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Bon Jovi Destination Anywhere

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Bon Jovi Destination Anywhere

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Bon Jovi Destination Anywhere
  • Bon Jovi Destination Anywhere
    "Hey Babe, it's me parked outside your house I know that he's asleep, so listen to me now Darlin', I'm tired of living just in your dreams I'm getting out You know we both sold our souls We're just"
  • Jon Bon Jovi Destination Anywhere
    "Hey babe, it's me parked outside your house I know that he's asleep, so listen to me now Darlin', I'm tired of living just in your dreams I'm getting out You know we both sold our souls We're just"
  • Miuosh Bon Jovi
    "Muszę się trzymać tego co mam I nic mi powiedzieć że podołam temu Każde ich spojrzenie na pamięć znam Choć tobie się wydaje ze jest ich zbyt wielu El, nie mam już w sobie celu Kurwa, weź przeliteruj prawdę Większość"
  • Damian Michael Destination anywhere
    "Hey Babe, It's Me Parked Outside Your House I Know That He's Asleep, So Listen to Me Now Darlin', I'm Tired of Living Just in Your Dreams I'm Getting Out You Know We Both Sold Our Souls We're Just Growing"
  • Kenny Price Destination Anywhere
    "A rope close line holds these ragged Levi's to my hips A boxcar keeps the cold away from cracked and bleeding lips The different blast of a diesel horn drowns up the sound of pain But nothing stops the"
  • Sugarcult Destination Anywhere
    "Somebody help me get out of this place, Too many words that confuse what I say, Call in the victims of probable cause, Give me the keys to get out of this box, Keep both hands up on the wheel Destination"
  • New Found Glory Come Back Bon Jovi
    "Tell me whatever happened to the radio? Do they still play the songs you wanna hear on the stereo? Do you still like the bands you liked a year ago? Would you still like me if we wouldn't be on the radio Like"
  • Normal Like You Suck My Bon Jovi
    "Love, Oh, we don't need it baby Love, Oh, we don't need it baby Right hand The introduction began I said, 'Baby you are my disease.' And she said, 'No chance, I'm not lookin' for romance. Disease, huh?"
  • Commitments Destination
    "Said to the man at the railroad station, "I want a ticket, just for one." He said, "Well, if you insist. Where you wanna go, Miss?" Oh, destination anywhere East or west, I don't care You see my baby"
  • Atreyu You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi Cover)
    "Shot through the heart and you're to blame Darlin' you give love, a bad name Fuck you An angel's smile is what you sell you promise me heaven, then put me through hell Chains of love, got a hold on me when"
  • O.A.R. Destination
    "Destination, rock steady destination, people get ready destination, i'm lovin you all the time destination, i love your rhymes don't miss my train on the one got the kick drum the two is a gift for you"
  • The Church Destination
    "Our instruments have no way of measuring this feeling Can never cut below the floor, or penetrate the ceiling. In the space between our houses, some bones have been discovered, But our procession lurches"
  • FictionJunction YUUKA Destination
    "to my destination to my destination ==Romanized Japanese== mada dare mo kataranai monogatari wo sagashite nukerunda fuyusora i hibike tataku fue no oto naritai jibun wa mada musou no"
  • Church Destination
    "Our instruments have no way of measuring this feelingCan never cut below the floor or penetrate the ceilingIn the space between our houses some bones have been discoveredBut our procession lurches on as"
  • Darius & Finlay Destination
    "When I'm out on the streets of strolling I can look on the fields of dawn I can look from the mountainside And see your fire is still burning with me And I know (And I know) So I know (So I know) I know"
  • Eloy Destination
    "1. Since ancient history it's been a mystery why we can't escape from the force of our destination 2 We turn another key but still we fail to see every move we make is a part of our destination Br. While"
  • Imagine Dragons Destination
    "I see the colours of the world they're rearranging The center sentinels are cunningly estranging all I think a little about a lot I'm introverted You think a lot about a little never heard it All of our"
  • Kut U Up Destination
    "Lend my ears, destination A lonely conversation Am the truth, live a lie A normal guy Yesterday Waste away Tommorow comes the monster, the monster how do you split $450 3- ways? The footprints, the footprints How"
  • Oblivion Dust Destination
    "Just keep me moving on That's what I'm telling myself I guess I should get fixed All the parts are broken It happens all the time I wonder where I am How long must I wait For everything to end"
  • Sugababes Destination
    "Strange fear i ain't felt for yearsthe boys come and now i'm close to tearsi cant let go of you nowimaginations playin' out for freein my world i take him out for teaoh my god he can't say noskippin' school"

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