Promise to God you won't I've got faith in you to lose yours in me Like you say though before you"
  • Jo Mei Liawa Augustin - Georg Danzer
    "Kaunst di no erinnern, heas'd An de goidene Zeit Wia ma gsuacht haum nach der Wahrheit Kaunst di no erinnern, heasd Wia ma augsoffen warn Und du woitest unbedingt no Autofahr'n Jo, mei liawa Augustin"

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