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Brad Paisley Oh Love

  • Hard To Be A Husband/Hard To Be A Wife (Brad Paisley And Chely Wright) - Brad Paisley
    "You wouldn't believe the number of times I've heard somebody say How come some guy, some handsome prince, hasn't swept you away But I take off on that tour bus, a different city every night And doing what"
  • Oh Love - Brad Paisley
    "(feat. Carrie Underwood) Strong like a mother holds her child Free as horses running wild And real as a prayer on a lonely night And sure as the ocean tide Oh love Oh love Oh the many colors that"
  • Paisley Park - Prince
    "1, 2, 1, 2, 3 There is a park that is known 4 the face it attracts Colorful people whose hair On 1 side is swept back The smile on their faces It speaks of profound inner peace Ask where they're going They'll"
  • Brad Pitt's Cousin - MACKLEMORE
    "Slick shit man, that's all we do Hold up, little homie, let me talk my truth Made an Instagram for my cat And my cat doesn't even rap And got more followers than you Hold up, let me get my cat a bar She's"
  • Brad & Suzy - Jude
    "Brad and suzy lived in a movie Cardboard cutout superheroes and Paragons on barstools She was a professional teller machine user He was your basic beautiful loser They had no worries all they ever had"
  • Brad Pitt -
    "You don’t have to be born into success To get the blood pumping underneath my summer dress You don’t have to try so hard I’m impressed Sweep me off the floor baby you the best All lights on low"
  • Brad Nowell - Subb
    "Dear Brad, can you tell me just what's up with you? We never met, we never will, but i fell i owe big to you Through your music i've learned more than i thought "Life's too short so love the one you"
  • Brad Pitt - COIN
    "I’ve got 1, too many problems Blue sky in my pocket I don’t want your back against me I just want your love You’re like Lightning out a bottle Chocolate turned wildflower I don’t want your back against"
  • WE COULD BE IN LOVE (Duet With Brad Kane) - Lea Salonga
    "(G. BurtnickS. Peiken) Lea: Be still my heart Lately its mind is on it's own It would go far and wide Just to be near you Brad: Even the stars Shine a bit bright I've noticed When you're close to"
  • Hard To Be A Husband, Hard To Be A Wife - Brad Paisley
    "Brad Paisley & Chely Wright Album: Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry (2000) Track 12 You wouldn't believe the number of times I've heard somebody say How come some guy, some handsome prince, Hasn't swept"
  • Brad And Suzy - Jude
    "(Spoken) Brad and Suzy lived in a movie Cardboard cutout superheroes and paragons on barstools She was a professional teller machine user He was your basic beautiful loser They had no worries All they"
  • I've Been Better - Brad Paisley
    "Darlin' after you left I got that promotion They transferred me out to La Jolla right on the ocean And now I'm makin' more money than I can spend I've got a house on the beach and a bunch of new friends Oh,"
  • I'm Gonna Miss Her - Brad Paisley
    "Well I love her But I love to fish I spend all day out on this lake And hell is all I catch Today she met me at the door Said I would have to choose If I hit that fishin' hole today She'd be packin' all"
  • Some Mistakes - Brad Paisley
    "You may think I'm wrong for you And you're wrong for me To look at us on paper I would have to agree It could have been the moon light Or it could have been the wine But the way that we were acting"
  • It Never Woulda Worked Out Anyway - Brad Paisley
    "Oh lighten up, where's your sense of humor They're just tiny little rumors That I started 'cause I'm lookin' out for you Oh settle down, I'm just a little jealous And I'm sure those other fellas Never"
  • Don't Breathe - Brad Paisley
    "Oh yeah, sure, no problem I'll just throw away these feelings Let go of all these hopes And never think of you No offense, but you've lost it If you think I'll just forget you And decide that I don't"
  • I'm Still A Guy - Brad Paisley
    "When you see a deer you see Bambi And I see antlers up on the wall When you see a lake you think picnic And I see a large mouth up under that log You're probably thinking that you're going to change me In"
  • Anything Like Me - Brad Paisley
    "I remember sayin I dont care either way Just as long as he or she is healthy Im ok Then the doctor pointed to the corner of the screen And said Ya see that thing right there well ya know what that means And"
  • Cornography - Brad Paisley
    "(feat. James Burton, the Kung Pao Buckaroos) The Grand Old Op'ry Theatre proudly presents: Cornography. Kung Pao! Episode two: The continuing adventures of the Kung Pao buckaroos. The three cowboys needed"
  • Famous People - Brad Paisley
    "Well you're the first car in an hour or so I'm glad you stopped in it's sure been slow around here today Just like everyday Well I couldn't help but notice your California plates And I thought I recognized"

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