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Born Jamericans

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Born Jamericans

  • Boom Shak ATak - Born Jamericans
    "Warning /3x 12 o’clock and yawning Kids from foreign Cummin down inna di erly morning Dis is di din gorgon What dem call headley di wickedest time, me and mi girl a come, born jamericans, still, tear"
  • Born Blind - Born Blind
    "Fear consumed me, hatred in my eyes, Why? Because of the world we live in and the absence of God. My wretched life was full of so much strife, until met the one, there is love in the Son. I was brought"
  • Born - Bill Anderson
    "(Bill Anderson) (Born, born) on the day I was born everyone laughed but I cried They say I was born with a silver tear in my eye Must have been I felt the wind that cold November morn And I knew it would"
  • Born - Katerine
    "I spent way too much of my time unsatisfied Down on myself baby Looking for the light I'm half jaded and I sound so Bitter woman child Wondering why I was Born to break, born to bleed To burn alive on"
  • Born - Perzonal War
    "You see me smiling see me sneaking although you would like me to feel down but there is so much for me to lose so many ways for me -no doubt- no Yes in a way I went through hell with one foot nearly in"
  • Born - Over The Rhine
    "I was born to laugh I learned to laugh through my tears I was born to love I'm gonna learn to love without fear Pour me a glass of wine Talk deep into the night Who knows what we'll find Intuition, deja"
  • Born - D'espairs Ray
    "Why... Life... fukai na koe to nozomi moshinai fujiyuu ni tsunagarete Why... Die... yami ga nomikomi kankaku wo sutete shimaeba mitasareru Ikiru imi sae mo wasurerarenu kutsujoku no hibi mo keshite"
  • Born - Nega
    "nakushita jishin ware wo wasure kimi to no jibun ware wa sadame tanin ni awase ware wo tsukure hontou no jibun ware ga umareru.... koroshita "jishin" umareta "jinkaku" We were b o r n I'm born and we were"
  • Born - Nevermore
    "Religion changed the face of man, thou shalt not kill, we all are gone The seed of ignorance is born thou shalt not think, thou shalt conform The pigs order us to follow orders and obey The flies drink"
  • Born - Hothouse Flowers
    "There's smell of fresh cut grass and it's filling up my senses And the sun is shining down on the blossoms in the avenue. There's a buzzing fly hanging around the bluebells and the daisies And tAere's"
  • Born - Watcha
    "Comme a m'dvore de devoir dire j'ai tort, sors cette ide, cet effort Ta voix m'endort si vnneuse qu'elle soit, seul mon opinion fait loi J'coute j'met des doutes, j'coute, j'met des doutes, je shoot,"
  • Born - Blindside
    "As I stand here watching your worn-out shell You used it well I can feel it in the atmosphere somehow I want to see with your eyes right now I know you?ve never been this close before You?ve been feeling"
  • Send Me Your Love - Born Jamericans
    "(Mr. Notch Chorus) Ah send you my love With a dozen roses Make sure that you knows its From the bottom of my heart (Edley Shine) Ah way we say (Mr. Notch) Ah send you my love Don't hold back your feelings There's"
  • 17 Born Against Are Fucking Dead - Born Against
    "Born against are f**king dead that's what the answering machine said looks like this is ti!!! They talked one too many shit about the working class and the government did you hear what those faggots said"
  • Born Again - Ahzee
    "Sugar Lee is born again!"
  • Just Born - Perry Como
    "( just born to be your baby . . . Just born to be . . . ) Some people are born to be doctors, Some are born to be lumber jacks Some are born just to take life easy Others are born to break their backs! But"
  • Born Again - Badly Drawn Boy
    "Badly Drawn Boy Have You Fed the Fish Born Again Maybe there's a reason why I'm born again There's something rare going on under my skies You got to chill out, find a reason for your soul again And judge"
  • Born Deranged - Unleashed
    "bombs go off and shake the ground radiation all around it doesn't smell, it doesn't sound all survived or so it seems another nuclear life begins a child is born with twisted limbs born deranged born"
  • Born Drunk - Henry Fiat's Open Sore
    "I was born as a man without any fun But alcohol made made my body run After my first drink I was thrilled All the borin' times got killed Born drunk - I don't care Born bad - Losin' it again Born"
  • Born Broke - The Hellacopters
    "Huh! Staying straight got me so strung out Being sure just put me in doubt Your teaching really made me dumb Don't call me slacker 'cuz I am a bum! Hang around the wrong kind of streets Can't get out"

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