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Borders Saint jhn

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Borders Saint jhn

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Borders Saint jhn
  • Marshmello x Southside Been Thru This Before (Feat. Giggs & SAINt JHN)
    "Southside, where you get all that drip? mello made it right most these noggas are most these problems most these toolied up goons ghost and goblins nah, mostly bougie stuff, don’t see problems know"
  • 311 Borders
    "There are days I wanna leave LA I wanna break out the maze Escape the dark haze these days So many kids I know your feelin' crazed Crave material thangs and makin' slave wages Baggy pockets only got laundry"
  • M.I.A. Borders
    "Freedom I don't need them Where's your rhythm? This world needs a brand new rhythm We done the key We done them key them to lie Let’s beat them We them smartphones done beat ‘em Borders What's up with"
  • Paroxysm Borders
    "Have I never told you How fulfilling it is To draw a border Between here and reality Coz this is now and that was then And you and I are gone CHORUS: On the other side of the border No-one can hurt me Nothing"
  • Feeder Borders
    "WooOOoo, WooOOoo /2x She's always trying' to work it out Sitting' in a parked car Music on the stereo is blaring out Shutting out the world People always say 'what you gonna do now'? Are you gonna go"
  • Profound Transparent Borders
    "Babylon Do you hear the words I say For I long That you understand me some day Windmills to fight Until I see the light Forgive me my love For it crosses slightly Transparent borders And destroy the"
  • Frankie Castle Borders Terrorist
    "Borders Terrorist, Bookseller Philanthropist Organizing, alphabetizing, another row shift Code cliff notes on my right palm so I don't recite wrong "May I help you, Ma'am?" I'm the polite one Walkie-talkie"
  • Sam Fender The Borders
    "we were like brothers everybody said we looked the same you’re a little taller and broader, and bloder we were afraid of your morher hell, she used to hit you so hard and your dad took off when you were"
  • Texas Saint
    "I'm taking my time I'll fix it, don't worry now I'm needing you there Make sure that you're coming too All of my life Is all I'll give you here The meaning of me Is something to pursue You think I'm"
  • Elton John Saint
    "You don't pass your time in limbo Or hang out with the crowd Sitting on the stoop like a little girl Who took the wrong road into town But you got that short cut way about you And no one's gonna stare"
  • Forgive-Me-Not Saint
    "I'm sleeping on the cloud I'm dreaming of the world You're leaving so long then I'm hanging on the poles Those tiny waterfalls Of your tears that you miss I'm melting in the rain I'm anxious to be saint I'm"
  • Ours Saint
    "Did you know? Your eyes have a glow that send mine down to the pavement Mine down to the pavement Since you're gone The words have all come And we sing like it's contagious Sing like it's contagious I"
  • Spoons Bridges Over Borders
    "The world is turning circles Around you The stars all streak like headlights Through the room Then like a crystal ball all cloudy Suddenly it gets crystal clear Like a dream without an anchor Its floating"
  • Saint Vitus Saint Vitus
    "Saint Vitus was a young lad No one knows how old 'till the kingdom took his life for the things he told The world is full of wickedness So Vitus says "If you believe in god above, you will all be saved" Lust"
  • In Flames Borders and Shading
    "Take a knife and carve it inWant to see your faultsAs a part of your pretty skinEveryone has a tragedyI want you to wear yours in painOblivion can no longer shade youTattered tissue as a reminderBleak"
  • Level 42 The borders we traded
    "The Lumber mill train escapes this small and dusty town Where the tracks seem to chase the sky forever But this is not where I belong Who'd know the stranger I'd become if this were home. I'm the island"
  • Anti-Flag Tearing Down The Borders
    "No one flag flies over the multi-national company. No allegiance to the board's homeland, fellow citizens, the flag born of their country. As the brainwashed nationalists move, To shed their blood on battle"
  • Howe Gelb Love Knows (No Borders)
    "Well, welcome to the season of suspicion and what not where the only reason is based on why not maybe your bank account is not a high enough amount just jingling your pockets full of quarters, well"
  • Anti-Flag No borders no nations
    "I always thought if you want to change the world Then you have to start with yourself So if George Bush wants to end terrorism He should go ahead and kill himself! I will not sign my blind faith away To"
  • Anti-Flag No nations, no borders
    "I always thought if you want to change the world Then you have to start with yourself So if the heads of state want to end terrorism They should go ahead and kill themselves I will not sign my blind faith"

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