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Bor crew kubik

  • Bor Crew (ft. Joda, Paluch, Szpaku) - Kobik
    "bo to, bo to Bor Crew scena stoi w ogniu skład od niemożliwych misji, jak Tom Cruise nie gra tego radiom za to lecimy na boisku gdziekolwiek byś nie był słyszysz B.O.R. to B.O.R. to B.O.R. to B.O.R. to"
  • Crew - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Just a lil somethin-somethin about the cats who be fronting You know the Tip, he be huntin for all the goodness gracious All across the wide spaces yo, check it out, bust me down, yo Yo... yo... Youse"
  • Crew Filth - The Fall
    "From the valleys of Leicestershire And all over Came mystic crew filth The first was Dave Bush-babe The second was Graham pony-tail They were mystic crew filth Crew filth (mock Urdu or Punjabi) Then"
  • Wrecking Crew - Overkill
    "Ain't no job too big or small, Just one sweep of the wreckin' ball. Put 'em up, we'll knock 'em down, Or knock 'em up, then leave town. Demolition of the mind. Desolation, left behind. Light the fuse,"
  • Crew filth - Fall
    "From the valleys of LeicestershireAnd all overCame mystic crew filthThe first was Dave Bush-babeThe second was Graham pony-tailThey were mystic crew filthCrew filth Then from the land of the accordionCame"
  • My Crew - Canibus
    "My crew (4X) (Cheeks) Yo yo now now now now When I wake up before I gather up my pens I shine up my fronts I give a Dutch for all my mens throw on some Marvin Gaye I smoke my weed and clean my kitchen"
  • Skeleton Crew - Webb Wilder
    "'''Skeleton Crew''' This is one of those Joints that never close The waitress looks tired The bartender does too It's down to me and you And the skeleton crew It's close to winter's edge The city's playing"
  • Zombie Crew - Send More Paramedics
    "Back from the dead, goin' to the show I can't feel my pulse but I'm still gonna go I'm clinically deceased but I don't give a f**k I'm a flesh-creepin' horror and I'm ready to rock! Rockin' with my friends"
  • Wrecking Crew - Adolescents
    "There's nothing to do Excitement level zero I can't find a girl Cos they're all out chasing heros We're just a wrecking crew bored boys with nothing to do Alone in a corner of a room with a knife Better"
  • Crew Slut - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Warren Cucurullo (rhythm guitar, vocals) Denny Walley (slide guitar, vocals) Ike Willis (lead vocals) Peter Wolf (keyboards) Tommy Mars (keyboards) Arthur Barrow (bass,"
  • The crew - 7 Seconds
    "The older I become I can't help thinking hard about, What's really gonna happen, And what's in store for Us and them is bullshit, And if we're gonna make it work We've gotta care together And see this"
  • Youth Crew - Youth Of Today
    "Me you youth crew! if the world was flat I'd grind the edge to the positive youth my heart I pledge X on my hand now take the oath to positive youth to positive growth to positive minds, to pure clean"
  • Mad Crew - KRS-One
    "Intro: BooBooBooBooBooyakaShot Of course, all the hardcore heads, this one goes out to You. Crank up the volume one time. Peace to all the real DJs out there, cause I don't send my music to no garbage"
  • J Crew - Chixdiggit
    "She says she used to model for J crew but I don't know what that means she said it's just a bunch of clothes from a catalog like Abercrombie and LL Beans I really never heard of them either I guess we're"
  • MR CREW - Małach & Rufuz
    "ziomali dwóch leci se bez drogowskazu to mr crew, trochę bunt za to teraz tu na szlaku od kołyski aż po grób zawsze w przód, nigdy na odwrót tylko nie mów następnym razem co sie stanie, jutro czas to"
  • Alabamas Crew - Unknown Artist
    "ALABAMA'S CREW When the Alabama's crew was laid Roll Alabama Roll They were laid on the day that they got paid Oh roll, Alabama Roll They were laid in the town of Maidenhead They were laid in the house"
  • Crew nights - Jethro Tull
    "Tear it down in double quick time To get the eighth truck shifted 'bout midnight The locker rooms are empty but the strobe boats? still spin with their pitching lights And someone with a yellow pass Gives"
  • Maaad Crew - Method Man
    "(feat. Redman) Yo yo yo yo We "Push Weight" with Ice Cube's in a cup (AmeriKKKa's) Most Wanted Police pin it up (Alaza an a) Thug passion brotha what Bloatin gettin a girl preganant Off a finger aaaaahhhhh Doc"
  • Maaad Crew - Redman
    "(Redman) Yo yo yo yo We "Push Weight" with Ice Cube's in a cup (AmeriKKKa's) Most Wanted Police pin it up (Alaza an a) Thug passion brotha what Bloatin gettin a girl preganant Off a finger aaaaahhhhh Doc"
  • The Crew - Bullgooseloony
    "get up in the morning and head on out the door i'm hangin' with my friends yeah i coulndt ask for more poker hands or punk rock shows ev'rythings alright whichever way we go yeah chorus violent fits"

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