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Brandyn Burnette
  • Beatles Lonesome Tears In My Eyes(burnette/burnette/burlison/mortimer)
    "Beatles Miscellaneous Lonesome Tears In My Eyes(burnette/burnette/burlison/mortimer) Oh baby baby baby, Blues and sorrow, And i love you tomorrow, Just suit you just fine. Oh baby baby baby, Blues and"
  • Billy Burnette Tear It Up
    "Written by dorsey burnette, johnny burnette, and paul burlison. Well come on little baby let's tear that Dance floor up Come on little baby let me see you Strut your stuff Come on little baby tear that"
  • Billy Burnette Just My Love
    "Written by billy burnette. Just walk on out And close the door I don't wanna see you anymore It was such a shock Kind of cold conversation To end such a long Such a long relation Plans we have made Seem"
  • Billy Burnette Going To A Party
    "Written by billy burnette and johnny christopher. Being with you, today Getting to know you in each and every way Night times have: what can I say Get on down and love me all the way I feel a whole"
  • Billy Burnette Gone Again
    "Written by billy burnette and larry henley. Gone again somebody help me i'm Sinkin' in Deeper this time than I've ever been Ooh baby I'm gone again Well I promised myself a million times Nobody else gonna"
  • Billy Burnette I Miss You Darling
    "Written by billy burnette. I miss you darling In a heartbreakin way If I could I'd be calling You home to stay I could hardly stand it When you walked on the plane I didn't think I could take it Almost"
  • Billy Burnette Twenty Years Ago, Today
    "Written by billy burnette. Seems like this is gonna be one of those days I feel if as I reach the door The sun is covered by that same Old man-made haze California lives no more I can't believe it's"
  • Billy Burnette Believe What You Say
    "Written by dorsey burnette and johnny burnette. I believe what you say When you say you're going steady with nobody else but me I believe what you say when you say you don't kiss Nobody else but me I"
  • Billy Burnette (Can't Stop) Got A Little Rock In My Shoe
    "Written by Billy Burnette and Kostas. (chorus) (Got a) rock in my shoe, a rock in my shoe Driving me crazy Won't come loose Rattle and shake, blowing a fuse Can't stop got a little rock in my shoe When"
  • Billy Burnette Got A Little Rock In My Shoe
    "Written by billy burnette and kostas. (chorus) (got a) rock in my shoe, a rock in my shoe Driving me crazy Won't come loose Rattle and shake, blowing a fuse Can't stop got a little rock in my shoe When"
  • Billy Burnette Highway Of Love
    "Written by billy burnette and rafe van hoy. (we'll) keep runnin' 'till we run outta road Keep a rollin' 'till the wheels won't roll Where we're headed baby no one knows Heaven knows how far we'll go (chorus) We"
  • Billy Burnette I'm Getting Wasted Doing Nothing
    "Written by billy burnette. I'm getting wasted doing nothing My mind is drifting far away I hocked my guitar for a dozen dollar bills I wish that there was some other way I play my songs in a bar down"
  • Billy Burnette Take You Around The World
    "Written by billy burnette and ava aldridge. Baby I'm free Free to be with you tonight Look into my eyes and say that it' alright Come and love me for a while I wanna see you smile 'cause I wanna take"
  • Billy Burnette The Last War Song
    "Written by billy burnette. Oh go now and tell the world about it Stop this show now There's too few here to die We don't want war now Just go on out and shout it We've tried so many times to change directions We've"
  • Billy Burnette Always Wondering Bout You Babe
    "Written by billy burnette. I'm always wondering about you, babe Bout all the times you've walked away And I'll always miss you when you go Cause the way I feel well you just don't know Let's head on"
  • Billy Burnette Are You With Me Baby
    "Written by billy burnette and rafe van hoy. Life's too short to go too long like this Forget where you came from or came here with Let's talk some serious business Like just one kiss from your sweet lips (chorus) Are"
  • Billy Burnette Gimme You
    "Written by billy burnette, larry henley, and larry keith. Well when I get home day's been rough Gimme all your company And when I get low and I've had enough Gimme all your sympathy And when I need your"
  • Billy Burnette In Just A Heartbeat
    "Written by billy burnette. In just a heartbeat things changed In just a heartbeat I heard your name In just a heartbeat I could see Me lovin' you - you lovin' me In just a heartbeat love called In just"
  • Billy Burnette Let The New Love Begin
    "Written by billy burnette amd mentor williams. Throw away his ring Throw away his number It ain't a good thing If it's pulling you under It's never gonna be what you want it to be So if you want a good"
  • Billy Burnette Rockin' La
    "Written by billy burnette. Well on down the freeway - hollywood Freeway Got me wheels rollin' rockin' the night Away Know a little place down on the strip Where we're gonna go gonna get our Kicks Watch"

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