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Bond to you

  • Bond - Slick Rick
    "Yeah, boy! Check it out Slick, ya know what I'm sayin? No complaining I reached my destination and its raining I'm in Columbia, the Bond steps off the plane and I hear a hollar from a bro with ring around"
  • The Bond - Stick To Your Guns
    "Yeah It's hard to find a way to express myself, But there's so much I owe to you. The only ones who deserve to hate me Are the ones that love me the most. You are the ones. And you deserve the same. You"
  • James Bond - Iggy Pop
    "she wants to be your James Bond she wants to be your James Bond well it’s not for a price and it’s not to be nice she wants to be your James Bond she wants to be your James Bond she wants to be your James"
  • James Bond - Scouting For Girls
    "007; Britain's finest secret agent, licensed to kill. Mixing business with girls and thrills. I've seen you walk the screen, it's you that I adore. Since I was a boy I've wanted to be like Roger Moore. A"
  • Broken Bond - Scars Of Life
    "From the start you always had your doubts about me I never ment to get in the way of what made you happy and when your marriage failed you pointed your finger at me and wept you always saw me as a threat"
  • Spiritual Bond - Cales
    "You left so early I feel bad about all the dirt Hatred and disregard But it cannot be redressed So young and determined I remember your talent and individuality I looked up to you without you knowing that You"
  • Barry Bond - Kanye West
    "(Kanye West) This what ya all been waiting for aint it? What people pay paper for damn it They cant stand it, they want something new So let's get re-acquainted Became the hood favorite I cant even explain"
  • Bond - Zmaza
    "Mam na imię Dżejms, Dżejms Bond Nie znać mnie to wielki błąd Lepiej ze mną nie zadzieraj Bo podłogę Tobą powycieram Dżejms Bond, Dżejms Bond Noszę sobie pistolecik a w spodenkach wielki flecik zawsze mam"
  • Bond - Soul Coughing
    "(M. Doughty w/808 State) The trouble is a single atom shot at random random fire two particles fused and coupled once united multiply the waves run underground electric power copper wire some tiny evil bursts"
  • The Bond To Breathe - Until The End
    "I've never needed your understanding All I long for is to come alive Because the rest of my World is longing to die I forget what it takes to stay content with life Give me light Something to guide you, Your"
  • Word Iz Bond - 702
    ""Word iz bond (Repeat x4) On and on, Word iz bond. On and on, Word iz bond. Chorus: On and on, Word iz bond, We be chillin' to the break of dawn, And it's on. (repeat x4) Verse One: Woke up this morning, With"
  • Word is bond - Danko Jones
    "(Chorus:) This is the time, this is the place I'm gonna make it happen baby, I'm on the make And there might be a million other people tryin' to get with this man But I only got eyes for you And if you"
  • Junk Bond Trader - Elliott Smith
    "The imitation picks you up like a habit Writing in the glow of the TV's static Taking out the trash to the man Give the people something they'd understand A stickman flashing a fine-lined smile Junk bond"
  • Bond Between Us - Outlandish
    "This shit's aingent like Egyptian So pay attention if u don't want segregation A child born destined to be a king Never seen never heard about Never has he mentioned in no books Raised by Sufi's not crooks Desert"
  • War Bond Advertisement - Frank Sinatra
    "Tommy Dorsey: Now here's a fellow, here's a fellow you all know, here's Frankie Sinatra. Frank: Hello. Tommy: How're you feeling, Frank? Frank: Oh, all right. I guess. Tommy: You had a bad throat"
  • Work Is Bond - House Of Pain
    "I break it off like a Kit Kat Cause ya can't get that worthwile style Underground sound So your frontin tryin to fake it Complain you never make it And pretty soon your broke and butt naked So your ass"
  • Skyfall (James Bond) - Adele
    "This is the end Hold your breath and count to ten Feel the Earth move and then Hear my heart burst again For this is the end I've drowned and dreamt this moment So overdue I owed them Swept away I'm stolen Let"
  • James Bond (Techno Remix) - Moby
    ""Bond, James Bond" - Pierce Brosnan "Do you expect me to talk?" - James Bond (Sean Connery) "No Mr. Bond... I expect you to die." - Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) "Bond, James Bond" - Pierce Brosnan ---"
  • What about the Bond - Bruce Cockburn
    "Disharmony gives way to mute helplessness not enough communication too much not expressed it's all to easy to let go of hope to think there's nothing worth saving and let it all go up in smoke what about"
  • James Bond Theme (Live) - Moby
    "(includes lyrics from "bring the noize" by public enemy) (this changes from show to show, but it's usually along these lines) Now let it lift you, oh! one love will one love will one love can take you"

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