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Brad Paisley Flowers

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Brad Paisley Flowers

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Brad Paisley Flowers
  • Brad Paisley Hard To Be A Husband/Hard To Be A Wife (Brad Paisley And Chely Wright)
    "You wouldn't believe the number of times I've heard somebody say How come some guy, some handsome prince, hasn't swept you away But I take off on that tour bus, a different city every night And doing what"
  • Brad Paisley Flowers
    "Long stem things of beauty Created by the good Lord Cut down in the prime of their lives Boxed up, wrapped in paper Delivered to your front door Just to wind up in your garbage can outside Tell me"
  • Paisley Brain Cells Paisley Brainstorm
    "I could tell you yes and I could tell you no I could tell you anything but you don't want to know And I wonder, yes I wonder, where you're going You're looking kind of nervous, you don't think it's showing I"
  • Prince Paisley Park
    "1, 2, 1, 2, 3 There is a park that is known 4 the face it attracts Colorful people whose hair On 1 side is swept back The smile on their faces It speaks of profound inner peace Ask where they're going They'll"
  • Brad Paisley Love Is Never-Ending
    "Seasons come and seasons go One day sun, the next day snow Flowers die and flowers grow But love is never-ending You can't kill it with goodbye It always finds a place to hide Inside your heart for your"
  • Brad Paisley All You Really Need Is Love
    "So you say you wanna tie the knot And you're askin' me if I think that the two of you have got What it takes to make it work Well one thing's for sure All you really need is love Let me say I'm happy"
  • Brad Paisley All You Need Is Love
    "So you say you wanna tie the knot And you're askin me if I think the two of you have got What it takes to make it work, Well one thing's for sure All you really need is love Let me say I'm happy for you"
  • Brad Paisley Ode De Toilet (The Toilet Song)
    "She says not to buy her flowers Or big expensive gifts She says she don't want jewlery And she doesn't need another dress If I want to show her how much I adore her The best way that I've found Is to make"
  • Jude Brad & Suzy
    "Brad and suzy lived in a movie Cardboard cutout superheroes and Paragons on barstools She was a professional teller machine user He was your basic beautiful loser They had no worries all they ever had"
  • Subb Brad Nowell
    "Dear Brad, can you tell me just what's up with you? We never met, we never will, but i fell i owe big to you Through your music i've learned more than i thought "Life's too short so love the one you"
  • South Park Brad Logan
    "California Sun has Sunk Behind Anaheim Hills it comes tonight I was high on Junk And the warm winter's ending and I feel alright Well a crim, it hurt, make a bargain with the world She starts obsessing"
  • Rancid Brad logan
    "California sun has sunk Behind the Anaheim Hills, here comes the night I was high on junk And the warm winds of Santa Anna feel all right Will every crimmin' hood make a bargain with the world Seats are"
  • Brad Paisley College W/ Pat Green
    "Pat Green: We were just dumb kids With a six-pack That a bad fake ID bought Sittin' on the living room couch Hopin' that we didn't get caught Brad Paisley: And when we did My dad Had some good advice"
  • Roy Orbison Flowers
    "When I was a boy i ran among the flowers Looking left and right at the bright array I played through the spring, whiled away the hours Lingered with the flowers every day Flowers, pretty flowers,"
  • Camper Van Beethoven Flowers
    "Flowers growing By the drunken river Flowers growing By the burning bridges Flowers growing Out of my bones On the toppled towers flowers growing On an island above flowers growing Behind a mirror, behind"
  • SVRCINA Flowers
    "Sitting alone All on my own With my insecurities Had to grow up No matter what Find my security I see the good, I see the bad I gravitate to the sad And it's sad 'Cause it's all I've ever had Life can't"
  • Emilie Simon Flowers
    "I want to buy you flowers It's such a shame you're a boy But when you are not a girl Nobody buys you flowers I want to buy you flowers And now I'm standing in the shop I must confess I wonder If you will"
  • Never Heard Of It Flowers
    "If I'm alive... It's only because you took me by surprise When I saw you with him I never had the guts to ever realize How hard can I try... I bought you some flowers but they died on the way I brought"
  • Afromental Flowers
    "Hey there girl Shining smile Dont get me wrong We know each other quite for a while But I thought Id be cool If Id get you some beautiful flowers You and I baby aint nothing but friends And I know we gotta"
  • Sweet Female Attitude Flowers
    "woah baby always be did i say? woah baby I'll bring you flowers woah baby oh oh oh oh yeah yeah I I ah ah Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I'll bring you flowers (flowers) Ohhhh baby Ohhhhohhhoohhhhohh yea ye-yee-ayy Uh"

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