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Bocoran sgp 45 com

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Bocoran sgp 45 com

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Bocoran sgp 45 com
    "Właśnie tak, To dla was ten rap To dla was ten rap To słowo, 2013 Dziś oddaje wszytko ziomal na twoje ręce Chcesz więcej? Szczerość za szczerość łapię w podzięce Pod sceną znowu jest tłoczno i światła"
  • The Analogs 39-45
    "Nie pytali czy warto - obcy był im strach Za ten jebany kraj umierali co dnia Nie pytali się jakie są kolory sztandaru Chcieli tylko zwycięstwa, chcieli tylko wygranej Gdyby nie przelali krwi, Kim byś"
  • Jorge Benjor Charles Anjo 45
    "Oba, oba, oba charles Como my friend Charles Como vo as coisas Charles? Charles.........Anjo 45...protetor dos fracos e dos oprimidos Robin Hood dos morros..rei da homem de verdade Com"
  • Elvis Costello 45
    "Bells are chiming for victory There's a page back in history 45 They came back to the world that they fought for Didn't turn out just like they thought 45 Here is a song to sing to do the measuring What"
  • Shinedown 45
    "Send away for a priceless gift One not subtle, one not on the list Send away for a perfect world One not simply, so absurd In these times of doing what you're told You keep these feelings, no one knows What"
  • Anything Box 45
    "I have 45 second to show you, How your heart was torn by Disilusions, trapped by all the whims That you created, shaking with a Fear... Give way to the sun, it will remind You there are better days, When"
  • Ellegarden 45
    "Our friend's show will begin in 45 minutesBut we are still a hundred miles away from the hallWe are at almost half way thereDriving fast to catch the first song he will sing for us tonighOur tires are"
  • Machine Gun Fellatio 45
    "Alright sir, here we go, what are we going to give [???] On twenty-five gonna give me thirty dollars thirty make it thirty bid on thirty-five and now forty make it forty now forty-five make it forty five Five,"
  • The Gaslight Anthem 45
    "Have you seen my hands? Just look at 'em shake. And the song just keeps on repeating, Drop the needle again. And I dance with your ghost, Oh, but that ain't the way I can't move on and I can't stay the"
  • Common Car Horn (feat. Mark The 45 King)
    "I'm the C-O to the double M O to the N You heard, motherfucker? Well boy I hit ya again Official bald nigga from the City of Winds Stay doing it, doing it, I am doing it (Repeat 2x) What the"
  • Suck For Sympathy 45 Degrees
    "sun shows no mercy people act strange man on TV tells me weather won't change feels like I'm melting under my clothes maybe I'm gonna get a summer overdose oooooo.... 45 degrees.... 45 degrees.... 45"
  • Bad Company Smokin' 45
    "Yeah, hey, I've seen the Bad Lands I've held a whirlwind in my hand Slept in the center Whiskey has washed away the sand, yeah Gamblers who cheated and sheriffs who lied The last thing they saw from the"
  • Bad Company Smokin 45
    "Yeah, hey, i've seen the bad lands, i've held awhirlwind in my handSlept in the centre, whiskey has washed away the sand, yeahGamblers who cheated, andSheriffs who lied, the last thingThey saw, from the"
  • Lambretta 45 Rpm
    "Well, Im sorry if I hurt you But I really didnt mean to I was terrified To hear it from you first So I grabbed the phone and called you said its over, what can I do? you were petrified couldnt move couldnt"
  • Krzysztof Kreft 5:45
    "1. I love this moon tonight I hope you're not asleep And you see how beautiful it is I'm sitting by the window with my cat Still waiting till I see your car This chapter has ended I can't pretend This"
  • Pepper Your 45
    "Lost in pictures Baby I'm Lost and found Reminiscing bout my teens It's a postcard scene from Kona town Sitting in my hotel room Oooh on a cold London afternoon My glass is red Staring out my window Over"
  • Baby Bird 45 & Fat
    "I'll sing about love 'Till I'm 45 & fat I'll take almost anything But I won't take that You can tie me up in knots But I'll keep on coming You can take away my voice But I'll keep on humming c-o-c-a c-o-l-a 'Till"
  • Babybird 45 Fat
    "I'll sing about love 'Till I'm 45 & fat I'll take almost anything But I won't take that You can tie me up in knots But I'll keep on coming You can take away my voice But I'll keep on humming c-o-c-a c-o-l-a 'Till"
  • Die Fantastischen Vier 45 Fieber
    "TD - und ich hab 45 fieber und trotzdem bin ich cool, sag an, was ist dir lieber ich hab die macht, die kraft, schn hier zu sein ihr habt gedacht, geschafft, hat er es nicht allein gesagt, getan, zu viert,"
  • Brittany Kusserow Highway 45
    "Now the sun awakes, but I can't see for morning fog. Home I'll ride my brakes. Autumn's here, I'm not. Autumn's here, I'm not. I stayed hours ago, in blooming woods off 45, by a winding road. It's cold"

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