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BrainStorm Holy War

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BrainStorm Holy War

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BrainStorm Holy War
  • BrainStorm Holy War
    "Stir up the nation into war they will believe the things you preach just need another thrill indeed still got to prove you're never weak Calling for the holy war you always need in the name of your"
  • Manowar Holy War
    "I have seen the fire Of the thousands suns pass by While blasphemers spread their Gospel Bearing false witness Now we rise All ye children of the wild Fists like hammers fill the air Vast legions all immortal Smash"
  • Abney Park Holy War
    "Death hue falling on the faces of the streets lost children as the mortar fire broken in Nights cold, slipping through the cracks Breaking through the cracks of crumbling plaster Hunger gnaws, I can feel"
  • Sweet Matthew Holy War
    "I've spent twenty years learning to live In a world that takes back all that it gives But I do not want a war I don't know what's going on In the scenes behind I worry about it some of the time And I hope"
  • Matthew Sweet Holy War
    "I've spent twenty years learning to live In a world that takes back all that it gives But I do not want a war 'Cause I'm not in for killing another man Defending my holy land As if there's a god who would"
  • Alicia Keys Holy War
    "If war is holy and sex is obscene We've got it twisted in this lucid dream Baptized in boundaries, schooled in sin Divided by difference, sexuality + skin So we can hate each other and fear each other We"
  • Dragonland Holy War
    "(Musik: Holmlid, Magnusson, Heidgert Lyrics: Heidgert) We have to fight for our freedom and lives Nigth and day for light we pray Who'll stand victorious we are but a few Riders of light vanquish the"
  • Brooks & Dunn Holy War
    "Holy War Brooks & Dunn Chorus: Some say a holy war is comin' Gonna be the end of mortal man There's a TV preacher sayin' Armageddon is at hand Sayin' the Jews, the Gays, the Junkies The Politicians and"
  • Lords Of The New Church Holy War
    "(Bator/James) A Roman is invading Britain after hundreds of year. With a pope star's world tour amidst fanatical tears. A false prophet, the bible warns us. Who's wearing a crown. Deceiving and uniting churches"
  • Dragon Land Holy war
    "We have to fight for our freedom and livesNigth and day for light we prayWho'll stand victorious we are but a fewRiders of light vanquish the nightHoly WarAs we thrown into the ocean of fearLight shall"
  • Thin Lizzy Holy War
    "If you will adore me Bow before me and praise my name If you place no god before me Then all I have is yours to claim And if God is in the heavens Why did God let children die If you don't ask these questions There"
  • Dionysus Holy War
    "(Bonus track) Weapons of steel, horses of thunder He rides the wind, fighting the sin Demons and ghosts, he pulls them under He makes the laws and he will win Lord of the magic twilight King of the eternal"
  • Godgory Holy War
    "Rise My disciples Let no one live to tell Hate Can live forever If it's nurtured well They will never learn Blood will flow again War in the promised land A never ending pain Fight In the alleys Where"
  • Monster Magnet Brainstorm
    "Standing on the runway waiting to takeoff I wanna fly, you're watching me break off I can't move 'cause the man has a rake off You gotta help me, help me to shake off This body of mine, man I don't wanna"
  • Hawkwind Brainstorm
    "Standing on the runway waiting to take-off I wanna fly, wanna watch me flake off I can't move 'cause the man has the brake on You gotta help me, help me to shake off This body of mine I've gotta get"
  • Agressor Brainstorm
    "They try to change your life They turn you into a puppet You want to run to midnight They say, they move your fate Sometimes they take all of what you've got They tell you what to do And you must swear"
  • Arctic Monkeys Brainstorm
    "Arctic Monkeys Brianstorm Brainstorm Brian Top marks for not trying So I'd like you to bless us with your effortlessness We'd wait for and so trained and comforted And I wonder Are you putting us under 'Cos"
  • Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad Brainstorm
    "You open up the door with negative aura You say the future is murky indeed.. I'm sick of hearing your gripe Open up the door with negative aura If you never change I think There is no way my life"
  • Imani Coppola Brainstorm
    "Brainstorm its when you bang your elbow twice in the same place and you wonder why god is punishing you by not letting you just drop dead and you blame the uptown train thats not running again and you"
  • GangStarr Brainstorm
    ""get on it" --> dj premier cuts 'n' scratchs lovely (guru) One two checka, get, down and dirty And my sounds are worthy of respect So i'ma flex my text just like a, major takeover Chumps pass the mic"

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