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Bocran pakong 888 yg pasti keluwar tgl 1 febuari 2022


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Bocran pakong 888 yg pasti keluwar tgl 1 febuari 2022

  • Pasti - Kahitna
    "(Bambang P / Hedi Y) suka duka sendu dan canda yang pernah kau rasa semua bijaksana dan sikap dewasa kan membimbing langkahmu dan jalanmu kutahu ada cobaan tantangan di depanmu kau ragu tuk tentukan jalan"
  • 888 - El Kapuczino
    "Zlewam się z powietrzem jak smok, kiedy robie ruchy Blokuje stres by odlecieć stąd, kiedy robię ruchy Ruchy, ruchy, kiedy robię ruchy ruchy ruchy ×2 Wbijam się na kartel i zabieram sobue paczkę zabieram"
  • PROUD ft. (YG, Offset) - 2 Chainz
    "true University i pull it up and murk a beat momma’s house was filled up with bags of Hercules as soon as I finish passing I put the seat down or my momma gonna curse my damn ass out only child no sisters"
  • Don't Tell 'Em (ft. YG) - Jeremih
    "Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion Girl I guess that must be you Body like the summer, fuck you like no other Don't you tell 'em what we do Don't tell 'em, don't tell 'em, you ain't even Don't tell"
  • Langkah Pasti - Protonema
    "(Lusman / Micko) Hari-hari datang t'rus berganti Arahkan langkahku kian pasti Hadapi semua yang s'lalu halangi Wujudkan mimpiku selama ini Rintangan 'kan s'lalu datang menghadang Tak mudah bagiku 'tuk"
  • Sunshine 888 - Crazy Ken Band
    "Walking in the Sunshine Purin purin no Hip Line CHIRA mi Fureta totan ni yubi no hara ni biribiri Aa hachigatsu no umi wa KURAGE ga ujauja Kanden Shock wave riku de umi de Kubisuji kara warui ase ga"
  • Snap (Armenia - Eurowizja 2022) - Rosa Linn
    "It’s 4 am I can’t turn my head off Wishing these memories would fade They never do Turns out people lied They said just snap your fingers As if it was really that easy For me to get over you I"
  • Slide (ft. YG) - H.E.R.
    "you always wear them glasses you don’t wanna let no sucka look you in your eyes, huh better show off them eyelashes you love what you do whit a passion oh that shit attractive I fuck whit you girl all"
  • Handgun (ft. A$AP Rocky) - YG
    "i just bought me a handgun and that shit come with the drum do a nigga fasl like And-1 I need a bag then ans some uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh I hop out the tub my feet land on Gucci rug eat it up then"
  • Grimey Thirsty (feat. YG) - Far East Movement & Rell the Soundbender
    "Police pull me over Driving while black Search the car for an hour Trying to find the strap"
  • This Side (feat. YG) - A$AP Ferg (ASAP Ferg)
    "On this side kids do drugs On this side kids gang bang On this side better know your codes On this side damu hang On this side we talk slang On this side we the hat gang In the Bronx that's the mac game That's"
  • I Don't (ft. YG) - Mariah Carey
    "Said me another lie Whisper in moment in time Given you everything that you needed I was even down to repeated Said, that you always be mine I mean nothing but lies I was so … - I admit it Having this"
  • West Coast (ft. ALLBLACK, YG) - G-Eazy, Blueface
    "ay oh, ay oh you can’t imagine the way that this cash feeling don’t know what’s harder the first or the last million my last album took care of my grand children you try to win cracked you head on the"
  • Słowa 2022 - Nokaut
    "Co znaczą słowa gdy Więcej cię o nic nie proszę Wspominam te chwile gdy byliśmy sami Mówiłaś, że nie chcesz, raniłaś słowami Słów kilka na kartce spisanych naprędce Świat w szarych kolorach, a serce"
  • 2022 feat. Buka - Buka
    "Utwór '2022 feat. Buka' od Buka. Premiera wkrótce."
  • 2022 (prod. Gibbs) - VNM x Gibbs
    "Utwór '2022 (prod. Gibbs)' od VNM x Gibbs. Premiera wkrótce"
  • 1% - Jane's Addiction
    "All the people I know wanna be left alone Some people! I don't know? They wont leave you alone You gotta be just - be just like them Biggest gang I know they call the government Gang is a weapon That"
  • #1 - Big Tymers
    "All the niggas was, buck, buckin' in the crowd And all the ladies was, scream, screamin' out loud Go number 1 Brian, Baby, Bizzy, Bubba Go number 1 Old ig-nant motherfucker (Come on, you ridin' this"
  • 1+1 - Kate Hudson
    "Get a girl, org et a boy 1+1 Take ‘em right down to the shore 1+1 Give your all and ive soem more 1+1 Let the music free your soul Sway with me to the light Hold me for just one night Hold me for just"
  • #1 - Gerald Levert
    "Umh......la la da..... la da da........."Catchin Feelin" I'm catchin feelins' (yeah yeah yeah) I'm catchin feelins' (yeah yeah yeah) I don't think I can deal with hollering at you and you not holler"

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