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Brand new day Mike Candys

  • Brand New Day (feat. Evelyn & Carlprit) - Mike Candys
    "Evelyn: See the sun in the sky, let’s have a good time Life is going on, this is a brand new day Dance and feel fine, we see the stars shine Life is going on, this is a brand new day Carlprit: It feels"
  • Brand New - Next
    "Yo... Let me start off by first apologizing... Girl you think I take you for granted... But um... Im here to take it back... (Chorus) Can we Pull back a minute and make believe that I don't know you and"
  • Brand New Day - Albert Hammond
    "Albert Hammond It Never Rains in Southern California Brand New Day There's a brand new world around us Lots of good news on the way And for each and everyone of us It's a brand new day There's a brand"
  • Brand New Day - Pigeon John
    "1st Verse: Hey hey hey hey hey it's a brand new day I know U2 said it but I'm gonna say it my way Just got some navy blue Wranglers on a deal Starbucks Americano Element at the wheels And you know"
  • Brand New Day - Marcy Playground
    "The secret that you keep Is trouble on your mind Even when you sleep It's trouble on your mind When you need to get it out Say it Well you know it's up to you Yeah, and maybe you should cry Until you feel"
  • Brand New Day - Al Kooper
    "Last night I had a dream that the world Was changing by leaps and bounds It started up in the bigger cities Than it spread to the smaller towns The people began to smile at people That they'd never even"
  • Brand New Day - Ryan Star
    "I stayed in one place for too long Gotta get on the run again I saw the one thing that I want Hell bent, get outta bed I'm throwing rocks at your window You're tying the bed sheets together They say we"
  • Brand New Day - Fourth In The Fire
    "I walked alone today, my world has turned to shades of gray But you can't drag me down since I found the strength T raise my head and sing out loud CHORUS Its a brand new, a brand new day Take away,"
  • Brand New Day - Hear'Say
    "Cos tonight we're on our way Gonna start a brand new day Come and join the ride, listen what we say Their a word going down It's a whole new day and brand new sound Talking to everyone (everyone) (oh yeah) There'll"
  • Brand New Day - KinKi Kids
    "Shiroi kumo wo nagamete Sukoshi dake hajirau kimochi de Bokutachi unmei no you da ne Nante maru de ano hi mitai ni Kizu tsuku koto wo kowagatteta toomawari shiteta Wakarete shimatte kara hitori Sabishisa"
  • Brand New Day - No Doubt
    "At the end of the day you are worn out, you are worn out, and too tired to sleep But then you do dream of wonderful things That you might do, right on through to the next day And then you wake up The sun's"
  • Brand New Day - Mai Kuraki
    "Ressha ni notte miru Mado kara utsuri yuku keshiki Tooku aoi sora dake wa Kawara nai ki ga suru kanji dayo *Nanika kawaru no ka na Shira nai tokoro de Nanika ii koto aruto ii ne Brand New Day Hajimete"
  • Brand New Day - Novi Ierusalim
    "A brand new day will come Another day will come Caressing like a summer breeze Your pain will melt away And the world of fading grey Springs up so beautifully On that brand new day With a ray of mid-day"
  • Brand New Day - Joshua Radin
    "Some kind of magic Happens late at night When the moon smiles down at me And bathes me in its light I fell asleep beneath you In the tall blades of grass When I woke the world was new I never had to ask Its"
  • Brand New Day - Jessy Greene
    "I'm waiting on a fairytale, its presence is my virtue It's a brand new day and I did not desert you. Nothing now can hurt us now, pain's the bottom dollar I'm spending all I have earned on loving"
  • Brand New Day - Leah Dizon
    "Lazy lazy Crazy crazy Kedarui gozen 9ji nemui me wo kosutte Tashikameru uranai "saiaku" Mezame no warui asa konna toki ni kagitte Itsumo no koohii (coffee) ga nakutte ah Oh sometimes dare ni datte (sou"
  • Brand New Day - Karen Clark Sheard
    "(feat. Yolanda Adams) You may have done some things that you're not too proud of at one point in your life. Well, you're just one good pray away from living again, starting today. It's a brand"
  • Brand New Day - Karen Clark-Sheard
    ""Brand New Day" by Karen Clark Sheard featuring Yolanda Adams YOLANDA: You may have done Some things that you're not Too proud of, at one point in your life Well, you're just one good prayer away From"
  • Brand New Day - Kodaline
    "Well it’s your hometown I think I’ve outgrown I wanna travel the world but I, I just can’t do it alone So I’m just waiting on fate to come… Wrap around me Think about all the foreign places we could be I’ve"
  • Brand New Day - Sting
    "How many of you people out there Been hurt in some kind of love affair And how many times do you swear that you'll never love again? How many lonely, sleepless nights How many lies, how many fights And"

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