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Bosson 10.000 Feet

  • 10000 Feet - The Beautiful South
    "The part of love that I'm scared of is the actual taking off I can take a bumpy landing But the start must be soft soft, soft, soft It must be soft Some men need your attention every minute, every hour"
  • 10000 Angels - Mindy McCready
    "Speaking of the devil Look who just walked in He knows just where to find me Here we go again I can tell hes gonna ask me to dance But thats not as far as he wants to go I need ten thousand angels to help"
  • Bosson - Efharisto - Melodifestivalen
    "You make me live I wanna say Efharisto I wanna write you a song so you'll understand All that you see in my eyes and read in my hand Is what I honestly feel This time I know that it's for real And till"
  • 10.000 Lightyears - Boney M
    "10.000 Lightyears somewhere out in space They practice love and they know what it takes No competition and no jealousy Living in freedom and humanity 10.000 Lightyears away, lightyears away far from pain"
  • 10.000 Km - La Portuaria
    "Quien era yo antes de verte? Por los caminos anduve solo... Cante canciones, busque en la noche Y en una carta tire la suerte. Quien era yo cuando se fueron? Sin brujula y sin norte.. Corriendo contra"
  • 10.000 Messerschnitte - Heimataerde
    "'''Intro''' Ich werde sie beide tten lassen, auf ausgesucht schmerzhafte Weise. Sie werden den Tod der 10.000 Messerschnitt erleiden Sie werden in kleine Stcke zerlegt. Es ist unangenehm sehr, sehr unangenehm Sie"
  • 10.000 Ways - Thunderstone
    "Reckless and limp, small swollen brain A gaze that reveals everything Wet as a rat, been soaked for years Drinking gin after gin Insanity enters in... Looking for the keys, violent as hell Now hearing"
  • 10.000 Promises - Backstreet Boys
    "once we were lovers and lovers we were... oh... what a life once we were dreamers and dreamers we were... oh... you and I now I see you're just somebody who waste all my time and money what a life... you"
  • 10.000 Motherfuckers - Jason Mraz
    "When I wake up,and the day begins,do I hold my breathand count to ten?Or will it be three?We'll see, we'll see. It depends on which day of the week.And so I sing out,I sing out loud.I'm just one tiny motherfucker"
  • 10.000 Times - Blu Cantrell
    "Been in love 10,000 times, and I've been hurt 10,000 times Yet and still you want a try But what would do if I gave my love to you Would you hurt me too Been a long time since I been serious Now you're"
  • 10.000 Fists - Disturbed
    "Survivor!!Survivor!!One more goddamn dayWhen I know what I wantAnd my want will be considered tonight AH! AH!Consider tonight AH! AH!Just another dayWhen all that I wantWill mark me as a sinner tonight"
  • 10.000 Years - Live
    "The world is burning down Can't you smell the smoke in the air? War, disease, and famine This demon, she is everywhere Poets and preachers and politicians They've all had their say And we got 10,000 years"
  • Stay - Bosson
    "We'll be rockin' till the morning after If you stay one more night with me Just stay one more night with me If you stay one more night with me We'll be rockin' till the morning after Your body's"
  • Walking - Bosson
    "I pass some kids down at the playground I see two lovebirds holding hands And there's an old man that I meet earch day He's drinking the finest brand I am walking In the middle of the street of life I"
  • One Of A Kind - Bosson
    "I don't trust you, that's what I like about you I can't reach you, that's why I wanna have you It's been so easy, easy come and easy go Going in the fast lane, love is for free and so are you I took some"
  • 10.000 Nights Of Thunder - Alphabeat
    "I was not looking for arty farty love I wanted someone to love completely And someone more than weekly I was looking for a decent boy For a tender glance (o-o-oh) For a safety dance (o-o-oh) The Withering"
  • Burning Feet - Chris Rea
    "No standing with these burning feet I got to kill the the fire Got to kill the heat I see a road and a river I gotta go 'cos there's fire in my shoes And you're moving too slow For these burning feet I"
  • Gypsy Feet - Hank Snow
    "Gypsy feet will wander Gypsy feet will stray Neither love nor thunder can ever make them stay I can't tame a heart so wild like a jungle drum it beats Were you born a devil child with the restless gypsy"
  • Happy Feet - Sesame Street
    "Happy feet, I've got those happy feet Give them a low down beat And they begin dancing I've got those ten little tapping toes And when they hear a tune I can't control my dancing heels To save my"
  • Cold Feet - Chapman Tracy
    "Chapman Tracy New Beginning Cold Feet There was a little boy once upon a time Who in spite of his young age and small size knew his mind For every copper penny and clover he would find Make a wish for"

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