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Boston train

  • Boston - Horror Show
    "In her car six hours long Whisper words song after song Eyes wide shut we sat and stare Long loss sought, oh, life's unfair We always want we can't have And we always lose So we're always sad Grade school"
  • Boston - Kenny Chesney
    "She comes from Boston Works at the jewelry store Down in the harbor Where the ferries come to shore She never really knew how good it would feel To finally find herself in a place so warm and real She"
  • Boston - Tom Lehrer
    "(Introduction, spoken:) ''This is a song, though, that I wrote when I first came to Cambridge, 20 years ago. And when I first took the subway ride from Cambridge into Boston, I noticed the subway stations"
  • Boston - Gene Clark
    "Spoke to my girl on the phone t'other day She said she wish I'd come there right away In Boston Massachusetts where she lives Got to get there for the love she gives Catch a plane and soon I will be"
  • Boston - The Byrds
    "Written by Gene Clark Spoke to my girl on the phone today She said she wish I'd come there right away In Boston, Massachusetts where she lives I got to get there, oh the love she gives Catch a plane"
  • Boston - Augustana
    "In the light of the sun Is there anyone? Oh, it has begun Oh dear, you look so lost Eyes are red and tears are shed This world you must have crossed You said you don't know me And you don't even care Oh"
  • Boston - The Dresden Dolls
    "all the cities in the world and so very little time and so many different girls... all you have to do is find them there's a wealth of opportunity you plan your trips accordingly a pity but the pretty"
  • Boston - Patty Griffin
    "I went back to Boston Back to the City of Lost Love I went back to the place And recognized your face in the stone long gone I walked around Harvard Square All the runaway kids are still hanging out there"
  • Boston - Mechanicy Szanty
    "Za rufą Boston odchodzi w dal, Gdy szliśmy w morze wiatr diablo wiał. Dmuchnął w żagle tak, że pochylił maszt. Na gejtawy chłopcy weźmy wszyscy wraz. I wybieraj go! Ciągnij go! Wyrwij brachu! Zerwij go! Nasz"
  • Boston - Mr. Lif
    "(Mr. Lif) I've got universal thoughts in my dome But I've gotta let you know how it is back home In Boston - the place that I dwell Where Esoteric and 7L dropped heads well We're virtuoso on the track"
  • Boston - Nieznani
    "Słowa: Henryk ("Szkot") Czekała, Wojciech Dudziński Muzyka: trad. Za rufą Boston odchodzi w dal. Gdy szliśmy w morze, wiatr diablo wiał, Dmuchnął w żagle tak, że pochylił maszt. Na gejtawy, chłopcy, weźmy"
  • Boston - Dresden Dolls
    "All the cities in the worldAnd so very little time andSo many different girls...All you have to do is find themThere's a wealth of opportunity you plan your trips accordinglyA pity but the pretty ones"
  • Boston - Wishing Chair
    "I walk the streets with cobblestones Headphones, hood up, all alone River wind cuts to the bone Hands deep in my pockets I can feel the tears cut through my eyes Call this rain my alibi Cars and trucks"
  • For Boston - Dropkick Murphys
    ""for boston, for boston we sing our proud refrain for boston, for boston, 'tis wisdom's earthly fame for here all are one and our hearts are true and the towers on the heights reach the heavens' own blue for"
  • Boston babies - GBH
    "Just met a girl down in Boston, I asked her for her name.Said she wouldn't tell me for she was ashamed but I know.Boston baby, Boston baby, why you so scared, why ?Boston baby, Boston baby, I'm gonna take"
  • Boston United - The Unseen
    "Fuck the world, Boston's better Skins and punks get together We all know who are true friends And we'll be together 'till the end This is Boston, we are the punks and skins This is Boston, the drinking"
  • For Boston - The Hold Steady
    "It's poison, first it feels like a prick and then it hits you like a jumbo jet. It's heaven, and heaven is a place you can never find your cigarettes. For Boston, shamrock shakes and Oxycontin. Bob Cousy,"
  • Boston Jail - Porter Wagoner
    "Wino Skid Row Joe some on vegranci They've got all kinds in the Boston jail now they've got me In the county jail in old Boston they've got all kinds you see From all walks of life they come all lost"
  • Boston Station - Room 2012
    "Oh oh oh oh oh oh - ah ah (3x) I've been swimming in the sea I've been thinking 'bout the time A time we were togeth' You were always on my mind You and me (you and me) (Oh we) just you and me Something"
  • Boston Asphalt - Dropkick Murphys
    "Searching for the best break the black forties could afford them Came these ever-proud world-renowned rowdy, roving men With a firmness and a purpose that so many did dismiss Sailed these huddled human"

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