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Bottle full of blues');

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Bottle full of blues');

  • Bottle Full Of Jesus - Nakatomi Plaza
    "It's 3am, locked out again. Can't get in I'll stay outside instead. I'm surprised by all the noise, that's drowning out the shouts of girls and boys, naked and dancing, they're hands are clapping. "Show"
  • Bottle Of Blues - Beck
    "F-in trees with the pumpkin pie! I just found me a bottle of blues Some strange comfort for a soul to soothe Ain't it hard Ain't it hard, To want somebody who doesn't want you And I've been waiting for"
  • Bottle - Gil Scott-Heron
    "See that black boy over there runnin' scared His old man in a bottle He done quit his 9 to 5 He drink full time and now he's livin' in a bottle See that black boy over there runnin' scared His old man"
  • House Full Of Blues - Gary Moore
    "(Gary Moore) I would have done anything, to make you mine Sold everything, to buy you a ring, stop drinking the wine But I was a fool to play by your rules But everyone said, your better off dead, you'll"
  • Genie In A Bottle(Full Version) - Christina Aguilera
    "I feel like I've been locked up tight for a century of lonely nights Waiting for someone to release me You're lickin' your lips and blowing kisses my way But that don't mean I'm gonna give it away Baby"
  • Bottle Of Booze - The Arrogant Worms
    "There are many wonders in the USA The cities and the people, and Disney World, hooray! But coming back to Canada with joy the heart does ooze 'Cause when you get to the border, you buy a bottle of booze."
  • The Bottle - Paul Weller
    "See that white boy over there, running scared, his old man's in a bottle. Said he gonna quit his 9 to 5, now he's drinking full time in a bottle. See that black boy over there, running scared his old"
  • The Bottle - Gil Scott-Heron
    "See that black boy over there, runnin' scared his ol' man's in a bottle. He done quit his 9 to 5 to drink full time so now he's livin' in the bottle. See that Black boy over there, runnin' scared his ol'"
  • Bottle Rocket - Heatmiser
    "he's a sink full of numbers (?) a watery life of a deep repent bothered, i'm on my own collar (?) and he even knows your name and on my way down right out the door amused by the past i'm a hopeless ????? i'm"
  • Bottle - Doug Anthony All Stars
    "A stinking sun burned me awake, Through the shattered windowpane, I recalled through the eyes of claret red, He had taken me again. And the hair of the dog revives me, But I find it hard to swallow, It's"
  • Bottle - Floater
    "Start my day and hit my head with th edoor. Grab hold of the chair and pull myself from the floor. Still isn't clear what that was for I've recognized strong feelings in here. Fruit ripe for the picking"
  • Bottle Bottle - Porter Wagoner
    "Bottle bottle why do I love you so much Gasping for air I come up from your lips amazed at the beauty at my fingertips Awed by the softness and warmth of your touch Bottle bottle why do I love you so much You"
  • Full of me - Norton
    "I used to be the kind of guy I could laugh as well as cry With a heart feather-soft and summer-warm Since you've left me I've been faced With emptiness that's been replaced With a heart that's hard and"
  • Full Of Regret - Danko Jones
    "Gotta do a little bit of reminiscing on the days that just gone by They say don't look back but I take things in stride Everybody wanna minimize They want to change what can't be undone I can see it's"
  • Bottle, Take Effect - Jim Reeves
    "Well, I'm sittin' here, a glass so near Filled with my one concern Oh bottle, you've done lead me to The point of no return. You took away my happy days My life's a total wreck You took the only things"
  • Not Your Bottle - The Dandy Warhols
    "That's not your bottle Nor what's inside I guess they brought it just for them How'd you get in That's fucking right None of my friends would bother To even bother Benjamin's marijuana Micheal brought"
  • Not your bottle - Dandy Warhols
    "That's not your bottleNor what's insideI guess they brought itJust for themHow'd you get in?That's fucking rightNone of my friends would botherTo even botherBenjamin's marijuanaMichael brought a kegThe"
  • In A Bottle - Peter Hammill
    "With the sense of anticipation burning on his skin and the train of consequences running at full throttle, before the touch, before the kiss, this moment just before their history begins, he'd give anything"
  • Full - Namelessnumberheadman
    "Full stop where you let go - count a moment for your return. One drop, stuttered and slow. Then you're back to approaching. In the pictures year away, the explosions were deafening. In the dark we all"
  • Car Full Of Pain - The Arrogant Worms
    "I bought me an auto, an '81 Ford Escort Wagon Now the fan it be broke and the tail-pipe it be draggin' I feel like a schlemiel, my mechanic's fit for hangin' I got to go to Rust Check , 'bout the price"

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