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Bocoran no togel hk 2d tgl 18 mei 2020

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Bocoran no togel hk 2d tgl 18 mei 2020

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Bocoran no togel hk 2d tgl 18 mei 2020
  • El Peyote Asesino Hk
    "Caminaba por la calle sin mirar por donde iba de tenindome siempre al llegar a las esquinas en eso andaba cuando fui atacado por unos har krishna que estaban resalados Me cagaron a patadas me vistieron"
  • Dreadlock Pussy 2d
    "I wish for the ability to stop this change lost in myself I crave for a real shape no hollow cover anymore it falls away and reveals my face waiting inside that what I am not but I try to create I'm afraid"
  • Capital Inicial 18
    "Parece que acabei de chegar Tenho dezoito E no sei por onde comear Quando voc no sabe onde vai Qualquer caminho te leva Quando voc no sabe o que quer Qualquer bobagem te pega Acabei de me vestir Sem nenhum"
  • Lil' Bow Wow 18
    "Oh, oh Uh huh, uh huh, oh Let's take a pause for a minute Let's go (*laughing*) (I) Check it out man See man, Bow Weezy right here live and direct (OH I) I'm talkin to ya'll young n's out there baby Can't"
  • Georg Danzer Mei Gitar
    "du und i mia san unzertrennlich, seit i mi erinnern kan du und i mia haum flut und ebbe miteinand' im boot durchfahr'n du und i mia haum jeden ton im leben g'schbhd waun's a ned immer afoch g'wes'n is"
  • Relax Ja Mei
    "Ruck no a Stckerl a ganz kloins Stckerl nher her zu mir. Gib mer dei Hand zeig allen du g'hrst zu mir. Gib mer a Busserl a ganz kloins Busserl damit i net so frier. Des is verrckt was i da in mir spr. I"
  • Jolin Tsai Wan Mei
    "时尚重生用完美定义女人 耀眼的灵魂在谁的躯体里封存 光彩缤纷惊艳了所有眼神 懂爱的人才能够得到一个吻 释放我的爱我要你过来 ladies and gentlemen,welcome! 谁是倾城的女神 让男人用爱情崇拜 现在未来 完美是种本能 我用来揭开无限的精采 现在未来 幸运发生太傻的人才等 此时此分我要你 为我狂奔 幻境成真谁是拥有我的人 懂爱的人才能够打开我心门 释放我的爱我要你过来 ladies"
  • Covenant 2D
    "I am the big man restless the living past and futureA fraction of a second and now is lost foreverMy mirror image a picture in the staticTranscending through the present a fracture in the rhythmElectric"
  • B.R.O 2020 (#zostańwdomu)
    "to był huczny sylwester ja tańczyłem za ręke z nią wbiliśmy na imprezkę gdzie niejeden pewnie kreskę wziął potem my byliśmy na mieście trochę wypiliśmy na mieście krzyczeliśmy: TO BĘDZIE NASZ ROK! ale"
  • Jhene Aiko Summer 2020
    "And it feel like sometimes i cry Cuz i feel so good to be alive And there’s not a doubt inside my mind That you’re still here Right here by my side I can’t wrap my head around what’s happening I can’t"
  • New Model Army Shot 18
    "Thou shalt not kill - remember that ?You learnt it again and again when you were youngThey said weapons have this safety catchYour moral conscience tells you kidWhat's right, what's wrongWell they make"
  • Prince 18 Over
    "18 & over, I wants 2 bone ya (Yeah, baby) 18 & over (Oh yeah, this is gonna be good) 18 & over, I wants 2 bone ya (Yeah, baby) 18 & over (Oh yeah, this is gonna be good) Now wait a minute This ain't"
  • Maria Solheim 18 Degrees
    "From side to sideCan't get no sleepThe music just annoysSentences on repeatStanding between the coldAnd the warmOpens and closes his eyesStanding between the darkAnd the lightGrey an 18 degreesWakes up"
  • Warzone Under 18
    "Don't - give up - got caught - in their trip You were under 18 so they got the law Put the handcuffs on you Because you're young - you're easy bait For a society - That's filled with hate We were close"
  • Saving Abel 18 Days
    "It's been 18 days Since I'd look at myself I don't wanna have to change If I don't then no one will Is it my state of mind Or is it just everything else I don't wanna have to be here I don't understand"
  • Naked Aggression Under 18
    "If you're under 18 you don't have any rights They force you to conform, plan your whole damn life By the time your 21 the brainwashing is done You're sucked into there system there is no return Look at"
  • Cadena Perpetua 18 Hs
    "Me siento al borde de la claridad Casi a un costado del que hace mal Ll?mame ya, ya, no esperes m?s Ll?mame ya, ya, ya, no aguanto m?s. Esta ansiedad no me deja estar Ll?mame ya, ya, ya, ya. Ya son las"
  • Mark Eitzel Atico 18
    "Let the snake crawl around on your floor You're not afraid of its tongue Or its tiny heart It lays curled up on the corner Watching Craig and Jose Hisses quietly to itself Doesn't have a thing good to"
  • Boys 18 Lat
    "Znowu noc ruszasz w rejs Randka w mieście bujasz się Czas by świnka nim zajęła się Prosty temat i wiadomo wszystko dymać na około Byle z oczu jej patrzyła chęć no i cześć Ref: Bierzesz co sie da -uu I"
  • Gamma Ray 18 Years
    "Sometimes I ask myself, "Is this the life I want to have?"Are you still satisfied with the situationThat you've had for many years now?Time is movin' on your childhood is goneBut you don't realize that"

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