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Born to yours

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Born to yours

  • Born to Be Yours - Kygo, Imagine Dragons
    "i know i’ve given up a hundred Times before but i know a miracle is not something to ignore you take me for a fool you take me for a fool I never knew anybody til I knew you I never knew anybody til"
  • Yours - Engelbert Humperdinck
    "This night has music the sweetest music it echos somethin within my heart I hold you near me, oh darlin hear me I have a mesage I must inpar Yours till the stars lose there glory Yours Till the birds"
  • Forever Yours - Xandria
    "It feels like keeping and holding a star in the sky Born to be born again with you The days of thunder cry their goodbye And for the first time I know what to do I just keep on being one with you Forever"
  • Yours Sincerely - Ray Charles
    "Dearest one I write what I'm afraid to speak, I'm weak when I'm with you, Tears of love are causing All the ink to blot So what am I to do? Hoping to find the phrases, Groping to find each word, How they"
  • Yours - Blues Traveler
    "You, with your hand outstretched Finger on the key This lock that you release Is opening but isn't free And I hope that you can see How it beats inside of me Instead of pushing fear aside I want to run"
  • Yours - Bee Gees
    "They told me love don't last forever Now I understand To think that only yesterday You held me in your hands And I became a woman And you became the world , to me I was lost , no dream to high No star"
  • Yours - Staynd Glass
    "Her hair, let down into her eyes Hating the tears that she cries Black fingernails running up and down the keys Reflecting the sorrow in the song that she sings She cries out She falls down Her soul is"
  • Yours - Mariah Carey
    "You brighten up the moon and stars at night You keep me seeing rainbows in the sky You bring new meaning to my life, now I believe in miracles baby I'm forever yours, yours Tender love's what you're giving"
  • Yours - Conan Gray
    "I’m somebody you call When you’re alone I’m somebody you use But never own I’m somebody you touch But never hold And you’re somebody I'll never really know I know I’m not the one You really love I"
  • Yours - Astrid
    "So here I am, but I can't explain I think I wrote a thousand words But none of them could tell I think I rather let it show Than tell you with the words I know 'Cause that would never do I think it's"
  • Yours - Astrid Van Der Veen
    "So here I am, but I can't explain I think I wrote a thousand words But none of them could tell I think I rather let it show Than tell you with the words I know 'Cause that would never do I think it's"
  • Yours - Seven Places
    "echoes the sound of a rusty box around it goes till out something pops a toothless lion, he is weak and he is old but it scares me every time I feel my feet shake underneath can't hear myself through"
  • Yours - Brian McKnight
    "Oh, Oh... I want to be... Yours Heart of mine, I'm sure you'll agree We've never been in love before, honestly I think she's the one The lady for me I know she feels the same way sincerely Girl you're"
  • Yours - Lovex
    "Looking down at the ground to hidethe sorrow drawn on your faceSpeaking words from your dreams to disguisethe lies painted in your mindI'm your painyou are my hurtTake me as I amBelieve I am yoursListening"
  • Yours - Tobymac
    "Every time I turn my back I get the feeling that I'm 'bout to take a shot to the skully with a bat I'm out of control, need you to fill my soul up And could you shed a little light on the skeletons holed"
  • Yours - Ella Henderson
    "I'll wear your winter coat The one you love to wear So I'll keep feeling close To what's beyond compare The moment's waking up You catch me in your eyes That beauty on my pillow That holds me in the night.. And"
  • Yours - Nami Uehara
    "I love you Itsumo soba ni itai no ni Sonna kimi ima doko ni Oshiete koi no Exit Kotoba no mahou ni kakerareteru Shiroi yume kara same nai Break up namida no yoru Furi dashita machi no Driving Rain Sasou"
  • Born to love - Alyssa Milano
    "You blew into my life on the sacred winds of time and you took control before I even knew I was lost and insecure but you mada me feel so sure now baby I'll do anything for you (chorus) 'Cause we were... born"
  • Born to breathe - Front 242
    "Kick it where it hurts and you kick it hard What does the future hold for me? Pain! In the world outside everything's the same When you look in the mirror what do you see? Shame! You play with yourself"
  • Born To Fly - Gamma Ray
    "I'm your master, I'm your fate Choice is yours, so don't be late I'm gonna take you for a ride Wheels are turning much too fast Will we die to live at last I'm gonna salve your soul tonight Never give"

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