Boy George - My God -

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Boy George - My God

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Boy George - My God

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Boy George - My God
  • Larry George
    "George sits at his window and he wonders why He wants to see the morning broken Wants to feel the sunshine yeah Come and dance with me my brother I will play and you'll get high oh so high We are full"
  • Hall Tom T George
    "You know George I was just layin' here thinking about me being blind and allaloneOld timer if you weren't here to guide me I'd be lost and they'd never find mybonesI just came here to the North Woods for"
  • Jude George
    "George died in the 5th grade No one ever knew why He was out selling lemonade On the Fourth of July, and he died Sister Claire said that he was An angel on Earth She stood there and she told us She had"
  • Headless Chickens George
    "You know you don't love me but you still want to touch me feel my body well It makes me feel ugly want to use me emotionally abuse me show the rope and dangle It above me want the truth and nothing but"
  • Tim Wilson George Is On My Mind (The George Song)
    "George Bush, George Burns, George Jones, George Benson. George C. Scott, George Reeves, George Wallace, George Hallis, George Washington, George Washington Carver. George Jefferson, George Jetson, George"
  • Dover King George
    "Get down I'll sleep it off You don't have to believe no more Only got four hours To learn your manners Never felt so close to you before Don't you... Don't get it wrong I'll have someone to get it done Only"
  • Canibus George Bush The Button
    "George Bush The Button Produced by Reefa (the one who produced The Game's One Blood) (Canibus) I've got more rhymes than I do time The lines look like star maps designed by the Dogon tribe buck teeth"
  • Lou Reed My Friend George
    "Read in the paper about a man killed with a sword And that made my think of my friend George People said the man was five foot six Sounds like George with his killing stick Hey Bro, what's the word Talkin'"
  • Van Morrison Madame George
    "Down on Cyprus Avenue With a childlike vision leaping into view Clicking, clacking of the high heeled shoe Ford & Fitzroy, Madame George Marching with the soldier boy behind He's much older with hat on"
  • Lightyear George My Shit
    "(Bleugh) (Woo!) (Like this!) I didn't care About the reason why he never wrote Just a nine year old Hanging on a single thread of hope Is it really too late for you and me? What's it like to have a"
  • Bob Dylan George Jackson
    "I woke up this mornin', There were tears in my bed. They killed a man I really loved Shot him through the head. Lord, Lord, They cut George Jackson down. Lord, Lord, They laid him in the ground. Sent"
  • Looptroop Hurricane George
    "As we transmit live here from the White HouseAt this landmark moment in timeVoters have turned up by the millions to decide who gets, umVerse 1Four more years as the people decide To let the leader of"
  • Looptroop Rockers Hurricane George
    "As we transmit live here from the White House At this landmark moment in time Voters have turned up by the millions to decide who gets, um Verse 1 Four more years as the people decide To let the leader"
  • Atomic Potato George Washington
    "(Chorus) George Washington! Took the words from my mouth! Stolen! I lost again! My disguise in the fight! It might've took a while but you found a way to get away The way I thought you'd say "It's like"
  • Flashguns St George
    "Only mad thaught an Englishmen would go out in the mid-day sun - mid-day sun, But I still had time to find the games on the northorn lanes the western peers no longer here and ohohohohohh ohoh, and where"
  • Marianne Faithfull Madame George
    "Down the Cyprus Avenue With child-like visions leaping into view, A clicking clacking of the high-heeled shoes, Ford and Fitzroy, Madame Joy, Marching with the soldier boy behind He's much older now with"
  • Jaden Smith George Jeff
    "sometimes I feel like a Polaroid picture trapped inside space and time take a sip of my elixir Play “electric love’ while we ride in the Fisker She fell in love with me My G I swear I never kissed her Leave"
  • Foo Fighters Oh, George
    "the train that I got onto up and left that town threw it up as it went down strange enough it left me rude and turned around watched as they all took their vows fools were drawing trying to save that"
  • Boysetsfire Dear George
    "Its not enough to say youre sorry Its not enough to say you care. The flowers that you sent were lovely, But they wont take root anywhere. Why I didnt learn the first time, Not to ask you back around. All"
  • Amanda Ghost Filthy Mind (Boy George And Kinky Roland Trance-Se
    "Love is gone My tv's on I'm hanging with the boys A life with fools this world is cruel We never dispense with toys Could you make a suggestion for an act I would enjoy I'm drowning So come inside I'm"

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