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Borderline Rudi

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Borderline Rudi

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Borderline Rudi
  • Actitud Maria Marta Rudi
    "Actitud Maria Marta Acorralar A La Bestia Rudi Rudi era un muchachito muy particular por las tardes iba a un curso de aprenderse a maquillar cuando sus amigos lo venan a ver ni por casualidad se despegaban"
  • Leniwiec Rudi
    "Tak rzadko odwiedzasz mnie.Nie ma cię kiedy dzwonię.Czy z innym spotykasz się?Proszę Rudi odpowiedz.Rudi odpowiedz mi.Kumpel powiedział mi,O tym co sam zobaczył.Rudi wytłumacz sięCzemu Leon dał ci kwiaty.Rudi"
  • John Miles Borderline
    "Goodbye ills I've got doctors' pills To see me through the night. They're turning loose the old recluse Who's hiding from the light. I take my sleep while young girls weep And tell the same sad story. And"
  • Grand Funk Railroad Borderline
    "Many of love affairs grown cold Just watin for somebody to make up their mind But you really don't know Just how unfair and mistaken you are with the love you can't find There's one thing about it, people, You're"
  • Cheap Trick Borderline
    "Words and Music by Rick Nielsen Run out of money and runnin' out of luck Run into problem I never, never thought of It seems like I didn't run out of my dreams But we've got each other and tonight we're"
  • Bon Jovi Borderline
    "You call every hour, but there's nothing to say So talk to me now, before it's too late Oh they say it couldn't happen, but I saw your picture breathe That fifty dollar doctor said your love is a disease"
  • Damian Michael Borderline
    "You Call Every Hour, But There's Nothing to Say So Talk to Me Now, Before It's Too Late Oh They Say It Couldn't Happen, But I Saw Your Picture Breathe That Fifty Dollar Doctor Said Your Love Is a Disease"
  • Onitsuka Chihiro Borderline
    "Zatsuon ga shizukesa ni kawaru shunkan wo Kizuna ga sukoshi zutsu kakeru sangeki wo Kirisakeba raku ni nareta shouko wo Douka minogasa nai de Oki saru no wa kako dakede ii FEEL ACROSS THE BORDERLINE NOW"
  • Joni Mitchell Borderline
    "Everybody looks so ill at ease So distrustful so displeased Running down the table I see a borderline Like a barbed wire fence Strung tight, strung tense Prickling with pretense A borderline Why are you"
  • Mc5 Borderline
    "I'm at my borderline I'm at my borderline Love you girl, but I just don't know why I, have to love you so. When I make love to you when I make love to you Love is true, but I just don't know why I, have"
  • Chris Deburgh Borderline
    "Chris Deburgh Miscellaneous Borderline Borderline Chris de Burgh I'm standing in the station, I am waiting for a train, To take me to the border, And my loved one far away, I watched a bunch of soldiers"
  • Chris De Burgh Borderline
    "I'm standing in the station, I am waiting for a train, To take me to the border, And my loved one far away, I watched a bunch of soldiers heading for the war, I could hardly even bear to see them go; Rolling"
  • Slumpark Correctional Borderline
    "The land of tyranny I hear you shout my name Lust, Immortality, Embracing in the flames Down to the borderline, to the last frontier For those who stand their deeds, hell is marching near We're on the"
  • Bill Miller Borderline
    "Ridin' on to El Paso, followin' the rodeo When she stole my heart under a desert moon In a bordertown down in Mexico, where all the lonely cowboys go Stands a mission church at the end of a crowded"
  • Prima Dona Borderline
    "Something in the way you love me won't let me be I don't want to be your prisoner so baby won't you set me free Stop playing with my heart Finish what you start When you make my love come down If you want"
  • Thin Lizzy Borderline
    "Midnight in the big city At the bar drinking all on my own Just thinking about that girl and me How something's going wrong Mister, tell me, what's my saving grace? The back room boys Were all telling"
  • Chihiro Onitsuka Borderline
    "zatsuon ga shizukesa ni kawaru shunkan o kizuna ga sukoshizutsu kakeru sangeki o kirisakeba raku ni nareta shouko douka minogasanaide okisaru no wa kako dake de ii Feel across the borderline Now youre"
  • Michael Gray feat. Shelly Poole Borderline
    "It's gonna be another lonely night One more and I'm gonna die Wired out waiting for the sign Cause you're a risk and I'm borderline All I know is I've been sitting with this fire and it burns inside"
  • Alabama Borderline
    "In a cloud of dust cross Texas south of San Antone The lawman and the cowboy pushed their horses on Racin' toward the Rio running out of time They had to catch the Outlaws before they crossed the borderline Well"
  • UFO Borderline
    "Daylight's rising across the plains This rig is streaking like a hellbound train I smuggle whiskey, I smuggle gin Where there's a need well I just truck on in I'm a gambling man, son of a gun I'll take"

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