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Book kul zono

  • Kula - 666 Anio
    "Prezydenta cialo pelne kul na ulicy Jedź, Johnny jedź Kennedy'ego leb roztrzaskany na betonie Jedz, Johnny jedz Jego zona miota sie, jego zona boi sie Uciekaj Jackie stad Texas jest zgorszony, ze nie zyje"
  • Kul Kul Kul - Adi Smolar
    "Adi Smolar Miscellaneous Kul Kul Kul Ko v osnovni oli sem v pegu se pogledu, sem zmer zagledu trapast fris. teku sem in se zavedu, da z genialnostjo si nisva bliz. Sem kar dobre mel ocene, enkrat pa sem"
  • Kul - Cool Kids Of Death
    "Nie podpowiem ci co dalej z sobą zrobić Nie istnieje dla wszechświata tajny kod Nie nauczę cię jak tańczyć, mówić, chodzić Lecz odwracać bez przykładu kulą w płot Nie nauczę cię na pewno żadnych reguł"
  • 9 kul - Proletaryat
    "9 kul wyrokiem jest. 9 kul by pewność mieć. Każda zanieść ma, Bardzo krótką treść, By nie chybić w cel, Pewność muszę mieć. Muszę mieć. Już nie mam nic, już nie mam słów, nie mogę więcej, niż bym mógł. Lecz"
  • Book - Oblivion
    "I want a world that does not spin, one that lets all the problems in. I fell asleep with the TV on, my dreams got messed up, and that's not all. I bought a ticket for a quick train, but it never came,"
  • Picture Book - The Kinks
    "Picture yourself when you're getting old Sat by the fireside, a-pondering on Picture book Pictures of your mama Taken by your papa A long time ago Picture book Of people with each other To prove they"
  • Book Ends - Joe Walsh
    "I've got a driver, you've got a car Maybe we could go out for a ride Pass by the schoolyard, take a look around Stop and get uptight If you're going to cry I can remember all the good times Put 'em in"
  • Talking Book - Lou Reed
    "I wish I had a talking book that told me how to act and look A talking book that contained keys to past and present memories A talking book that said your name so if you were gone, you'd still remain More"
  • Dirty Book - Freiheit
    "You've got one special kind of attraction You've got a body like a movie star And you're spending your time in the back of your daddy's car You throw sex all around like it's water And every time I end"
  • Open Book - Petra
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman Based on Hebrews 4:13, Psalm 37:18 In the evening when I start to pray I think about this day Another page is turned forever Another yesterday And as the story of my"
  • Book Please - Ten Typ Mes
    "I’m sorry my Book Jutro do ciebie zajrzę I’m sorry my Book Coś innego nieważne /2x My book My book My book My book I’m sorry /2x Miałem poczytać książkę Miałem Godzinę wyrwać temu dniu Strony takie Białe"
  • Company Book - Sugar
    "Everyone loves the company man With his company book in his hand The songs inside the company book Do not deserve a look They are rules in and of themselves Everyone knows the company man He lets etiquette"
  • Open Book - Cock Robin
    "It's just like a man to catch me at my worst You'd be surprised how I do well I've finally figured out it's never ever worse To try to hide only what you can tell This is not gonna be too easy I've think"
  • Black Book - Stephen Malkmus
    "Offer your trust to a friend who is not what he says And you know when you're dry, what you're thinkin' Trout in the brook, you're about to get hooked To a greedy false un-Catholic knave The black book"
  • Book Song - Fairport Convention
    "If she knew what I've seen while I'm watching Would she know where to smile, what to say? When she leaves from her book to be with me Where's her mind as she stands while I play? She left behind names"
  • Book Song - Sandy Denny
    "If she knew what I've seen while I'm watching Would she know where to smile, what to say? When she leaves from her book to be with me Where's her mind as she stands while I play? She left behind names"
  • Open Book - Gnarls Barkley
    "Eyes fill with fire Wish I was a better liar It hurts when it's happening And so I cry The winter is here and colder I guess that I could have told ya That I am safe and warm From the hell inside Karma"
  • Open Book - Cake
    "She's writing, she's writing, She's writing a novel. She's writing, she's weaving, Conceiving a plot. It quickens, it thickens. You can't put it down now. It takes you, it shakes you, It makes you lose"
  • Open Book - Tahiti 80
    "You feel you have nothing to hide It's dazzling like a star, yet there is something inside Beautiful and dangerous like a rose Something telling you, you shouldn't get too close Don't try, Because (Chorus) You"
  • Open Book - Sacred Reich
    "Lazy, boring, uninterested Amused by myself Distasteful, abhorring Trapped in this self An open book, turn the page What do you see Mark your place, take a look What do you see? What do you see? What"

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