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Bocoran pajar pakong mlm ini tangal 23 11 2010


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Bocoran pajar pakong mlm ini tangal 23 11 2010

  • 2010 - Echt
    "Meine Zeit wird kommen Meine Zeit wird kommen, im Jahr 2010 wenn wir uns wieder sehn Meine Zeit wird kommen, im Jajr 2010 Meine Zeit wird kommen Hey ich seh es dir doch an, du denkst, ich kriege nichts"
  • 2010 - Apollo 3
    "Du stehst auf um kurz vor acht Losgerannt, den Bus verpasst Du sein macht heut keinen Spa Ganz egal, wir ndern das Ich hab das Shuttle getankt Und hey, wir fackeln nicht lang Wenn wir komm'n wackelt die"
  • Lelaki Ini - Zain Anuar
    "lelaki ini by anuar zain... Kasih, kenanganku Ingatkah saat saat dulu Kasih, apakah dirimu Merasakan semua itu Ke mana pun langkahku pergi Ku masih melihat bayanganmu cintaku Dan kemana pun arah anginku"
  • Lelaki Ini - Anuar Zain
    "Kasih Kenanganku ingatan saat-saat dulu Kasih Apakah dirimu Merasakan semua itu Ke manapun hendakku pergi Ku masih melihat bayanganmu cintaku Dan ke manapun arah Angin ku berlari Hati ini masih kau miliki Lelaki"
  • 23 - Karmin
    "Everyone has problems No one wants to hear Waiting for the eleprhant In the room to disapear Livin' up the home life Without a single care The silver spoon that feed me Had always mage life fair But life"
  • 23 - Amber Rubarth
    "Amber Rubarth New Green Lines 23 He fell in love with me, then I fell in love with you And now I am watching you follow her out the door Of my house, and it feels so mean I didnt know youd moved on to"
  • 23 - God Lives Underwater
    "I'm breathing the air The air I always breathe I don't have a lot I want someone to share it with me I really only want a few things They've all been taken away What does the next life bring I just want"
  • 23 - Shakira
    "Everybody needs an anchor A little something that makes you stay An incentive Someone to fight for Cause no one really needs so much space A couple years ago I was lonely I used to think that there was"
  • 23 - Jimmy Eat World
    "I felt for sure last night That once we said goodbye No one else will know these lonely dreams No one else will know that part of me I'm still driving away And I'm sorry every day I won't always love these"
  • 23 - Blonde Redhead
    "Twenty three seconds All things we love will die Twenty three magic If you can change your life Your tainted heart, your tainted heart My tainted love, my tainted love Repent now How many times"
  • 23 - Trzecia Godzina Dnia
    "Nie chcę już więcej życia na krawędzi Sprawdzać czy spadnę, kiedy zrobię krok. I jak daleko nie jest za daleko Koniec zabawy robię w tył zwrot. Bo tam jest wolność i moja przestrzeń Czyste powietrze"
  • Mundial 2010 - A.P. Golden Boy
    ""Mundial 2010" Polska gola Polska Polska gola w dloniach Pepsi cola strzelcie dzisiaj gola dosyc juz wspominkow o czasach Buncola Bonka czy Gorgonia nie grajcie w walkonia jesli bardzo chcecie by trafila"
  • Maelstrom 2010 - Kataklysm
    "Disturbance plights the fantastic boreal Arc... Displacement of three perfect Moons... Edging the fragments of pace... To denote the course of a immanent impact... By force immerges gravity between the"
  • Lato 2010 - Sami
    "Słońce świeci nad nami Ogrzewa nasze nagie ciała promieniami Tato, lato Zaufaj mi przygoda szybko skończy się...x2 Odpowiedzialność..(Ha).. a co to jest właściwie że, Narzucacie prawa mi Odpowiedzialność..(Ha).."
  • 23.11 - Batalion d'Amour
    "I've been there so many times In those places of death in those places of cries But please remember - I'll never come back, I'll never give up It's only only a few words, it's only only a few lies And"
  • 11 - Cassadee Pope
    "At 7 years old everything was right Table for four on a Friday night Didn’t see any signs of a dead end road By the time I was 10 everything was changing Fell asleep every night prayin Didn’t know which"
  • 11 11 - Rufus Wainwright
    "Woke up this morning at 11:11 Wasn't in Portland and I wasn't in heaven Could have been either by the way I was feeling But I was alive, I was alive Woke up this morning at 11:11 John was half-naked and"
  • 11 - Mondo Marcio
    "io sono il Signore tuo Dio. io ti ho fatto uscire dalla terra d'egitto. Questa la mia legge. Questi sono i miei comandamenti. Li vedo intorno a me muoversi nell'ombra, pronti a fottermi due soldi e sputare"
  • 11 - Sunk Loto
    "Sick of the fuck ups and all the shit that lingers around On your conscience and the everyday parasites That itch up your skin of a night Until they scratch the pigment away Bored of all the shit that"
  • 11 - Lunachicks
    "got a puss pocket waiting for you got a flesh bubble from huffing too much glue got a precious pimple loaded with some goo dont wanna pop it 'cause I'm saving it for you I'm saving it for you I got"

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